Tuesday, June 16, 2015

R&R Time ~ Farm Girl Vintage

R&R Time

I need to take a few short breaks here and there from the pattern and quilt I am working on
and the overtime burnout that my quilty muse has been feeling lately.

Sew I have decided to seek my inner vintage farm girl and sew a few blocks.

It is not Friday and it is Week 7

... so I am (not very fashionably) late to this party ...

Farm Girl Friday Sew Along

 but I finally got a

Bee In My Bonnet

and had to buy the  Farm Girl Vintage book and join this fun.

My fabrics of choice are some that have been in stash for some time. 

"Rise N Shine" by Glenna Hailey,

is my fabrics of choice for starting this project.

Colors are red/green/yellow/black and creamy white.

I am adding some other fabrics from my repros stash as needed ...

and maybe some gingham ... hmmmmm.

I think that I want to add blue to my quilt ... ???

Do y'all think that either of these blue 30's print from

The Feedsack Lady

works with the other fabrics?

Blue #1 ... from Darlene Zimmerman's "Garden Party"


Blue # 2 ... from Darlene Zimmerman's Mama's Feedsacks


Option # 3 ... I keep digging for a better blue


Option #4 ... no blue in this quilt

Do y'all think that this blue 30's print from

The Feedsack Lady

works with the other fabrics?

Opinions welcome ... :)

Time to sew!


  1. You've picked some great prints, love the roosters. I struggle with matching fabrics so I'm of little help when it comes to the blue fabric.

  2. I think they both will work. The first one picks up the red, yellow and green, and the second one the same but without the yellow. If you look at Lori's blocks, it seems anything goes!

  3. Oh number 1 blue for sure Ms Pat! That would look great in the collection. Have fun!

  4. I think both blues look great, but I'd say number 1.

  5. What a fun quilt, I like the first blue better but really either would work. Blessings Sandra

  6. I also like the first blue best!! I'm trying to decide if I have time to make this quilt. I may just make a shorter version of my favorite blocks. I di love the pattern.
    Gmama Jane


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