Wednesday, June 24, 2015

On My Bird Feeder Today

That's not a sparrow!

That is an American Goldfinch!

Goldfinches are not uncommon to my state.
I live in one of the "probable" squares on the map,
but I consider these a rare treat in my tiny urban backyard.

Oh, look ... this colorful little guy has a pretty mate!

I am seeing these two regularly on my feeder.

I am hoping they are nest building near me and will be bringing the babies in a few weeks.

Makes my day very sunny and bright ... :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A Gathering of Eagle Quilters

Quilt Like An Eagle

Do you "Quilt Like An  Eagle" ?

These Quilters Do!

Audrey has been nice enough to invite me to join this convocation of eagle quilters with my

Eye of the Eagle Quit

My quilt is only an easy panel quilt.

Most of the awe inspiring quilts on their blog and Pinterest boards are beyond my quilty abilities
but I am going to try my hand a piecing or paper piecing an eagle block to add to this display.

I have started this
Quilty Like An Eagle
 Pinterest Board for inspiration.

If you have made, or are working on or are gathering ideas for making an eagle quilt,

Here are the Guidelines for joining

Contact information for Audrey and Angie is on their sidebar.

I will be taking outdoor photos of my eye quilt and posting my quilt there soon.

Hope to see you flying with us!


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

R&R Time ~ Farm Girl Vintage

R&R Time

I need to take a few short breaks here and there from the pattern and quilt I am working on
and the overtime burnout that my quilty muse has been feeling lately.

Sew I have decided to seek my inner vintage farm girl and sew a few blocks.

It is not Friday and it is Week 7

... so I am (not very fashionably) late to this party ...

Farm Girl Friday Sew Along

 but I finally got a

Bee In My Bonnet

and had to buy the  Farm Girl Vintage book and join this fun.

My fabrics of choice are some that have been in stash for some time. 

"Rise N Shine" by Glenna Hailey,

is my fabrics of choice for starting this project.

Colors are red/green/yellow/black and creamy white.

I am adding some other fabrics from my repros stash as needed ...

and maybe some gingham ... hmmmmm.

I think that I want to add blue to my quilt ... ???

Do y'all think that either of these blue 30's print from

The Feedsack Lady

works with the other fabrics?

Blue #1 ... from Darlene Zimmerman's "Garden Party"


Blue # 2 ... from Darlene Zimmerman's Mama's Feedsacks


Option # 3 ... I keep digging for a better blue


Option #4 ... no blue in this quilt

Do y'all think that this blue 30's print from

The Feedsack Lady

works with the other fabrics?

Opinions welcome ... :)

Time to sew!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

An Early Release FQB!

Oh, My!

It is an early release bundle.

These fabrics will be in the shops in October.

The colors are teals and olives, berries and cream ... sew yummy!

Now what shall I make?

Something for a princess perhaps?

My quilty muse and I are enjoying the dreamy fabrics ... :-)

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Catching Up on the Fabric News

I saw this first in the Bear Creek Quilt Company news.

53 piece Fabric Collection coming in November!

I found one picture from the Quilt market on the Auribuzz News

More news and images coming in July.

I am sew excited!

Looking forward to seeing these fabrics ... :)

Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Sneak Peak and Back To Blogging!

A Hexie Flower

I have been making many of these for a soon-to-be-revealed project.

My computer has been taking an unscheduled spa vacation 
while keeping my tech crew hubby working overtime. 

If you commented or emailed and did not receive a response from me,
please excuse my lack of response. 

I am hoping my computer is ready for some serious computing.

[Edit:  6/9/15 - As it turned out, 
I was a little premature in thinking my computer problems were over.  
Now I have a new hard drive.  
Now I hope I am back to blogging. ]

I have a lot of catching up to do.

~  ~ ~