Friday, June 15, 2012

Ready For Quilty Gifting

The blue and brown quilt bed ensemble is ready for gifting!

I made two pieced border pillowcases following the easy Pillowcase Tube Method from APQ ...

... and I made designed and made two toss pillows with the four extra medium triangle units left over in the pattern instructions ...

I still have this small quilt/pillow cover .... ???? ....large block which I made from the extra Delectable Mountain units that I made with the darker blue sky fabric before I realized I was not going to have enough of this color to do the whole quilt border. 

I want to finish using up as much of the scraps from this quilt today before I put the rest into stash and scraps.

Butterfly is still trying to tell me, "You will not give away this quilt.  This is MY quilt." 

Have a happy quilty day ... :) Pat



  1. So, uh...who are you giving that to? Because my bed is awfully unmatched. ;P

  2. Sorry, Ms Delia ... this quilty goodness has already been gifted. Hmmmmm ... I do know what a great quilter you are. Of course, I did no quilting myself all the years I had little kiddoes around the house. My bed was awfully unmatched in those days, too. At the time, I considered it an accomplishment just to get it made everyday ... ;)


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