Friday, February 27, 2015

Signs of Spring!

Aren't these Moda batiks looking yummy?

These are the kit fabrics for the 

 March Mystery Quilt Weekend


The Quilt & Needle


March 14-15th

To sew along you may purchase the pattern  HERE

and use fabrics from your stash. 

You may also purchase a kit  HERE

I love these mystery weekends and hope to be sewing along!



  1. The colors of batik fabric are soo bright and gorgeous! I see why you love working with them! Looking forward to seeing your finished project!

  2. They are the prettiest assortment of batiks ever! Have fun!

  3. I've never been a batik person and I think that's beginning to change as I'm seeing more and more beautiful batiks they are beautiful. We are having our second snow of the year here in the Tulsa area. It's not much snow yet it was followed by a slight thaw and a mist of rain. Now that it's freezing, the police are closing some roads due to ice - particular in hilly areas. I'm thrilled to be in where it's warm and dry.

    I'm making slow progress on my Support quilt. I have 13 fusible patterns traced for my alphabet quilt. I want to fuse all my blocks of fabric before I embroider any of them, so I don't get a funky layout of blocks next to each other. I ordered some red and some white corduroy even for texture. I bought some small Swarovski crystals to hot fix (iron) on to a few after it's quilted.

    It turns out that my guild's participation quilt for our 2016 show is red and white and we've been asked to show/make red/white quilts for the show, so I'm planning this for that. As soon as I get more fusible done and the red/white fabrics I've ordered arrive, I'll get busier on it. I had a small light table and the bulb got hot and burned a whole in a blanket, thankfully it wasn't a quilt on my lap. I have a light box so I switched to that. I work on it from time to time when I watch TV. I'm making various patterns from the cups from 3 different fabrics, 1 fabric, the side of another fabric, and strip across the cup another fabric - different variations. I found a packet of three different tapes that I hope are not too wide for straps or adornment. I'm going to have 12" finished blocks. Thanks for encouraging me to join the hop. It got me started on a fund project.

    I'm taking a 6 hour class next month through guild with Bonnie Hunter. I was on a trip with her to England last August so it should be fun. I just bought a featherweight. She (the featherweight) is in the hospital for the once over. I haven't even plugged her in to see if she works. I got what I thought was a good deal for her on EBay. So, I hope to have her for the class with Bonnie.

    Can hardly wait to see your mystery quilt.


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