Friday, July 19, 2019

Witchy Stitchy ~ Cool 'n' Quilty

It is very hot and humid in my quilty corner today
so I sewing in my nice air conditioned room
and making plans for cooler fall days
and Halloween quilts.

I always enjoy the Halloween Blog Hop
so I am participating.

Thanks, Carol @ Just Let Me Quilt, for hosting!  

I am also making plans to participate in this free quilty fun ... 

The Ultimate Beginner Quilt @ Fat Quarter Shop

I am not  beginner but there is always something to be learned.
Since this one finishes in October I am thinking I may use
fabrics from my Halloween stash.
 Best of all, my daughter says she is going to sew along with this QAL!  
This makes me sew happy! 
My Girl has never made a quilt before, but she is an accomplished garment maker.

I am still sewing along with

#100Days100Blocks2019 on IG

Here is my block for Day 19

This one is made from the 2.5" scrap strips I had in my project scrap jar.

I am sew happy to be keeping up with this one so far.

Sew All is Good in My Quilty Corner today.

Hope to see you sewing along with me on one or more of these fun quilty events.

May you have a happy quilty (and cool) weekend.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

I Like Thursday Post # 20 ~ Summer Dreaming

This is what I found when I opened my back door on Wednesday morning. 

When I was waking I was dreaming of the Kinship quilt I have  been sewing.
It was an image of the quilt top in my yard for a photo.
It was very different from the layout that I have been thinking of using.
The image started to fade and I tried to slip back into the dream to see it better,
but a soft noise on my back porch brought me fully awake.

I open my door to find this tree.

It was not really a surprise.
I knew it was coming but I did not know what day.

This tree was ordered online and hand delivered to my back porch from 

This is a 

I bought this tree because the description says

"Zone: 3 - 8
Mature Size: 8-10ft High x 6-8ft Wide
Current Size: 4-5'

Growing Tips

Prefers good, loamy soil. Most adaptable of all hydrangeas to different soil types. Most urban tolerant and very difficult to kill. Prune in late winter/early spring. Medium moisture, not as water dependent as Hydrangea. Will tolerate drought." 
It is the third tree in two years that we have planted on our front lawn.
The other two trees were dappled willows that we purchased from a nearby garden center.
Neither one survived despite the fact that we followed all their advice 
and took the very best care of it.
Nothing else in our yard has died. 
We decided to find a different tree from a different place.
This one says ""difficult to kill" ... sounds good to me. 
And it is so pretty ... 

Looking forward to seeing this tree grow. 
Third times the charm!

Also in this order and delivery were two pink climbing roses 
to grow over our new garden gate and trellis.

These will someday look like this image of  Rose "New Dawn"

"Rosa 'New Dawn'

This repeat blooming rose has captivated the world with its large, blush-pink double flowers that bloom profusely until frost. Its abundance of fragrant flowers has made it so enticing, in fact, thatNew Dawn was voted the most popular rose in the world at the 11th World Convention of Rose Societies! Butterflies adore this rose, which can be grown as a shrub, but is more well-known for its excellence as a climber."
I knew I wanted a good climber,  pink and it had to be fragrant. 
Looking forward to seeing this bloom. 
Finding it locally was proving difficult.

I will order from ShrubBucket again.
(If you are in their delivery area and decide to buy from them,
let me know.  I can get free plants for referrals.)

This is the book I read this week,
I picked it up in the gift shop at the local hospital when I went in for bloodwork.
They have a lovely little gift shop that is run by volunteers to raise funds
for the hospital and I always buy something when I pass though.

Other things have made me smile this week  are these lovely charms
Katniss and I have had a good week so far with the

Here is today's block ~ Day 18
Now if I could only recall that dream image of the layout!

Well, that's all I got this week for my friends at the

May you have a Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

A Dragonfly Day

I received a wonderful squishy in the mail today!

This lovely charm pack of 

There were so many surprise prints in this charm pack.

This iridescent dragonfly charm was my favorite.

I am not sure what I am going to make with these charms 
or if I am going to look for more of these fabrics.
I think my hubs would love them
and we have a new queen size bed that needs a quilt.

It was a very hot, humid, rainy tropical weather day here in my quilty corner.
More heat moving in tomorrow and on the weekend.
I even saw a dragonfly in my garden, but I did not have my camera 
so this will have to do ...

Day 17 ~ Block 17

I used the dragonfly fat quarter in my stash for 
my Kinship Quilt Block.


Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Another Day ~ Another Block

Katniss supervised from her comfy basket by my cutting table,
 while I dug out some scraps from my Curio Scrap Jar and sewed 
Block 16
#100day100blocks 2019

Monday, July 15, 2019

A New Week Begun ~ Another Block Done

Katniss and I started Week 3 
of the sew along with

#100Days100Blocks 2019

Only 85 Blocks to Go!

It is a nice sunny and much less humid day here in my quilty corner.

Happy Monday! 

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Sunday Best

I think this is called 
"Retail Therapy"
"noun  HUMOROUS shopping in order to make oneself feel happier"

Well, fabric and quilty goodies do always make me happier.

The new Olfa Pacific Blue Rotary Cutter
feels very nice in my hand.
I am trying this type of cutter to see it it helps with my wrist pains.

The  Granny Chic by Lori Holt for Riley Blake Fabrics
fabrics are new from Lori Holt
and may be my favorite line from her after "Autumn Love." 

I bought this book after seeing it on this

Corey showed her quilts for this book and also this sampler quilt ...

I want to make this quilt!

I like sampler quilts because I do not have to make a zillion blocks all the same.
I also enjoy placing just the "right" fabric in the "right: place in each block.
I will most likely make this quilt from my treasured stash of Corey Yoder fabrics.
I think I will use the white background print fat quarters I have in the blocks
and my favorite Bella White (off white 9900-200)  for the sashing.

There is an interesting article of
"Which White" by Moda Here

The gray is Bella Slate.
I  love Bella Bellas

I think I also have this in my stash.

The Sunny Stitches Thread Pack by Aurifil
 is the biggest  "impulse" purchase here.

Coery Yoder showed her mother's hand quilting on some quilts in the livestream
in these threads.

These are 12 weight thread spools that match her Sunnyside Up fabrics
and they are suitable for beginner hand quilters.

I would really like to try my hand at hand quilting
and have no idea if I will be able to do it, but I want to try.
Maybe a pillow cover or table topper. 

So I am making plans for September.

Time to go out and do some yard work.

Sunday's Block
Block 14

Have a Happy Sunday! 

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Just Keep Sewing

Kinship Quilt Progress ~ Day 13

I am really happy with this quilt in the making.

It is one of the few quilty things I have been able to accomplish this week.

Life has been happening.
One of my adult children was in the hospital for several days.
It proved not to be a life threat.
Nonetheless, as a mother, it was very upsetting.
Enough said.
Thanks to all who have seen hugs and prayers.

So getting this one block a day done has been an accomplishment for me.

This is my first 12 blocks with the fabric I am thinking to use as sashing for ...

... the "Plaid" setting 
as shown here:

In the end I may choose to design my own setting.
Lots of time to think about that. 
87 days to be exact.

Here is today's block.

I really love these 
Curio by Betsy Olmsted for Windham Fabrics

One day earlier this week I could not sew a straight 1/4" seam
on a 6.5" unit piece.

Some of this may be my vision issues.
My eyes are always worse in the summer and humidity
even though I use prescription drops several times a day
I see my eye surgeon next month
although eye surgery is not in my plans this summer.
I have to see him every few months.

So I am falling behind in my other projects and commitments,
including the quilt on my longarm,

I loaded my 
onto my long arm frame.
I am trying something new ... the top is loaded sideways
into the frame.
It took me awhile to decide how I wanted to quilt it
and how to achieve this.
The top and backing was ready two weeks ago. 
I am averaging only one quilt per month on my long arm so far.
I tell myself that if this trend continues
that I will have 12 quilts by the the end of my first year 
that otherwise would not have likely been quilted.

Just Keep Sewing ~ One Stitch at a Time 

I look for the positive in all things.

May your weekend be positively lovely.

Sunny and a good day for a backyard barbecue here.


Friday, July 12, 2019

Thursday, July 11, 2019

I Like Thursday # 19 ~ I Love Summer In My City Garden

Welcome to summer in my little garden in the city!

I like to spend time in my shady backyard when 
the days are as sunny and warm as they have been this week.
Our cold and wet spring has warped into a hot and dry summer.

The new gate is looking better.
There is still more work to do,
such as planting a climbing rosebush
and putting some pea gravel 
on the step up and around the base to keep down the weeds.

We have also been doing some work in the back yard gardens
and have moved the bird feeders and pole 
near to our bird loving neighbor.

We added this new planter with hangers and a solar light
in the small circular garden.

This is what the solar light looks like out my kitchen window at dusk.

The birds found the feeders very quickly.

The birds have really been happy to splash in our birdbath
in the heat.

We welcome all the birds in our yard,
though we prefer this city bird does not bring
all his friends and relations.
Usually there are only two or three at most.

Harley the ground hog has been visiting us and munching on the clover, too.
I interrupted his lunch yesterday and he skedaddled
back to the corner of our neighbor's yard where he disappears into the bushes,
but not before stopping and trying to make dessert of my neighbor's petunias.
I told the hog to please not eat the flowers and the cafe was closed.

While watering the garden on our front lawn, I spied this cocoon
attached to the stalk of our lavender.

I love sharing our cottage garden with all feathers and friends.
This is a mourning dove made golden in a patch of setting sunlight.

It was a lovely evening sitting on my yard swing as the sun set.

Since it is Thursday, I will be visiting the

I Like Thursday Bloggers @ Not Afraid of Color

and see how their gardens are growing.

May all your days be happy and filled with nature's beauty.

Here is my

Block 11 for the

100 Days 100 Block Party @ GnomeAngel

I am really enjoying sewing these blocks.

Have a Happy Thursday!