Monday, March 30, 2015

Have a Latte is Coming Soon!


have been busy gals working behind the scenes 
to put together this wonderful blog hop for all of us!

Joan has the

I am posting on April 15th!

My quilty kitties and I have a lot of work to do!

Time to sew!

Hope to see you hopping along ... :) Pat

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Quilty Kitties and Fabric

Here is my fabric inspiration for my

This will be the basis of my color pallete for this quilt and
I will use it for the borders and backing.
It is an older line from Quilting Treasures
called "Puppies 'N' Kittens."
My kitties are going to be shades of gray, black, white, orange and brown
and I am making a kitty for all the kitties I have loved.

The first sewing step is for the border.
Denise has photos of her blocks HERE.

I have not decided on my border colors yet so I am not sewing.

Decisions ... decisions ... 

My quilty muse (and my quilty kitties) are still thinking.

While we finish quilting our current project.

... just keep quilting ...


Saturday, March 21, 2015

PatchKats BOM from Justquiltin with Denise Russart

Isn't this just purrrrrrrfect?

This is a 

There is a link on her blog where you may subscribe and have notifications
of all Denise's posts delivered to your inbox.

Katniss and Butterfly say, "Yes!"

We have a lot of projects in process and ahead of me but this one is calling our name.

There shall have to be one Tuxedo Cat and one Maine Coon in there somewhere. 

I have not had time to gather my fabrics but will do so soon and post a picture.

My Stitchin' Sisters are joining in this one, too.

Hope to see lots of pretty kitties with this lovely design.

Thanks, Denise!


Friday, March 20, 2015

Sew I Stitch

When I saw this "meet and greet" sponsored by the lovely
Madame Samm @ Sew We Quilt
I did not sign up because I do not really think of myself as a hand stitcher
and felt my efforts would seem too small.

When I looked through my blog tonight, I was surprised to find that I have done bits and pieces of hand quilting accents on my projects that really enhanced their beauty.

So I have decided to add this link to the get together.

Many of these projects were for Sew We Quilt blog hops.

No surprise there, Mdm Samm has a way of inspiring me to challenge myself.

So here are my humble hand projects ...

All the beautiful hand work that I have seen lately online has been making my fingers itch to pick up some beautiful embroidery threads again and try my hand.

I know the links here in the Meet and Greet will amaze and astound and inspire me.

Many, many years ago I did both hand embroidery and cross-stitching,
but my vision issues keep me from doing much close work these days.

Since I have had recent eye surgery, even my sewing machine work has been a challenge lately,
but I am hoping that soon with my new implant lens
supplimented by the external prescription my eye doctor will soon be able to give me,
that maybe I can stitch again.

Sew I am planning a simple project to get me started so I may stitch along with you.

Thank you for visiting.

<3 Pat

For the Birds!

All the Bird Tree creations are sew beautiful!

Here is today's schedule ... 

Friday, March 20

Freemotion By The River
Sew Incredibly Crazy
Tea Time Creations
Baa's Amazing Adventures!
Selina Quilts
Ramblings of a Quilter
Busy Bee Quilts
Quilted Delights
Grandmamas Stories

This wonderful breath of spring is sponsored by  Sew We Quilt

Thursday, March 19, 2015

I Can Quilt!

I am quilting!

This may not sound like much of an accomplishment on a quilting blog
 but for me right now it is wonderful.

I have been struggling since my eye surgery with being able to see to do everyday tasks.

After looking locally and buying and trying ... and some returning ... on two online sites,

 I have finally found readers that I can use to quilt!

Regular readers just were not working even though I tried different powers to 
find something that would work at the arm length needed to quilt and cut.

I am not in any way sponsored by or associated with this site.
I am just a happy customer.
Good quality.
Free shipping.
Free return shipping.
Easy to return.
Right now they are having a 
B1G1FREE offer.
If you are looking for readers, check it out.

I also bought a good pair of sunglass readers which are a big help as my eyes are sensitive to light.

I do hope that my vision will be healed enough when I see my eye doctor next week that he may be able to prescribe new progressive trifocals
but for now these multifocus readers are a blessing.

Also a blessing ...

These lovely ...


for a very special project.

Katiness is, of course, my ever present quilty helper.

We cannot wait to show you this one!

Wait we must though as this one will appear on the 

Soon as I can get it finished and it can be scheduled.

More info soon!

Until then ...

Katniss says ... "No Peaking!"


Day 5 of the Bird Tree Hop!

The birds are sew beautiful!

Thursday, March 19

Monday, March 16, 2015

On the Wing ~ Pieced Back

Here is the pieced back of my 

I had extra 


 large triangle "leftovers" from cutting fabrics for some of my blocks

so I created a new block so as not waste this beautiful fabric

I am pretty happy with the results.

I found enough of this light green scroll fabric in my stash to complete the backing.

I am really loving all the Beautiful Birds in the 

Sew beautiful!

For my photos of my  Bird Tree Hop Quilt Click Here


Friday, March 13, 2015

Beautiful Bird Tree Blog Hop

"Birds On The Wing"

Here they look adrift on a bank of snow in my backyard.

It is not easy for me to go out and take good photos right now.

Nor is it easy to do everyday things.

My vision is healing much more slowly than I had hoped after this surgery.

After the procedure on the first eye, I had a baby quilt pieced and quilted in two weeks.

This time is a different story.

          I had planned to have at least two projects with these beautiful fabrics for you.

I am sorry that did not happen but I here is my project.

My top is done and I am working on getting it quilted.

Healing is one day and one stitch at a time.

This quilt design is my own.

I was inspired by these

Beautiful Birds by Tracy Lizzote for Elizabeth's Studio

fabrics to design this quilt!

I <3 this quilt in the making!

           This is the top to my new spring sofa quilt.

It is a new pattern that I have created for these fabrics.

I am calling this pattern "On The Wing".

I carefully cut and placed all the directional fabrics and will be posting about this on March 30th.

More details soon!

Here is a block for the backing that I made from scrap triangles and fabric.

I sewed this into the back of my quilt ...

Click Here for more photos of the back of my quilt

I love the movement in this pattern so much that I will be making again
it in these solids as soon as I am able.

This new pattern is in the test stage of development and I hope to release it soon.

If you are interested in testing, please send me an email.

Thank you for stopping by today!

     Please be sure to fly into all the beautiful bird trees today       

Friday, March 13th

Life in the Scrapatch (you are here)

Quilt in a not - Shell

Suebee's World

Thanks to

Madame Samm @ Sew We Quilt


for making this big beautiful bird hop happen!

Chirp! Chirp! 

I am be quilting.

Hope to have more to show you soon!

Think Spring!


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Beautiful Birds are flying in soon!

Katniss says, "No sneak peaks!"

Here she is perched atop the large bookcase where I have my temporary design wall.

I was trying to fold down the batting to pin up my project and she is having none of it.
She thinks the batting is there for her comfy convenience.
She does have her very own basket up there to curl up in
... but she obviously did not wish to be disturbed
... or she wished to catch the birds
... or my hand.
Katniss is quite fiesty sometimes.

Katniss says that you must come back Friday to see our birds.

Thanks Lana and Madame Samm

for organizing this wonderful hop.

It shall be a breath of spring air!