Friday, December 4, 2020

Grassy Creek Mystery ~ Decision Time Past Due

For the new Quiltville Mystery, I have decided on these fat quarter bundles,

first posted, with an alternate choice, two weeks ago Here. 

This is an older fabric line,  Summer Blush from Down Grapevine Lane,

that I have been wanting to make into a quilt. 

Now is the time!

Need to decide and get sewing! 

I am a week late getting the first clue sewn and am still dithering

on the rest of the fabrics needed to make the quilt.

 Here are my current choices: 

Choice #  1 ~ Scrappy 

... except for the white background fabric,

which is the Corey Yoder print in the bottom of the photo.

This is a closeup of the scrappy grays.

It is quite a  range in value, but so is Bonnie's picks. 

If I decide on scrappy, I may also just go for scrappy white, too. 

Choice # 2 ~   2 Fat Quarter Bundles plus these 3 prints. 

Choice # 3 ~ Alternate Gray ~  2 FQ Bundles plus 3

Mr Scrapatch has picked Choice # 3

I am leaning towards scrappy. 

Which would you choose?

Opinions Welcome! 


Thursday, December 3, 2020

I Like Thursday # 74 ~ Baking Spirits Bright


Winter is a time for cooking and baking. 

I love the warm scents of spices and baking and roasting goodness.

This was my Thanksgiving Apple Pie.

This was one of my best apple pies ever,

baked with a combination of Cortland and MacIntosh apples for a nearby orchard

and spiced just right.

I always add cinnamon, nutmeg and mace to my apple pies.

This year I found and added a teaspoon of this delicious blend of

Yuletide Cheer Spice from King Arthur Flour.

I looked for the product link and it is sold out for the season.

These are the ingredients. 

I think the cardamom, orange peel and coriander 

lifted my pie to another level.  Yum! 

I buy my vanilla extract and some specialty flour from King Arthur 

and added this in my cart when I had a coupon code. 

Another baking yum was these wonderful popovers

served with whipped cream cheese and jam. 

Mmmmmmm ... so good!

I made these with this kit on which I  splurged on this
when it was on a deep pre-season sale. I mix my popover batter in a glass bowl
with a pouring spout so I did not use the big scoop,
but that will be very handy for making things like my  Black Moons ~ Recipe Here.
I like kitchen gadgets and did not have a popover pan.

All you really need is a muffin tin and basic ingredients.

This is a good  Popover Recipe @ Sugar Dish Me

I sometimes make them savory with grated cheese and herb seasoning like rasemary.

I received this lovely box of goodies this week from
so I have been "Baking Spirts Bright"

I have also been putting away warm season things and taking out winter needs. 
It has kept me very busy and I have not had much time to sew. 

My Favorite Freebie Finds of the Week are:

These free Patterns may be found by clicking the link below:

Free Christmas Block Stitch-Along @ Pine Needles 

There is a

 Christmas Blocks Stitch-Along Facebook Group Here

where you can see all the inspiring stitches in progress.

I would love to stitch along, but I am working on an old Christmas Cross Stitch project

when I have time to sit and stitch. 

My second Favorite Freebie Find is  this 

Winter Frost Coutdown to Christmas Facebook Group Here

All Information and Free PDF files may be found in the link below: 

Free Winter Frost Quilt-Along @ Moda Bake Shop

I am liking this Bear Creek Layout for this quilt-along.

I have the perfect fabric in my stash.

I am juts not sure I am going to have time to sew this one.

Sew Many Quilts ~ Sew Little Time

~ ~ ~ 

I am very much enjoying all the recipes and quilts in the 

Virtual Cookie Exchange Blog Hop

Time, also, to go enjoy today's goodies and also stop by my friends 

I Like Thursday Bloggers @ Not Afraid of Color

Have a Happy Thursday! 

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Virtual Cookie Exchange 2020 ~ My Day!

Think of it as a big cookie ... :-) 

Welcome to the 2020 version of the

Virtual Cookie Exchange @ Just Let Me Quilt!

Here is my recipe for the year:

Black Moons
These are my original recipe cards from the 60s.

In my childhood, Black Moons were unfrosted.
In this baking, it is one big Black Moon.

When I was a teenager, I actually typed and numbered my recipe cards.

This is one of those local recipes, passed from person to person,

was printed in recipe columns in the local paper,

and eventually found the way into church and school and community cookbooks.

At some point, I decided that buttermilk gave my chocolate cake an extra taste boost.

By the time, I was on recipe card #45, I was handwriting, rather than typing.

Because I Love Chocolate, I also decided to frost my Black Moons.

Never can have too much dark chocolate .... mmmmmmmm!

Frosted or unfrosted, these tasty treats were indeed called "Black Moons" 

in my corner of the planet and here is some proof ... 

Image Source and Story Here

In answer to the question, 

"Yes!  I remember this! The bakery was in my hometown.

When we were kids in the 50's and 60's, 

my brother and I were occasionally lucky enough to share

a twin package of these out of this world goodies.

They were not frosted. 

They were big puffy halves of chocolate cake rounds.

I have never been able to make them rise as much as those bakery delights.

The bakery was "Stoddards" and, if my memory is correct, 

it was on Mammoth Road in Lowell, MA.

We never called them whoopie pies.

I never heard the term whoopie pie until I was much older.

Black Moons are not "whoopee pies" in my vocabulary,

but whatever you call it, it is all good!

Also the thick white filling was not frosting and always made with "marshmallow creme."

You can find a free downloadable recipe booklet 

Here on the Marshmallow Fluff Website

which does include a recipe for "Whoopie Pies."

I made "Black Moons" for my kiddos all the time and at some point it became the 

requested birthday treat for my son whose special day is in November.

So this Big Black Moon became a fall birthday cake.

For the cake version, I doubled the recipe and baked it in a 10" springform pan,
split it into layers and added the fluffy filling.
I preheated my oven to 350 degrees F and baked about 45 minutes.
This could also be baked in two 8" layer pans at 350 for about  22-25 minutes. 
I did not double the filling or chocoalte icing recipes.
After icing with the chocolate, I added fall "Jimmies" to make it seasonal.

I my region, these are called "jimmies" ... not "sprinkles" ... ;) 

Whatever you call it this is so good! 

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Before you go, if you are interested in the quilt under my Black Moon Cake,

it is my new tree skirt which I made for Christmas in July.

Starburst Tree Skirt 

This tree skirt is made using a quilt-as-you-go method.

I made this tree skirt following the


It is made using this 
Free Wedge Template @ Gotham Quilts

May you are yours have a sweet and happy and healthy holiday season! 

Pass the cookie tray, please.


Saturday, November 28, 2020

The Changing of the Quilty Season


It is the weekend of the changing of the quilt seasons.

I am ticking away my fall (and some summer) quilts

 and bringing out the Christmas and Winter quilts. 

Katniss is helping.

Katniss says, "Why don't we just decorate the cat tree this year?"

It would save a lot of work rearranging the furniture.

For example, the cat tree usually goes out to a corner on our enclosed front porch.

Also, the cats treat the ornaments like their new cat toys anyway.

We will have a Christmas Tree this year.

More quilts and festive goodies coming soon!

In the meantime, Maestro and Nutmeg are cuddling with me and enjoying

our favorite summer nap quilt.

Nutmeg likes to hide under the quilt.

Maestro likes to snuggle up on top and keep an eye out.

May you enjoy the changing of the quilts and the leftovers

and have a safe and happy weekend.