Friday, July 29, 2011

Lonestar Quiltalong Part 1

I have my center finished for the Lonestar Quiltalong at Ridge Top Quilts. 

I am pretty pleased with my first attempt at this 8-point diamond star pattern.  I did have to use my seam ripper to fix a few of the points in the diamonds along the way, but by the last diamond they were fitting together much more easily.  This is one of those patterns that "practice makes perfect"  ... well, at least, "better" ... lol.

I did have my usual helpers hanging out on the quilts and fabric.  Mina is actually being helpful here by taking her nap on top of the extra fabric. 

Butterfly is in her favorite perch on top of a stack of quilts on the shelf above my desk where she can better supervise. As I have said, she likes to be "Top Cat." 

Jess has sent the cutting instructions for her "Bella Cosa" Summer Mystery Quilt Pattern so I am off to cut fabrics.

Tomorrow my hubby and I are going to the Maine Quilts Show so I will not be sewing the mystery until late Sunday or early Monday.  I may not be able to resist peeking in the threads and seeing the pictures of everyone's progress so this may not be a mystery when I actually start sewing, but that is okay.   I enjoy the "sewing together" community aspect of these mystery weekends so much.   As soon as the thread is up where everyone starts posting pictures of their fabric choices, I will be ooohing and ahhing over all the pretties. 

Dorian, who is one of the pattern testers, has already posted a picture of her pretty fabrics here on the Quilt and Needle BlogCan't wait to see her quilt!

Have a happy quilty weekend, my friends ...

:) Pat


  1. Very nice center, Pat. It will be spectacular when completed.

    Enjoy the quilt show.

    Carol (NJ)

  2. Carol and Barb ... Thank you for your kind comments! :) Pat


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