Sunday, April 5, 2020

Every Little Mask Helps

I am sewing Personal Use Fabric Masks.

I am using two layers or washed 100% tight woven quilting cotton.

I am using this

Easy DIY Fabric Mask Pattern 

Deaconess Hospital, Boston

They also have a
Free Mask Pattern with Tie Backs

I am adding a nose wire pocket
and making one deep chin tuck pleat
and a smaller ear tuck pleat.
This makes the mask more comfortable to wear.
I may make button headbands next.

My husband and I both need a larger mask.

I am cutting 7.5" by 11" rectangles of top fabric and white lining fabric.
My elastics are cut at 5"

I have found online that if you cut the filter lining from a clean, unused
vacuum cleaner bag you can add an inner liner layer that is N95 equivalent.
It does make the mask warmer and less breathable.

Making and wearing personal use masks from materials I have at home
helps me to feel that I am helping others.

There are many, many mask patterns on the web.

May you find one that works for you and ...

... sew many masks.

Every little mask helps.

May you and yours be well and safe and calm.


Saturday, April 4, 2020

Friday, April 3, 2020

Bind This Quilt ~ OMG April 2020

Note to Self: Time to Bind this Quilt

was finished in 2018.

The Quilting Completed Here in June of 2019.

For awhile I did not have the right binding fabric.
So it slid toward the bottom of my to-do pile.
I found the green barbed wire fabric on sale awhile back.
No more excuses.

Time to bind this quilt!

Binding this quilt is my

What is your goal for the month?

Thursday, April 2, 2020

I Like Thursday # 49 ~ A Day in the Scrapatch

Our pansies are still in pots, braving wind and rain and snow and temperatures in the 20s.
I have them on my back porch tucked up against the house for shelter.
Soon as it stops raining ... in a day or two ... I will fill my window boxes
and they will lift their pretty faces to the sun.

Nutmeg enjoyed a patch of sun yesterday morning 
that the new storm door that Mr Scrapatch installed
lets in to warm our kitchen.

Kitty practiced proper social distancing from the neighbor cat
who came peeking up the steps at her.
Nutmeg howled and sent him scurrying home.
My indoor kitties do not like to see those pesky outdoor cats in our yard.
The sun soon gave way to clouds and I had to close up the house.

The forsythia is valiantly trying to brighten the gray gloom of afternoon 
As it is just starting to open it will be gorgeous in a few days when the sun shines.

To warm the house I turned on the oven and baked banana bread in my squares pan.

This wonderful Banana Bread recipe

from Simply Recipes can be found HERE

I dressed these little cakes up for dessert, 
I made a thin glaze of powdered sugar, milk and a drop of vanilla.

A day in the scrapatch would not be complete without some fabric play.
I am making progress on my Tula Pink quilt.

Maestro took over my sewing chair to help the sewing along.

Lately I have been thinking of using some of my fabric to dress up me ... 

my bedtime book as been this interesting read.

Tired for her busy day being the on duty watch cat, 
Nutmeg is curled up against my leg at midnight.
Maestro is there, too, hidden behind the book.
My kitties are very snuggly.

This book may be found here
on Amazon 

It is written in a very "conversational" style by a life-long garnet maker and teacher,
whose grandmother was an Edinburgh tailor.
I confess I did not know what a "tailor's tack" was before opening this book.

As well as useful information, it is filled with fun anecdotes.
This one made me laugh ... "you make her round" ... lol! 

I am linking up today with the lovely
I Like Thursday Bloggers @ Not Afraid of Color

May you enjoy the small things in life
and my you and yours be well and safe.


 Morning Update:

Sally posted a link to a video of her Guinea Pigs playing.

They are cute little critters.

My black cat Maestro saw them scamper across the screen ...

Here is a video of kitty watching the guinea pigs.

At the end she looks behind the monitor to see if the are there.

Here is a still photo, if you cannot view the video.

Maestro is my "computer kitty."