Friday, July 26, 2013

Random 5 Feline Friday

Lovers Knot Block

(1) My Girl and Her Groom are getting married one week from today! 
I am working on the Wedding Table Quilt
for their Sweetheart Table at the reception. 
It is the last one I need to make!

The pieces to the puzzle.

 (2) All the other table quilts for their reception are done!

Flower Wedding Table Quilts
(3) Butterfly was a big help by making sure all the quilts
passed quilty kitty inspection for Our Girl.
The Butterfly
 (4) There was also the making of a Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Cheesecake
for my future son-in-law for a welcome home from LDAC training,
belated birthday for a pre-wedding gathering and pool party to celebrate The Happy Couple. 

Vanilla Bean Frozen Mousse and Ice Cream Cake 
(5) Katiniss has been helping by spending as much time outdoors on her leash as is humanly possible.
Katniss loves to sit on this crumbling woodpile in our backyard.

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Feline Friday
See you again soon ...
(after the wedding)
... just keep sewing ...
~ <3 ~


  1. Vanilla bean ice cream cheesecake sounds amazing! The wedding quilts are absolutely lovely. Have a great day!
    Neighbors About Town Blog

  2. Your quilts are stunning! Your daughter is a very lucky girl. I can't do anything without kitty supervision. they are great inspectors. Just thinking about vanilla bean cheesecake put pounds on me. !!!!

  3. Your quilts are lovely! Gorgeous colors.

    Vanilla bean ice cream cheesecake?! I'm on the next flight!

    Katniss and Butterfly are awesome. I want to reach into.the photos and hug them! :)

  4. You're quite the mom!! Loving those table covers and that cheesecake? Mmmmm!

  5. I would love to everything you've made in one pile !

  6. Such beautiful table pieces my Friend. I'm sure it will be such a lovely day for your Girl.

  7. Wow -- those table pieces are gorgeous! Congrats to your daughter and son-in-law to be! xo

  8. Beautiful I love the colour too. That Vanilla Bean Frozen Mousse and Ice Cream Cake looks delicious. Have fun I know you will. B


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