Friday, June 3, 2016

A New Opposites + Project

This lovely layer cake is 

I have a layer cake that I sorted into pairs
to make a baby quilt with the
design concept.

Obviously this will be more than a two color quilt.

I am trying to decide which of the following blocks to use:

Block 1 


Block 2 


Your thoughts would be appreciated. 


Butterfly is my quilty helper tonight ...

I think she is also trying to lay claim to the quilt 
that I said I was going to give to Katniss 
at the end of summer.

Butterfly thinks all my quilts are hers.

Maybe she just wants my comfy chair... ;)

It is already Day 3 of the 


Opposites Attract Blog Hop

June 03

Elizabeth Coughlin Designs

A beautiful day

MooseStash Quilting

Patchwork Breeze

This is a very inspiring blog hop.

Looking forward to today's creations!


  1. I think a baby quilt in flow would be gorgeous. I am partial to block one.

  2. Hi Pat - Haven't talked to you in a long, long time. I told my son last night that as soon as my sewing machine comes home from the hospital that I have to find time to sew. I have sewed in eons. He is living with me as well as his almost 3 year old daughter and his 10 year old son is here for the summer. I need to distress. I have them while he is at work and he has a LONG drive and works a long shift 3 days and then works a part-time job 2 days. I love the block and the colors and fabrics are beautiful. This inspires me to want to stitch again.

  3. Either would be great, but I think I like #2 best! I look forward to seeing this multi-colored quilt!

  4. block 1 for me though both are good

  5. Those fabrics are great for this pattern, and I'm with everyone else, either block would be good, but I do tend to lean toward Block 1. Either one of them makes great secondary patterns when blocks are turned 90 degrees, too.


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