Monday, February 16, 2015

Snow Fields

This is my backyard after the latest 14 inches of snow.

This photo was taken yesterday shortly after the snow stopped. 

The haze you see on the back fence line is the snow airborne in the wind. 

You cannot even tell where our 3 foot high fire pit table is buried under a drift.

You may remember this snowlady standing tall with her fashionable pink and gray bag recently.

Somehow she was blown sideways by the winds.

I have never seen a snow person hold on to her head like this while toppling over.

This is one strong snowlady; she is bowed but not giving up.

This is this morning after the high winds blew all night.

You can see that it was blown right over the top of the five foot fence in the back right corner.

We usually use the hanging planter as a bird feeder in the winter 
but this year we cannot reach it.  
The birds are dining elsewhere.
Toss out a few handfuls and they are gone in a flash of flying feathers.
There is a 12 foot wall of snow on the left of this photo where the snow from the driveway has been carried shovelful by shovelful.
We will not be getting to the backyard for a few weeks.

Temperatures here reached 10 below Zero Fahrenheit last night.

The wind chill brought it to -35 degrees below zero.

Right now it is almost noon and the temperature is only single digits 
and the wind gust are bringing it to -20 degrees.

There is another coastal storm in the forecast for tomorrow.

We made it to the top of the list after that last storm.

~ Home Snowy Home ~

It is winter in New England.

I am thinking spring.

It will come.

... just keep sewing ...



  1. Oh this looks just like my yard! Unbelievable snowy and windy winter this year...
    hugs, Julierose

  2. Amazing! I live in the deep south so we never see stuff like this. We only get snow, and not much, every few years. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This has been a good year for me to be in S. Tx.!

  4. I am thinking spring as well, but in the meantime, I am snow-dyeing my fabrics, you could do it too, more tha enough snow in your Yard :-)

  5. Oh my.... I feel for you! It was a balmy -6 degrees this morning and I managed to lock myself out of my house. Duh.... fortunately, I had a key hidden outside... the bad thing is that it was hidden in a garden bed in the back yard and I had to trudge through the snow to get it. I guarantee that won't happen again! Hang in there!

  6. Hurry up spring! The only nice thing about winter is the extra time for sewing!


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