Thursday, February 7, 2013

Forecast for the Scrapatch

... ????????? ...
On this map, I live under the pretty little snowflake
above Boston
and "Blizzard Watch"
>>> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <<<
I am scheduled for the first day of the
I have my top done and my post ready and scheduled to appear at
Midnight EST on
Monday, February 11th
The good news is that Jane tells me that
it will appear even if my power is out.
I am not really a worrier about the weather and I do not usually listen to the hype, but I have lived through all the major snow storms listed on the WBZ website for the Boston area and I have learned to be prepared.
So here is the schedule for Monday ...
Monday February 11th
Enjoy the hop!
May you stay warm and safe wherever you are.
Time to go work on finishing the quilting on my quilt.
Have a happy quilty day!


  1. Oh my! Stay safe and warm up there under that snowflake!!! We are having a burst of warm weather here in Nashville and expecting rain I believe maybe tomorrow. This is why I don't live in Boston :*D

    Looking forward to your Hugs & Kisses post! I love hearts, and my favorite holiday of them all is Valentines Day!

  2. Stay safe and warm. I'm looking forward to the hop and seeing what everyone has produced. Thanks for sharing.

  3. May your power stay on so you can enjoy beautiful snowy weekend and sew away the cold with delightful thoughts of spring!


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