Monday, May 27, 2019

Remember and Honor

Reposted in honor to those who have served and who now serve our country,
including their families,
for whose sacrifice I am ever grateful.

May you and yours have a Happy Memorial Day <3

Sunday, May 26, 2019

No Sew Slow Sunday

It was a day to play outside with the pretty flowers.

Gerbera Daisies in the big pot we placed on the stump of the old maple
we had cut down a few years ago because it interfered with the power lines.
Gerbera daisies  and I do not always respond well to my less than green thumbs
according to This Planting Guide
they should do well in this very sunny corner of the front yard.
Time will tell.

Maybe I will sew a few little blacks together before sleep,
maybe not.

May you be enjoying a slow Sunday, too.

Sweet quilty dreams. 

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Saturday Sewing ~ Seaglass

This morning these lovely green and blue pieces of my sea glass fabrics
for my

were all over my cutting table.

I briefly considered putting these away for another day 
and'sewing scraps for my usual scrappy Saturday.

I briefly considered going into my quilting room to quilt.

Then I went outside where the sun was shining and did not get back to 
making my quilty decision until after dark.

It was a lovely day outside and we did yard work,
ran errands, lunched out and just sat and enjoyed the yard as much as possible.

Here is Block 2 

This evening I just picked up the sea glass pieces and pieced out.

Because I opted not to cut the centers of my star,
I am devising my own construction method.

I discovered I needed to do this after I sewed 

Block 1

So my seam ripper and I had a fun time taking off the bottom row of this block 
and sewing it into the center strip instead.

Here is one side  of my quilt and the center strip.

The last two corners should go together quickly now.
I am actually ahead on this quiltalong.
My top will be together soon. 
Perhaps tomorrow ~ perhaps not.

I am feeling the pull of the tides as I sew these blocks.

Maybe it might be a good weekend to answer the call of the sea
and take a walk on the sand and look for real beach glass and eat seafood on a dock.
That is something we have done many a Memorial Day Weekend.

May you enjoy your long weekend, too. 

Friday, May 24, 2019

Stitch I Will!

I am ready ... so stitch I will. 

There is a new Stitch Along coming in June to the happy cross stitch along group

All you really need is the 

You could use whatever cross stitch cloth and floss you have or prefer.

At the FQS, Kimberly Jolly always encourages her listeners to
" Just To Do You"
to find what works for you and makes you happy.

After much thought about how I wanted to do this pattern and
considering whether I could make the sewing machine look like my beloved Janome,
I decided that my cross stitch abilities are not ready to rework a pattern that much.

I love the sample as shown and I had 10 count Vintage Aida cloth on hand in Daisy white,
I had some good Bohn tapestry needles in a size I can thread and use easily.
I decided to use Aurifloss as my stitches are best on 10 count Aida with this floss.

I am ready to start stitching.

This is my progress on new roof day yesterday on my

I am changing this one up.
I decided I preferred a 13 star canton on my flag.
This one is progressing well and I plan to work on it
when I am outside this long labor day weekend.

Inside I am making progress on my

and I need to finish up and pack up some swap blocks for mailing early next week.

I will be home,
enjoying our homey little Scrapatch.

Our new roof has already been christened with the rain and wind.

All is good.

What are you plans for the long Memorial Day Weekend?

Remember, Honor and Celebrate! 

May you and yours have a safe and wonderful weekend!