Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Getting Ready For Sewing Along Today

Early in the day I like to organize my sewing plans with my morning coffee. 

I was laying out my next batik blocks for my hubby when he wandered through 
with his morning cup, so I asked him for his input.
We played with the cut pieces and this is what he chose.
It is nice to be making a quilt with my hubby,
Usually he just says something like "you do well" when I ask his opinion
and leaves me to my own quilty designing.
Because this quilt is for him, he has been more proactive in the choices.
I like it.
We need to make more quilts together ... :) 

I also laid out my fabric choices for today's block for the
I like this block because I can showcase one of the beautiful curio bell jars.
Most of the blocks call for smaller pieces. 

Tomorrow instructions for Block 2 in the
will be released. 
I saw that it is a Nine Patch Block in the Fat Quarter Shop Livestream today
so I am already thinking of fabric possibilities.
Tomorrow morning I will still be deciding on this one.

Since I am a "Stay At Home Quilter" and do not sew with a guild,
my hubby and my online friends are my sewing circle.
I am happy my daughter, who lives over a thousand miles away, has also
joined my online sewing circle.

I really enjoy sharing and sewing with others.

So Sew-Alongs are my way of sharing and caring with other quilters.

What sew alongs are you participating in right now?

I am always looking for more quilty friends. 


Evening Update:

Day 45 ~ Block 45 Done!
Only 28 more blocks to go on the batik quilt.

Have a happy quilty night... :-)

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claudia said...

I am not doing any quilting...AGAIN!!! We are planning a move. I hadn't even gotten completely settled into my sewing loft! The new place has five bedrooms, one of which was and will be a sewing room! I will have a dedicated office!! And of course, my bedroom, one for our roommate who we are taking with us and then my daughter's room. Beside the house there are 8+ acres, a barn with room for five stalls, an insulated shop with a loft, a round pen and lots of yards for all the dogs (7 of them between us), an actual chicken coop, and trees on part of the property. So yeah...I'm moving!!!