Sunday, August 31, 2014

My August Quilty Laundry List

Katniss is checking my
August Quilty List

My quilty kitties and I have found this fun linky party ...

hosted by

and have joined in the fun!

I have kept a month quilty to-do list for years so this one is sew easy 
to participate in that I am jumping in!

My August List reads ...

1) add my border to Cherie's RR
I received this in August and it went to the top of the list.
I have a plan ... no sewing yet.

2) finish gingham project ... DONE!

3) finish hand-pieced block ... almost done ...

4) 3rd See You in September Blog Hop project ... DONE!

5) Finish and schedule the above blog hop post ... almost done ...

6) Quilt Here Kitty, Kitty Quilt ... not done.

7) piece scrap quilt top .. block done ... 
top not done ... not even started to piece the top yet.

8) Rush Hour Blog Hop project ... I have had to drop out of this hop.
The long story is for another post ... someday soon.
Thanks, Madame Samm and Carol
for being so understanding ... <3

9)  Write and schedule my Around the World Blog Hop Post ...
this one will be up at Midnight tonight! 

10) Start Black Cat Crossing Blog Hop project ... 
this one is in the cutting stages and I will be hopping along!

Thanks, Kathi, for hosting this fun linky party.

Hope to see many more joining in this fun!



  1. Love that pic at the top of your blog!!! How cute is Katniss.. loved Hunger Games too! Thanks for linking to my party... you are a busy girl and sooo talented too :) What is your black and white kitty's name? Can't wait to read your upcoming post for being tagged in around the world... I will be doing one mid September ) Kathi

  2. Always a good thing to keep a list. Many great projects on your list. And kitty cuteness is a plus.

  3. I've never made a list, but now you've got me thinking I should. Lots of cool stuff on your list!

  4. I need to make a list. I think lists help us to see not only what lies ahead but also what we have accomplished. Often we think we haven't accomplished much and when we look at the list, we do see how much we actually have done. I'm sorry that you have to drop from one of the hops. You have been very faithful in all the hops. I certainly hope you are ok. That Katniss is always a helper. I am cat-less now. I just hurt too badly with my fibromyalgia. The big boy weighed 16 lbs and when he walked on me, I thought I was going to go into orbit. I'd had both of them for almost 7 years. So, when I went on my trip of a lifetime to England, my son came to get them. The plan was for him to take them to a no-kill shelter near him. Well, the baby girl did well on the trip and the boy didn't. On the way, my DIL said to my son that they just had to try to keep them. They already had 4 cats and didn't need all of them. Well, when they go them to their house, the boy has adapted and the girl has not. She is used to being in a home where it is quiet, quiet, quiet. She came to live with me when his son was just a baby. Shortly after that he and another gal and his son moved out and left the cats with me and my husband. We were very quiet. She is a lady and does not men. She will come out around my son and grandson but not most men. She did get to the point she'd get up on my husband. Then it came to the point, my husband moved out and then died. So it was just me and the cats. My DIL said they may try to find a home for her with just old foggies where it will be quiet for her. She's in a home with my son who is 35 and is ADHD and my DIL and two children who are 8 and 13, so it's and active household. They have a dog, too. I'd go crazy, too. I almost told me to bring her back to me, but she likes to tread and it hurts when she does that. I don't need her. So, I didn't. I don't need the cat hair with my quilts either. I really need to make a short term list so I get off my backside and try to do more. I've become glued to my chair more. I know having friends with whom I converse makes me more accountable, too. I've made one good friend who has commented on how much I've accomplished just since I've known her. So, I agree we all need lists. Thanks for the reminder. Again, I pray that you are well. I consider you among my friends.

  5. Looks like your priorities are working along with your listing

  6. Glad you're playing along Ms Pat! And glad to see you are getting your list crossed off. Cant' wait to see your Sept blog hop!

  7. Lists, lists, lists. I make lists on anything available to write on and subsequently lose them...even though I have a notebook sitting nearby for just that purpose! Ha! I need to find my August list and see how I did! Have a happy day.


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