Wednesday, May 30, 2018

A New Quilty Project

This beautiful orange floral from
Victoria Findlay Wolfe's "Mostly Manor" Collection
is my favorite fabric in my stash.

Now what could these pretties be for?

Quilty Kitty Maestro knows.

Time to sew!

Monday, May 28, 2018

My Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

In an attempt to meet the requirements of the new GDPR ruling,
I am stating the following:

To the best of my knowledge, I don't offer cookies on my blog.
You can stop cookies by turning them off in your own browser settings.

I do not knowingly or willingly store 
or share your information to third-parties.

I have one affiliate link on my blog
to my favorite online quilt shop.
I receive a very small percentage of the sale
if you buy from them though this link.
I appreciate their interest and support 
of my blogging and quilting efforts.
I  have no knowledge or control over this business 
storing your info if you click on the link.
Please contact them directly in regard to their policy,
or simply do not use the link.

I have few other links on my sidebar.
I am not affiliated with them and have no knowledge of their privacy policies
or if they use cookies or store your information.
In some cases they are there simply because they linked to my blog
or put one of my free patterns up on their site
and I try to keep track of where my patterns are posted.

My posts and patterns have appeared on other sites,
sometimes without my knowledge or permission.

I appreciate your comments
and in the past I have responded to those whose email
addresses have been provided by google
because I like sharing with other quilters.

With regret, I will not be responding comments in the future
because of the new policy.

I do not have an email newsletter
and have no plans to start one
and if I did it would be sent by reader request only.

If you have signed up to receive notifications of my new posts
by email via the feedburner link on my sidebar,
I trust that you have given them your consent to receive them.
If you no longer wish to receive notifications of my new
blog posts at any time, please unsubscribe via the feedburner site.
I have no direct contact with feedburner.
I have provided this email subscription option as a service
only because readers asked me to provide a means
for them to do so.

I have also provided a GFC link,
placed on my blog when Google actually supported
this means of connecting with other bloggers.
I leave it open so I can visit the blogs
I like to read.
I hope their privacy policies
respect your privacy.

I also have a link to follow me thorugh bloglovin'
for those who wish to do so in the manner
as I subscribe to their daily digest
as another means of connecting to other bloggers.
Again I hope they do not collect or store your info
unless you have subscribed and agreed.

I am not a technical wizard.
I started my blog as a personal journal
of my quilts and found that I enjoyed
sharing and connecting with other quilters 
in the wonderful online world of quilting.

I use blogger because I found it user friendly.

In the past I have linked
to fabric manufacturers, to designers
 when I have used their fabric in my quilts,
as I though this might be interesting to my readers.
I will not be offering this info in future posts.

I have occasionally linked to other blogs
when I have found a pattern I loved
or I have shared one of their interesting posts.
I have always tried to contact bloggers when I have done so,
because I respect their copyrights.

The buttons on my sidebar to other blogs 
or blogging events
have been provided by them 
to share their info.

I will only link to blogs in the future
when I am part of a blog hop or block of the month
or other special blog event,
to which they have also joined
and have provided their
url for this purpose.

I hope this meets the new privacy policy standards.

I am a private person
and I truly respect your right to privacy.

It saddened me today to learn that a comment
I left on a post of one of my long time blog friends
went into her spam folder.
I do not like spam and would never send spam.

It makes me hesitant to leave an "I love your quilt" 
comment on anyone's blog.

What a sad state of blogging we have arrived at
if one quilter feels she should not tell another
quilter how much she liked her quilt
and the other quilter feels she should not say thank you
and has no easy means of doing so.

If you wish to ask me a question or correspond with me, 
please contact me via the email address under 
"Contact Me" in my top bar.

My email address is

Quilters and kind words always welcome here!

PS ... I have now enabled comment moderation on my blog
because, since the new privacy laws have changed blogger,
I had started seeing more spam type comments
on my blog and had to delete them
and do something to block them.
It seems strange to me that the new privacy laws have made it easier
for robots and spamers to find me.

As I said,

Quilters and kind words always welcome here.

Happy Blogging! 

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Is it June yet?

A Sneaky Peek!

Maestro and I have been very busy behind the scenes
designing and sewing and getting ready 
to release my block for June for the 

Maestro was very helpful creating the design.

We are looking forward to seeing how others
bring our block to life for their quilts.

In the meantime 

has released a "bonus block"
for our group to work on.

You can only find this right now by joining our

It is free to join and all patterns are free during the month they are released.
Previous month's patterns are available for a small fee. 

So  Join Here  Now!

Hope to see you sewing along

Friday, May 25, 2018

Clementine Quilt Along ~ Block 5

Block  5 for the 

Clementine Quilt Along

Katniss helped me choose the fat quarters
that I used for this block.

We laid out all the other blocks when we choose
our fabrics as we are trying to use a fabric in a block only once so
this quilt has a scrappy look to it.

We are starting to did deep into our red and white stash.

That is the outer border fabric in the upper right in the bag.
We purchased the fabric for the border.
It is from the Nordic Stitches kine by Moda.

I used my preferred method of pre-cutting the triangles and chain sewing.

I also cut the corners leaving the 1/4" seam allowance 
for the center square in a square blocks. 

Only one more month of blocks and then 
we will start sewing our top together.

Woo hoo! 

Are you sewing along?

Time to catch up now so your quilt may join the pretty parade of quilts in July!

All the Clementine patterns are FREE to download! 
As this is their annual charity quilt, the 
Fat Quarter Shop only asks for a suggested donation of $5 
to our St. Jude campaign for each time you download our patterns.

Thanks to the 

Fat Quarter Shop

for this wonderful charity quilt and campaign!

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Matchbox Quilt Kit Giveaway Winner

Rafflecopter picked a winner for 

  • Monday, May 21 @ 01:15 pm
  • “Visit me on Instagram”Sew much fun to see you and your fun projects! Calicojoan
  • Congratulations, Joan! 

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Fabulous Freebies Blog Hop Coming ~ Sign Up Now!

Who doesn't love a free pattern?

I think it is the one word all of us as quilters (and humans)
love to hear ...


So when my fabulous free-loving friend,

said she was hosting a hop dedicated to sharing 
all those wonderful freebies we all enjoy

I said, "Woo-hoo!  Please sign me up!"

I am really looking forward to this blog hop!

Hope to see you sharing your favorite freebie.

The only tough part will be choosing which favorite freebie to share

.... then, again, why stop at one ... ;) 

Monday, May 21, 2018

Wish Upon A Star Blog Hop ~ My Day!

Here is my newest star quilt.

It is a mini, 6" quilt made with the cute kit I received in a
Sew Sampler Box awhile back.  
I have a lot of lovely looking projects in the stack of boxes I have now 
and I need to catch up and make a few more quilts.

I love start quilts of any kind, so when

Carol @ Just Let Me Quilt

announced this hop,
I knew I wanted to participate
and I decided this was the perfect time to open this little kit.

All the materials to make the quilt are in the box,
including the panel, batting, backing and embroidery thread for quilting!

I was actually surprised by the piecing required for this project.

I had seen these panels online and somehow got the thought in my head that they were made with a cheater panel because of this quilt image the panel.
You can see my finished quilt below the panel.

The panel is marked and actually has to be cut into itty bitty squares and triangles to piece the 6 inch block.

Precision cutting required.
The cutting lines are clearly marked.

These units are very small as the go into four 3.5" star blocks.

Precision sewing also required.

I followed all instructions in the kit.

When it came time quilting the recommended
"Matchbox Quilting" lines, I opted to machine
quilt using my spool of Aurilfil GR 30 cotton 12/2 thread.
I used a Singer 100/16 Titanium Universal needle
and my heavy duty walking foot.
I loosened the tension, lengthened the stitch,
and slowed down my machine,
used regular 50/12 weight Aurilfil thread in my bobbin,
and all went well.

I hand-stitched the binding to the backing with lime green Aurifil.
This is the first hand stitching I have done in awhile
as my hands have been very stiff and achy
and the fine handwork is hard for me these days.

I am pretty happy with how this little mini star quilt finished.

I like the very useful Matchboxes, too!
I have my magnetic pin holder in this one and I can tuck it under my machine bed 
for safe keeping my pins away from my all too curious little kitties

Apparently I talked a lot about how interesting the kit was while I was making it.

Because ...

I was gifted with the complete set all all nine Matchbox Quilts
for Mother's Day! 

Sew I have eight other mini quilts to sew!

Giveaway Time!

Because I now have a set of all of these Matchbox quilts, I have an extra
No. 7  Star Quilt.

If you would like to make this mini quilt,
enter the rafflecopter giveaway below ...

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Best of luck with the winning thing!

Be sure to visit all these stellar projects today!

May 21
Life in the Scrapatch (you are here)

Thanks to, Carol @ Just Let Me Quilt
for organizing this fun blog hop!

Happy Hopping!  

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Fabric ...

... sometimes I just have to have it.

That is the case with these 

I have actually already cut into these beauties
for a project that you will be seeing soon!  

Back to sewing ... :-) 

Friday, May 11, 2018

Surprises and Second Chances

Are not these gorgeous?

These colorful fabrics are a wonderful surprise 
today from


which I received as a second chance winner
from a blog hop giveaway
from awhile back.

The original winner never responded
so Marian picked again
and my name came up as the new winner.

Lucky Me, Lucky Day, Lucky 2nd Chances

Thank you, Northcott and Marian!

May today bring you a happy surprise!