Saturday, September 7, 2013

Twist and Shout

Batik Block Party
I made these funky batik blocks a few years back when I was learning to quilt with a little help from my friends at a scene called, Block Central. 
It was a groovin' forum and they had like a block of the month happening ... called Block Party.  I dig a party.
It was heavy, man.  I liked learned a lot from the beautiful people
that like hung out there.  We were tight. Ya dig?
Block Central is like gone like the wind now, man.
But I got these groovy blocks.
If I can get my act together I am going twist and shout
I'm psyched!
And like now's the time  ...
... gotta sew!
Y' know what a mean?
Here's the thing, man ...
I am going to pick just one of these four blocks
and groove on a Sunday Afternoon with my main machine
and hatch a plan to lay down a table runner for my pad.
The design will like just flow like a lava lamp outta my head.
All these blocks are so hip I can't decide.
Gnarly Problem
It'd be cool if you want to give me a hand here and
 lay it on me,
tell it like it is,
help me pick a block ...:)
(1) Top Left ...  ? name ?  something like this ... King's X
(2) Top Right ... Lightning In The Kitchen
(3) Bottom Left ... The House That Jack Built
(4) Bottom Right ... Checkerpins
You can bag how to make these blocks for yourself by bookin' it over to Quilter's Cache and checking out the links there and you'll be totally clued in.  The juice is in the links.  It's all copasetic. 
Thanks, Baby ... I gotta split!
Later, dudes!
I'm outa here!
Gotta lay a patch!
Have a Good Day!


  1. Hey Bro, I was like totally having a coniption fit over your post. Totally rolling on the floor laughing ;)

    Go with lightening in the kitchen man, thats totally groovy.

  2. I agree with Dorian. Lightening in the Kitchen would be pretty rad.

  3. They're all pretty groovy and hang out together very chill but I think Checkerpins is the most bitchin of the bunch!

  4. I haven't bought many batiks yet, but I sure like looking at them -- yours are gorgeous!


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