Monday, March 31, 2014

Embracing my inner "NewFo"

2014 NewFO Challenge

 I have been seeing this linky party from

Barbara @ Cat Patches

all year and have been resisting.

I am supposed to be working on completing my UFOs this year, right?

Well, I have looked back at my track record so far this year and if I do the math,
I know it is going to add up to more NewFO's than anything else.

So I am embracing my true inner quilty muse here and getting in the spirit of this FUN challenge

Here are  my NewFO's for the month of March ...

My Quilty Kitties and I started sewing this project on the first day of March

We finished this one in time for the blog hop!

We got this one done, too.

Looks like I need a blog hop deadline looming over me to "get 'er done."

We are also started playing with these lovely new fabrics ...

March Spring Frolic Mystery Quilt WIP

... and dug through our stash to start this fun one ...

"I Spy a Triangle" Quilt WIP

'cause a quilty gal has to just has to have a little new in her life.

It is spring!

Happy Newfo Beginnings!

Hope to have these two in the "got 'em done" pile soon

... just keep sewing ...



  1. Great NewFOs! I especially love that leaf pillow - perfect for so many places. NewFOs are such fun aren't they?

  2. Your musical quilt is lovely.

  3. Somehow I don't see you having any UFO's your so speedy and somehow I think maybe a perfectionist like most of us quilters. Blessing Sandra

  4. Congratulations on giving in to the urge.

  5. Hi!!!! Great New FOs!!!!! Love the Spring Quilts!!!!! Very pretty!!!!


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