Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May Has Been Busy

May has been a busy month ... all in good ways. Spring arrived. My lilacs bloomed. Lots of happy family happenings. Spring concerts, including one where my beautful daughter was the featured soloist and then she graduated from college. Mama is so proud. Family gatherings and barbecues. My oldest son moved to new apartment locally and we celebrated his birthday. Summer weather arrived. We took our first evening drive to have a seafood dinner near the beach. So it has been all good.

I have gotten a lot accomplished, some of them even quilty ones. Right now I am working on a big project. Pictures of that coming soon. I also completed the shop sample. Photos of that coming very soon, too. Time to sew!

Have a happy quilty day, my friends,


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Charity Quilts Mailed

Here are the last two commitments I had from last year, completed and sent on their way. These quilts were sent to a home that helps children in crisis. There in a closet they will be waiting for just the child who needs their comfort to come along and pick these bright patches to snuggle under and keep. May all the love that went into their making by the Snug Society Quilters at the Q&N touch the child who needs to know the world is a warm and caring place.

As usual, Mina was my constant quilty helper. Not to worry. I washed the quilts before I mailed so that no child with an allergy to cats would become ill due to their new quilt. ;)

These are the first two projects larger than a mug rug which I have quilted on my new sewing machine. For one I used the straight stitch walking foot and I quilted diagonal channels two inches apart. For the second one I put in the free motion foot, dropped the feed dogs and stitched a free-motion meander. I am quite pleased with the results and look forward to quilting more quilts at home. I will still bring my largest quilts to do on the long-arm at the local quilt shop as I do not have a frame at home but the new machine quilts like a dream.It feels very good to be caught up on all my quilty commitments.

Time to make some more quilty hugs .... :) Pat

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Monday, May 2, 2011

Free Fabrics!!!!

I visited my local quilt shop over the weekend with the cute

pattern that I bought from my wonderfully creative friend, Jess Smith, at the Quilt & Needle. I had intentions of picking up some of the pretty Northcott flannel Teddy Bear fabrics that had just been taken out of the box to make a blue boy bear quilt. While I was there, I talked with the owner and ... drum roll ...

I am making a sample quilt for the shop! Yay!!!

It is a win-win deal for sure!! I get the quilt for free, the shop "borrows" it for a little while and Jess's pattern will be selling in my favorite local quilt shop!!

I am sew happy!!!! :-) Pat