Sunday, May 24, 2015

Slow Stitching Sunday ~ Everly's Baby Quilt

A new hand stitch project!

A lovely lady who went to market sent me this lovely sampler of

I love the colors and threads!

I knew right away what I wanted to use this for ...

started this baby quilt for my granddarling Everly
when she was still a bump of a Sprout.

A friend hand quilted the center until life happened and she was only able
to complete the center of the quilt.  Now I am working on finishing it.
I have never hand quilted before.
After thoughts of machine quilting the rest, an attempt to use the same thread and stitch length as in the middle ... neither of which seemed the right solution ...
I concluded that these lovely threads were destined to finish this pretty baby quilty ...

I am off to a slow stitching start.

My thread and stitches will not be as small and even as those in the center,
but they shall be rounds of all these pretty colors for my grand-darling's little fingers to enjoy the colors and textures. 

Linking up today with all the beautiful hand-work @ 

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Slow Stitching Sunday @ Kathy's Quilts

Have a Happy and Slow Sunday ... :)

Friday, May 22, 2015

Fabric Loving in the Scrapatch

This lovely fabric is an Ambleside Petite Fat Quarter Bundle!

I was the lucky winner of this lovely Giveaway

These pretty vintage looking fabrics remind me of the curtains and bed spread that my mother chose for my room when I was a very young girl.
I am not sure what I will make but I am thinking maybe a sweet lap quilt.
I really like the blue in this fabric and am thinking to put a light blue solid with these prints.

Thank you, Lorna and Kimberly!

These lovely new fabrics also arrived yesterday ...

I needed more of

this fabric

for this project

and  ... I could not resist a few more lovely

Lewis and Irene  fabrics.

I see some more coming into this shop that are calling my name.

I love these fabrics ... just look at this ... 


I want some in every color!

<3 This could be my new favorite textural tonal fabric line! <3

While I was waiting for the coral bird fabric  so I could work on my quilt,

I made these ...

Harry Potter Fabric @ Spoonflower

This is the first time I used fabric from Spoonflower.

The was a screenprint on Kona ... really nice fabric.

My daughter had it sent to me for these strap covers.

These are for my daughter's Kinderpack.

I looked at some of these online and figured my own pattern ...

and they arrived and they fit ... :)

My daughter and her family are now stationed in the PNW
and this photo was taken at the Point Defiance Zoo.

I am hoping to visit them sometime this summer.

Back to quilting ... ;)

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend ...

and Remember.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Quilt Blogger's Festival ~ Small Quilt Category


This is Everly!

Everly is my grand-darling and she and I would like to show you her favorite quilt!

We are sharing this quilt in the
Small Quilt Category

in the

A big "Thank you!" to Amy @ Amy's Creative Side

for putting this big beautiful online quilt show together for us!

Here is Everly's quilt ...

This quilt is my original design.

I constructed this bright and graphic quilt to have 
dimensional pinwheels in the sashing for little fingers to grasp.

Everly loves playing with her quilt!

... and sharing!

As you can see this quilt has been washed and enjoyed and shared many times.

This baby quilt measures 43" by 52"


Riley Blake Gingham

Medium Gingham Check for the Squares and outer border and binding

Small Gingham Check for the dimension pinwheels

Kona White Solid for the sashing

Aurifil 2021 50/2 for piecing and 40/2 for quilting

Here is a the center of the top without the border.

Here is the back of the quilt.

Close up of the quilting

Everly is now a year old and her quilt has gotten a lot of wash and wear.

She enjoys turning the pinwheels this way and that and can spend a lot of time playing with them.

I am sew happy that my grand-darling loves her quilt!

Everly and I hope you have enjoyed her quilt, too, and wish to say,

"Thank you for visiting!"

Enjoy all the quilts in the wonderful Quilt Bloggers Festival

Happy Quilting!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Quilt Blogger's Festival 2015 ~ Original Design Category

I would like you to meet Morgan!

Morgan is my grand-darling Everly's first cousin.

I have been blessed to occasionally take care of this adorable baby boy.

Morgan loves the color red.

I designed and made this red, white and blue quilt for him.  

Morgan and I welcome you to our entry into the
category in the

A big "Thank you!" to Amy @ Amy's Creative Side
for putting this big beautiful online quilt show together for us!

Here is Morgan's Quilt ...

This is my 

 an original block and layout designed by me. 

I designed this Envelope Block for this quilt.

Quilt Size:   47 inches by 55 inches


Aurifil threads: 50/2 Mako Cotton, 
Blue 2730, Red 2250, White 2024 and Gray 2605

Quilted on my home machine, Janome 6600p

back of quilt

The tutorial for this quilt appears in four parts on the
where I was guest blogging.

A free pdf for this tutorial is available at the end of Part 4.

The matching Airmail Envelope Pillow was made with extra blocks and fabric from the quilt. 
A tutorial for this pillow may be found HERE on my blog.

Airmail Envelope Quilt Tutorial

The layout and setting requirements for this quilt may be found HERE.

Layout and fabric requirements for alternative colorways for this quilt may be found HERE

Morgan is very happy with his quilt and sew am I.

We hope you have enjoyed this quilt, too.

May you enjoy the Spring 2015 Quilt Bloggers Festival as much as I am.

Sew many beautiful quilts!

Thank you for stopping my my blog today ...  :)

Monday, May 11, 2015

Almost Time for the Spring Quilt Bloggers Festival!

I love these big beautiful online quilty shows!

<3 There is always so much inspiration in the links  <3

Amy @ Amy's Creative Side

for all the details.

Hope to see you participating!


Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day ... and we have a Winner!

Happy Mother's Day!

 We have a winner to the fabulous 

Comment # 4 

Congratulations to Lea Anne 

"....And a blog subscriber"

I am sending and email to our lucky winner!

May all of you have a happy day today with family and friends!


~ My Grand-Darling ~ My best Mother's Day gift ever! ~


Friday, May 8, 2015

Thursday, May 7, 2015

I am featured on Free Quilt Patterns!

My Airmail Envelope Quilt Tutorial on Bear Creek Quilting

is featured on

Free Quilt Patterns

Here is what they wrote:

"We live in a world where email goes instantly anywhere we like with the push of a button, so it's a wonderfully warm nostalgic feeling we get when we see a project like this!  Doesn't this quilt bring back heartwarming memories?  We love everything about this quilt, which was designed and created by Pat of Life in the Scrapatch and is featured by Bear Creek Quilting Company as a multi-part tutorial.  Parts one through three are up for you now and we are sure you will love this wonderful project!"

To read more click Here

My quilt also is posted on the Free Quilt Patterns Facebook site.

Thank you, Free Quilt Patterns, for your kind words and featuring my quilt tutorial.

I love sharing with other quilters!

~ <3 ~

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Fabric Magic!

There is "gold dust" sprinkled around the dandelion puffs!

Do you see it here?  

I did not ... looks like gray speckles to me. 

I have been looking and working with these lovely fabrics for several days now and 
when I placed these two fabrics side by side to sew ... 

... magic happened ! 

These are two different fabric lines.

The birdies are from "A Little Bird Told Me"

The dandelion puffs are from "Make a Wish"

I combined these two lines for this quilt because I wanted to add the peach and gold to my new quilt.

 Did you see the message on the selvage ... "threaded with love" ? 

These are quality fabrics ... :-)

My longtime readers know that I wash all fabrics except small precuts due to an allergic reaction 
to the chemicals in the finishing process.

I am happy to say that these new Lewis and Irene fabrics have passed 
the wash test with flying colors.  

The weave is tight; the fabric thick and nice to touch; 
it does not warp in the wash; shrinkage was minimal and the colors do not run

I have a serious case of fabric love going on here ... <3 <3 <3

This is a new pattern that I am developing and it started Here

It will be another free tutorial on the Bear Creek Quilting Blog

 I am calling this new quilt design "Wish Catcher!"

More soon!

Just keep sewing .... :-)