Friday, June 11, 2021

A Message to Email Subscribers

Thank you to all my subscribers! 

As most of you will know by now, the Feedburner email subscription service

 is leaving blogger forever on July 1st. 

Bloggers need to find their own way of sending updates to readers who wish to follow and subscribe.

As I am not very technically inclined, my first thought was to just let this disappear from my blog.

Then I remembered that I first added the email subscription box to my sidebar at the request of one of my readers.

Then I took a look at the number of current subscribers 

and found there are 1,510 of you!

I am honored and humbled to find so many of my readers want to receive notices of my posts.

In order to continue this email service for those of you who so kindly follow me,

I am looking into a new free email subscription service.


I have decided on MailChimp

I have started taking the needed steps to transfer my current subscribers to this new service. 

I am not sure how all this will work.

If you get a duplicate email in the changeover process,
please forgive and bear with me
while I navigate this new adventure.

I will delete the old service as soon as I know the new one is working.

If you have any questions, please email me

Thank you! 

Thursday, June 10, 2021

I Like Thursday # 99 ~"A Few of My Favorite Things"


Good Morning from my secret garden!

Thankful 13                                     

It is Thursday so I linking up today with my blogging friends, 

I Like Thursday Bloggers @ Not Afraid of Color

to share the small joys of life. 

My garden is not really a secret and the gate is open.

My favorite rose, New Dawn, is blooming.

The scent is so light and sweet.

These roses are only two years old, 

as the gate was first featured in my

 I Like Thursday # 17 in June 2019.

This spring, we added the patio blocks and the small white table on the left.

Mr. Scrapatch needed a place to sit when he sets up our deep fryer. 

This place seemed to only collect stuff like our garden tools, leaf bags, etc,

so a beautification plan was in order. 

Despite the heat index of over 100F this week,

 we did get most of our window boxes, baskets and pots planted this week.

 More Photos Here

While I was sitting and enjoying my garden, I did finish my 

Simple Stitches Bumble Bee Embroidery. 


Favorite Freebie of the Week:

Looking forward to this 

Macaron Mystery @ Meadow Mist Designs

I have the perfect focus fabric for this mystery ready and waiting!

This fabric is a 2020 collection and I bought it on sale because I loved it.

It is Pardon My French by Dear Stella 

and may still be found 

 @ Hawthorne Supply 

and on Etsy and other places. 

I also have a yard of the large scale street scene print.
Maybe a border? 
Time will tell.

Looking forward to searching my stash for colors 

that will coordinate with this fabric.


Favorite Movie of the Week:

Sound of Music 

While watching BBC's Call the Midwife
I got up to the 1965 episode that features this movie. 
 It was a favorite then and it still is now.
I found it on Disney Plus. 
Spring is one of my favorite seasons.

Strawberry season has arrived to my corner of the world.
So it is time for one of Mr. Scrapatch's favorite desserts,

Mmmm... so good! 

Well, that is my flowers and fabric and fun and tasty
 moments for the day.

Happy Thursday! 

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Stitch Sew & Show ~ Week 22 ~ Simple Stitching


Welcome to Stitch Sew & Show ~ Week 22

My bumblebee embroidery is done! 

This was started two years ago Here.

This pattern is # 8 in the 

I love all the designs in this pattern booklet.

I have added a narrow white border to this block,

which was made with scrap 30s Repro prints.

I am currently working on using up more of my 30s scrap strips 

with this new scrappy project.

I am enjoying my slow stitching and sewing and sitting in my garden.

What are you working on this week? 

Thanks to all join in my linky party! 

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

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Tuesday, June 8, 2021

To-Do Tuesday # 3 ~ Re-Evaluating


I have been sewing.

Linking up today with

To-Do Tuesday @ Chrisknits

Much of it has been hand sewing and stitching as my knee is still tweaking

and I have been sitting.

I have made more blocks and more hexagons for my 

Kingfisher Quilt

I have started a new large scale project 

to use up my 30's Reproduction Fabric scraps. 

This was my Scrappy Saturday Sewing.

This will be ongoing and it will pop up in my posts regularly.


Hmmm ... none of these projects were on my 

Last Week's Goals List

Sewing Goals ...

(1) Make new covers for outdoor swing ... not again :(

2) Cut and sew project for the Fairy Tales project ... yes, no peeking ;) 

3) Make more blocks for my Grand-darling's A-Z Quilt ... no ... sigh :( 

This is to be hand delivered when we visit in the fall and the  trip plan has been adjusted to a later date to allow for attending a family wedding reception. So I have more time to complete it.

Non-Sewing Goals ...

1) Plant window boxes and hanging baskets ... yes! :)

Here is another one. 

With Mr. Scrapatch's help,

 I actually got nine window boxes and three hanging baskets

 and several pots planted. 

There has also been hours of watering happening in the 90F plus heat.

Heat index is over 100 degrees Fahrenheit today. 


Well, at least I met my non-sewing goals.


It appears my "To Do List" goal making needs some re-evaluating.

I have always been hesitant to make weekly or monthly goals like this because I very much like to pick up whatever work in progress or new project appeals to me on any given day or night.

So I am adjusting my goals so that they may be more flexible

 and in line with my easily distracted quilty muse.

This Week's Goals:

1) Continue work on my Fairy Tale Blog Hop Project ...

sneak peek soon. 

2) Hand Stitch Project ...

finish lettering embroidery on beehive and/or work on cross stitch project.

3) Make Blocks for WIPs ...

not specifying project. 

4) Swing Cushion Covers ... this one is staying on the list.

I do have the fabric cut and I do want to sew new covers. 

The problem with this goal is the cushions are in usable condition and are in constant use on the swing in the shade outside. 

5) Sew my scraps.

I love using up my fabric scraps!

6) Take time to garden and smell the roses.

I am hoping my more generalized goal making

 will result in my feeling more accomplished. 

It could work ... ;)

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Scrappy Saturday ~ 30s Repros Log Cabin Blocks


Happy Scrappy Saturday Sewing! 

It is 90F degrees outside today and my knee is still aching,

so I am staying inside and sewing scrappy this Saturday.

This block is for a scrappy log cabin quilt.

I am using the "Paper Bag Scrap Method" for choosing my strips.

Whatever strip that comes out of the bag is the next to be placed.

This makes a truly random placement plan,

I am thinking I may add a white tone-on-tone sashing 

between the blocks in my quilt. 

This is a 5 inch block, made perfect by these easy to use foundation papers.

I have a lot of 30s reproduction fabric scraps in my stash 

and have wanted to make a log cabin quilt with them for a long time

 I also love to try new quilt products.

So when I was contacted bFelicia's World

asking me if I would like to receive some of their foundation paper templates,

I jumped at the chance.

These templates may be purchased at

I will not be receiving a commission from any sales made via these links.

Log Cabin Templates On Sale This Weekend!

I have all three sizes of the Log Cabin Template Blocks and I like them all.

As I am vision impaired, the lines make it easy for me to see and sew.

I use a small stitch length and size 90/14 to make removing the papers easier.

I use an Add a Quarter Ruler to trim as I sew.

I use a old wallpaper roller to press my seams flat as I go. 

This method works well for me.

If you are not an experienced with foundation paper sewing,

I highly recommend these excellent 

Felicia's World Tutorials for Log Cabin Templates

I will be sitting and sewing more scrappy blocks this weekend.

When it cooled in the evening, I went outside to enjoy my yard and my roses.
Briefly it cooled and we had some thunder and showers,
Now it is warning again.

This Rosa America, the "bicentennial" rose

has climbed over the top of the arbor and is covered with buds.

This is one of the oldest roses in my yard.  I planted it over 30 years ago.

It has had its good years and some not so good ones when I almost lost it.

The addition of the white arbor trellis a few years back 

has helped this grow to new heights. 

I love the deep coral of this rose.

It lightens to a shade of apricot when fully open 

and has lovely yellow filaments and stamen in the center.

This may be my favorite rose in my garden.


What are your sewing plans?

Are you enjoying your gardens, too?

Have a happy weekend!