Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Fabric Magic!

There is "gold dust" sprinkled around the dandelion puffs!

Do you see it here?  

I did not ... looks like gray speckles to me. 

I have been looking and working with these lovely fabrics for several days now and 
when I placed these two fabrics side by side to sew ... 

... magic happened ! 

These are two different fabric lines.

The birdies are from "A Little Bird Told Me"

The dandelion puffs are from "Make a Wish"

I combined these two lines for this quilt because I wanted to add the peach and gold to my new quilt.

 Did you see the message on the selvage ... "threaded with love" ? 

These are quality fabrics ... :-)

My longtime readers know that I wash all fabrics except small precuts due to an allergic reaction 
to the chemicals in the finishing process.

I am happy to say that these new Lewis and Irene fabrics have passed 
the wash test with flying colors.  

The weave is tight; the fabric thick and nice to touch; 
it does not warp in the wash; shrinkage was minimal and the colors do not run

I have a serious case of fabric love going on here ... <3 <3 <3

This is a new pattern that I am developing and it started Here

It will be another free tutorial on the Bear Creek Quilting Blog

 I am calling this new quilt design "Wish Catcher!"

More soon!

Just keep sewing .... :-)


  1. Love the MAGIC today! Thanks for sharing the tidbits Pat.

  2. Those fabrics go together so beautifully!

  3. I love the bird fabric! And I agree with the other comments. Those fabrics pair up beautifully

  4. Beautiful designs and colors...love the birds!

  5. Pat, I can't wait to see the finished product, as it will be magical. My granddaughter would love it, because she loves "wish sticks" (dandelion flowers gone to seed) lol Have a good time working this project!


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