Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More to the Mystery

In March, the mystery began with this ...

New Mystery Quilt

... and now it is a quilt!

Plus much more ;)

Here are the scraps and extra fabric ...

This quilt is for me and it is in my favorite colors ... yellow/blue/green. I quilted this pretty top on the long arm at the LQS last Friday. I used a blue and yellow variegated thread and did a free-motion meander. This machine is a Handi-Quilter Avante with a frame large enough for a king-size quilt. I use the precision setting with regulated 9-inch stitch and the needle down position. I took lessons from the shop owner and now rent the machine by job. Although she is always on hand to help set the initial tension and provide technical assistance if need be, I am now pretty much on my own loading and starting and running the machine. This time it only took me about three hours to load it on the frame, thread it up and do the quilting. I have spent the last few days sewing on the binding and getting it onto the bed, with a little help from my furry friends. I made some pillowcases using that easy tube pattern that is so easy to makeThen I had a lot of pretty fabric left so I decided to make some more pretty quilty things to go with my new bed quilt. Here are the first pretties ...

I made new tube covers for my old neck-roll pillows. These are tied at the ends ... with selvage strips for the main fabric ... so they can easily be removed and washed. I did not follow a pattern for these. Just figured it out as I went along. The main "scrap" pieces I used for these were the sections I cut from the long pieced strips I made for the custom borders on the sides of the quilt.

If anyone is interested in how I made the covers, I could do a tutorial ... so just ask. ;)

I have plans to make a bed skirt and valances and make the bedroom sunny and bright for summer while my hubby is home of vacation next weekend can help me with some of the heavy and deep cleaning stuff I need to do to. So more photos coming soon.

On to my next "use up those scraps" project ... have a happy quilty day!

:) Pat


  1. What a pretty sunny quilt, Pat! I'm glad you are able to make so many accessories with the leftovers. That room will look inviting even on a dark dreary day! :-)

    Carol (NJ)

  2. Your quilt and accessories came out lovely Pat! I'm glad you are getting so good on the long arm machine.

  3. great quilt and so many accessories. they all look lovely together.
    Must be great to be able to rent the long arm. I would love to able to do that. To bad its to far away.


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