Thursday, December 19, 2013

Peace By Piece

"When life gives you scraps ... "

<3 You put them in a scrap jar <3
Fill it with random bits and pieces of fabric too small to use 
and too precious to throw away.

It is mostly used for these ... 

(1) Leaders and Enders 

This is my current "leaders and enders" project.  I am using 1.5" scrap squares to someday piece enough of these two inch 4-Patch blocks for a quilt.

This shows the "leader" at the start of a chain and the "ender" under the needle 
and the stack of small squares I have for this purpose.

For my non-quilty visitors:

"Leaders" are the little pieces of fabric you run through your machine at the start of a long string of chained piecing.  You do this so that you insure your seams will be straight and 1/4 inch and your stitching will be even.

This is the ender I left under my needle last night to start my sewing today.

"Enders" are the little pieces of fabric you leave under the needle of you machine to have everything set for starting your next chain.  I find these little pieces are invaluable aids to smooth piecing.  My sewing machine has a tendency to "cough" sometimes when I start feeding fabric under the needle and it results in a small messy knot of thread on the bobbin side of my stitches.   Sewing machines do this all the time.

For smooth sailing, leaders and enders are the way to go. 

(2)  My current quilt project ... " quilty beach balls" anyone?
(Read more HERE)

Quilty cabin fever has struck very early this winter.  
My need for warmth and sun expresses itself each winter usually in January or February by a need to only sew bright spring and summer colors. 
Guess there will be no more red and green Christmas sewing this year and no blue and white snowflake blocks. 

(3)  Katniss "sunning" herself at midnight ...
under my daylight lamp one night this past week.  
Guess my kitties are feeling shut in by the snow and cold, too.  
(More quilty Katniss pictures HERE)

(4) The Tree 
... needs lights and decorations ... 

That is my hubby's hand holding a light set as he did not look very "ho-ho-ho" when I tried to take a picture with him in it.  We are very late getting out tree up this year.  Finding the tree is a family event and my boys were away on vacation so we had to go out last Sunday after all the snow and the tree was frozen and full of ice so it has spent the last few days thawing out and opening and filling our home with its lovely fresh fir scent.
<3 My big kiddos will be back tomorrow night to deck it out. <3

:)  I need to make Christmas cookies today.  :)

(5) My Favorite Christmas Song ...

performed wonderfully in this flash mob performance
at the courtyard of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

"Let there be peace on earth ..."

<3 I Peace By Piece <3

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  1. Your scrap jar looks so tempting!
    Thank you for the info about leaders and enders, knowledge is power!

  2. My kitties like to do the same thing. Who can blame them for wanting to be warm and cozy. Merry Christmas.

  3. I use leaders too, but have never used enders. I call my leaders, "mice", after a seminar with Georgia Bonesteel... that's what she called them...."mouse", actually for just one. Katniss might not appreciate a bunch of "mice" on her territory so leaders sounds much better! Beautiful tree, too!

  4. My first visit from Random 5 Friday. Love the clever name of your blog and aren't flash mobs the best!

  5. What gorgeous colors in your quilt squares -- thanks for sharing at R5F this week my friend. xo

  6. Oh I love the scraps in a jar they are so pretty. I also love the sunlamp at midnight:)
    Have a wonderful Christmas with your family. B

  7. i really enjoy flash mobs ... so i will go watch the one you shared. thanks, for that. i always say to my friends we should so plan one. it looks like such fun. ( :

    Happy weekend!!

  8. O Holy Night is my most favorite-ist Christmas song ever ... love it!! ( :

  9. Love your little four-patches and "beach ball" pinwheels :*) Katniss and I think a lot alike - I need sunshine!!! This is shaping up so far to be a pretty gloomy winter :( Maybe I need to follow your lead and get out my summer fabrics!

  10. Video most excellent! May God bless all...performers and those who hear His word and live it according to His will.

  11. Thanks for the reminder that I need to prep more leaderEnder pieces. I am making 4" baskets from 1.5" strips. Does Katniss stay by the light even while the machine is humming along? adorable!

    Great flash mob video - I love coming across them. Looks like maybe a Chihuly glass sculpture display in the video too.

  12. I have made a number of projects over the years using leaders/enders, both large and small. It's a great way to do two things at once.


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