Thursday, December 5, 2013

New Starts ~ Celtic Solstice ~ 4-Patch Scrap Quilt

My Celtic Solstice Fabrics!

I am working on the first installment of ...

... from Bonnie Hunter @ Quiltville

Today I am linking up with all the lovely quilts in progress at the

I really like the colors Bonnie chose.

I had the yummy fabrics in yardage pictured above.

I did not have enough scraps in the right colors.  
I do not buy fat quarters much anymore and most of my smaller stash scraps are earmarked for other projects in the works. 

At first I was feeling like I should use smaller cuts for a Bonnie Hunter pattern, so I searched my stash but I would have had to change to a different color scheme and nothing I put together appealed to me.  

So I finally started cutting from the yardage ...

... and ... 

... I decided to start a new leaders and enders project!

I am cutting some of my smallest scraps to make a 4-Patch Scrap Quilt.
I will need a few hundred of these to actually make a quilt so I decided to pair it with Kona Snow as I always have some of this in my stash. 

These are 1.5" squares. 
The small pieces at the top of my photo are my idea of fabric that is small enough to be actually discarded.

For cutting method for the mystery, I am using my well used Tri-Recs rulers.
I love my Tri-Recs.!

  Bonnie's method calls for chain piecing.
I love chain piecing!

Sew I sew ...

 ... and press ...

progress ... 

... and just keep sewing ...

Part 1 is done!

I am ready for Part 2 and it is not up yet.

I am hoping to keep up the pace.

I also have sixteen 2.5" Four Patch blocks.

May you have a happy quilty day!



  1. I need to cut my scraps into squares for leaders and enders. Your little 4 patches are adorable.

  2. Oh I love your fabrics Pat!! I will be looking forward to seeing this one :)

  3. Pretty fabrics you're using for your celtic solstice! And I love your scrappy four patch blocks! :0)


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