Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My New Temporary Design Wall

This is my new (temporary) design wall.

As my regular readers know, I have moved (temporarily) to my old dining room
 sewing space as my sewing room is occupied by one of my sons.
  I do not mind sewing in our living area, but apparently 
I became very spoiled by having had my own space where I was able to "spread out."   

So ... I seem to be extending my sewing space further by branching into the adjoining living room.  

I am now calling this quilt in the making
"Anything Goes With Gray"
in my head.

One of the things I liked most about my sewing room was that I was finally able to set up a temporary design wall and this was so useful that I had been making sewing room improvement plans to make a permanent design wall.

I now cannot sew without some kind of design wall.

So with the help of my hubby I made a new temporary one by putting a large piece of batting over our big entertainment wall bookcase in the living room.

Yes, there is a television behind these
I had to play catch-up on these blocks, which I am swapping with my quilty bestie,

These are my February, March and April blocks.
I shall actually be ahead for once!

I really need my design wall for these blocks ~~~>

Here are some of the other blocks.
I really have  a difficult time stopping myself when my
 "30 minutes a day of sewing for me time" is up
when I have these fabrics in my hands.
I have so many projects to catch up on that I have to keep to my self-imposed limit
so I can get everything accomplished.

I will get this spring quilt done.

And Spring Will Come ... soon, I am hoping. 

This has become my focused 

and is a big item on my

I have a new addition to my bucket list ~~~~>

A 60 Degree Triangle Quilt has been on my quilty bucket list for a long, long time
and this fun quiltalong was just the incentive to get it off my "To-Do" list
and onto my "WIP List."   A small step in the right direction.

Sew I have many happy projects to choose from
when I sit down in my happy sewing place.

... just keep sewing ...

Linking up with ...

The Sassy Quilter

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What are you working on today?

I am always looking for more quilty inspiration.



  1. That makes a great design wall and the X&+ blocks are looking fabulous.

  2. Pat, I love how "Anything Goes with Gray" looks so far! It feels really warm and fun : ) Glad you were able to come up with a temporary wall - I have a flannel backed tablecloth tacked up in my sewing room - easy, cheap, and can be rolled up with the fabrics inside. Definitely once you get used to having a design space for layouts, it's hard to go back!

  3. Looking great!! I'm going to make a design wall when I get back to Cape Breton.

  4. Love the colorful projects you are working on at your house!!!
    I signed up to sew along with The Sassy Quilter, too : )

  5. Great idea on the design wall! I really just need to hang up some batting and start using one of my blank walls haha! Love those blocks :)

  6. Congratulations on making the best of your space to be creative. Your quilts in progress look fabulous. Creative Stitching Bliss...

  7. I agree, you get use to a design wall. I use flannel for mine. I love you friendship blocks. Such great colors you ladies picked. You are one very busy lady. Enjoy!

  8. I agree with you about design wall. I don't have a big one now because I sew in a attic room that has been finished into bedroom and doesn't have any straight walls higher then four feet. I have a flannel board I use. Love your blocks for your swap the colors are beautiful.

  9. Looks like your design wall post was a big hit in our circle! And I agree, love your Anything Goes with Gray.


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