Saturday, August 31, 2019

Saturday Sewing and Cat Fishing

Today's sewing goal was to finish piecing my

My quilty kitties have been very helpful with this one.
Here I have a row pinned but a very large cat is holding it in place for me
so I had to "lure" her off the top with a strip of scrap fabric,
which is one of her favorite toys.

I got her to jump over to the basket to catch the strip.

Then I quickly whisked the quilt off the table while she claimed her prize.

I knew she would drag her catch back to the table,
where she was having so much fun she drew attention to her play ...

... and she caught another "catfishing" sister kitty.

While the kitties were playing I finished piecing the quilt top.

I really like these 
especially the Teal Parquet fabric that I used in the sashing.
That print reminds me of old fashioned cobblestones.

I also finished the pieced backing for which I made an extra house block. 
I did not have enough of the Kona Seaglass to complete the back
so I found a coordinating fabric in my stash, which is a Riley Blake "Shabby" basic.

Tomorrow I will press my quilt top and backing and load them on my long-arm.

I hope you are having a happy, quilty weekend! 

Friday, August 30, 2019

Sunday Best Sampler ~ Making Plans to Sew Along

These fabrics and book are for the

I am making this version ... 

I am using fabrics from my stash.

These prints are from one her
Prairie Fabrics

I have more than enough scraps and yardage to make the quilt front and back.

I think I will use one of the white prints for the background fabric in the blocks.

I also have the Bella White and gray Etchings fabrics for the sashing.

I love these fabrics and am happy they have found the right pattern.

I love sampler quilts.

What plans are you making for your fall sewing? 

Thursday, August 29, 2019

I Like Thursdays Post #25 ~ Good Day Sunshine

Nutmeg and I are sewing sashing on house blocks
for my Poppy Lane Quilt
This has a commitment deadline and I have to get 'er done.

It has been a Happy Thursday.

Today was my hubby's birthday so we went out to his favorite nearby restaurant
 to feast on fresh caught New England seafood at

Fishbones Restaurant

Bacon Wrapped Scallops
followed by a shared Fisherman's Platter.
Mmmmmm ... so good.
No food photos ... I was too busy enjoying.

I did not get his Batik Quilt done,
but I am working on it.

It was actually my second day of dining on succulent seafood.

Last night was a Girl's Night out with three of my oldest friends
and we dined at our favorite get together place

Good Thymes Family Restaurant

I shared a coconut shrimp appetizer
 and baked seafood casserole entree that was so delicious.
Servings are always large enough for two people. 
They also have an in house bakery and the best ever desserts.
I never remember to take food photos.
I am always talking and noshing and it is all gone before I think about it.

Sharing a favorite sunny day song today ... 

Good Day Sunshine, 1966, by the Beatles

with my friendly

I Like Thursday Bloggers @ Not Afraid of Color

Hope to catch up with my blog reading soon.

Hope you are having a Happy Thursday.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Sunny Sewing on a Very Rainy Day

These fabrics are sew pretty and this pattern is sew easy!

My day started sunny and quickly turned into tropical downpours coming in off the
warm waters to the south of New England.

Today I took a break from the batik quilt in progress 
and played with these beautiful fabrics

This quilt is very fat quarter and fat eighth friendly.

This quilt pattern is designed by

This pattern is very well written and it is fun and easy to sew.

My first block came together quickly and a happy sewing time later ...

I had all 20 houses done for the center of my blocks.

I will have a beautiful quilt to show you soon.

Then I took a break and went out for a Girls Night with three of my oldest friends.

Although it is now very late,
my pretty fabrics are calling to me.

Think I will sew a few minutes before turning in for the night.

May your night be happy and quilty ... <3 

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Batik Quilt Top Progress

My Quilty Kitties and I are making good progress on piecing the top of my

Here are eight of the ten rows pinned up on my design wall 
with the early morning sunshine filling my east side of my home.

Here are the last two rows on my sewing table
 with the border fabric that my hubby picked out at our local quilt shop over the weekend
and the long sashing strips laid out between the rows.

We hope to have this top together by the end of today.

What are you sewing this week? 

Monday, August 26, 2019

Whose the Best Quilty Kitty?

"Mommy, " says Nutmeg, "Am I your best quilty kitty?"

"Here I am on the job swishing my tail in front of the needle 
while Maestro is just looking out the window at the birdies."

"Maestro, Mommy says I am the bestest quilty kitty helper!"

"You are not!" says Maestro, " I am the best quilty kitty helper, so there!"

"I will help, Mommy."

"Something does not feel right.  I am sad.
Helping Mommy sew without my bestest sister kitty is not fun."

"Nutmeg?  Where did you go, little sister kitty?"

"Found you.  Come here.  I love you, Nutmeg.
Mommy can keep sewing while we cuddle." 

Enjoy your catnap, my pretty kitties.

Mommy will be sewing.

All my kitties are the best quilty kitty helpers. 

Sunday, August 25, 2019

A Sweet Shop Block

A cup of Hot Chocolate with a Peppermint Stick
and frosted Christmas Cookies
and Candy Canes for my
Block 3 ~ Picture Window
for the

I am having a lot of fun fussy cutting these fun

Looking forward to the next block on Thursday.

Today was a family day here in the scrapatch.
It is very cool here tonight.
A cup of hot chocolate would be tasty right now.

May the new week be happy and quilty.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Not Sew Saturday

Maestro is watching and waiting.
It is Saturday and my quilty kitty is wondering why I am not sewing.
Behind her are the blocks I sewed for

I have pretty fabrics to sew.

Maestro is waiting.

Today was a cool breezy day and fall was in the air and we worked outside in the yard.
Here it was coffee break time on the deck ...

... and watch the goldfinches on the feeders.

While Maestro napped, waiting for me to come back in and sew. 

Hope to sew something new to show you soon.

How is your weekend, quilty or otherwise?

Friday, August 23, 2019

Cats Catching Stitches As Cats and Catch Can

Here is the layout, minus the sashing, for the batik quilt,

There have been some family commitments that have been keeping me away 
from my sewing machine for the past few days.

My quilty kitties have been trying to help ... 

sew we have gotten some of the dark blue sashing strips added.

We have also gotten several strips sewn together ...

... and trimmed.

I hope to have more time this weekend to sew. 

I also need to catch up on my Kinship Sampler Blocks.

May you have a happy quilty weekend.