Thursday, March 21, 2019

I Like Thursday Post # 4 ~ I Like Angels

I sewed a spring sash for our house angel.

I blogged about this 

Angel was looking like she needed something new for spring.

I had this fabric out for a backing for a quilt I am making
and it it seemed the perfect choice.

I bought a lot of this fabric, the end of a bolt, when
a nearby quilt shop was moving to a new location and had deep markdowns
to reduce their inventory.

I was not until I was cutting it that I saw the fabric was called "Eden."
This made me smile.  

I do believe there is a benevolent presence around us every moment of every day. 
Everyone may call it whatever they wish.
I like angels.

"It Could Happen."
This quote from the 1994 film,
has been a catch phrase in our home, since my daughter was young
and watched this movie so many times
I still remember most of the lines.

I liked listening to this movie in the background of my life for years.

I like seeing my angel in her new spring garment.

I like that I can open the windows of the south side of the house today
to let in the fresh air.

I like that the last week the first robin of spring came home.

I like this time of year,
mud season in New England,
a time of rebirth. 

That is all I have to share today for

There are lots of interesting people and stories
in the links.

Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Up and Sewing

Trinket Day 7 ~ Lines 7 

This block makes me think of the song, "Islands in the Stream." 

Despite my machine issues,
I am still on track with my 
as I got the required one block done  on time
for the yesterday'and posted to
#trinketsal on Instagram.

After a bit of tinkering, I was able to get my Janome 
working, although not as well as usual.

Also, I found a quilt shop where I can take her 
for a spa treatment next week.

On the weekend, I will get a back-up machine up and running for a few days.

I am not looking forward to going back to the dark ages where
my machine had no start/stop button, knee lift
and built-in needle threader.
It will be like teaching myself to sew again.  

Today I was able to sew all three Trinket blocks for 
Day 8 ~ Lines 8

I love the little paper boats..

I also sewed Ventana Block # 7

Sew I am almost caught up with this one.

I have the pieces to one more Ventana block and two Line 7 blocks next 
to my machine and will go back an coax a few more stitches
out of my machine later tonight.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Sew Sad

My Nomi is sick ... :(

Going to have to take take her to the doctor.

Going to have to set up my backup machine
and get her up to speed.

Sewing plans for the day are temporarily on hold.  

May my beautiful girl be feeling better soon.


Monday, March 18, 2019

Quilt Quazy Queens ~ My Day!

One Fat 8th Bundle ~ Two Quilts
Doubling the Challenge

My quilt craziest idea yet.
Just in time for the

Quilt Qwazy Queens Blog Hop

This is one of my favorite blog hops of the year,

I get to celebrate my quilt crazy ... :-)

My newest, quaziest quilt project is for the

Trinket SAL @ Alison Glass

Not only am I sewing the 40 Foundation 4.5" pieced Trinket blocks,
one per day, Monday through Friday ...

I am sewing one of her older FPP patterns, Ventana.
Did I mention that I have not foundation paper pieced
in a few years?

The good news is that this is actually a stash quilt.
I have only bought some additional background yardage
because I needed one yard more of what I had already.

Read More About This Crazy Idea Here

I really want to rise to this personal  challenge.

Sew far; sew good.

Read More Here

Also to celebrate my quilt qwaziness
I decided to show,
in all their UFO glory ... my Top 3 
of my crazier quilty ideas ... 


Patchwork of the Crosses EPP Blocks ~ Score 16 to 3

This should be called a WIP
as I am actually working on it ... :-) 


365 Blocks in 365 Days ~ "Good Karma" ...
 What Was I thinking?

77 of 365 blocks done ... not good.

I am not currently working on this ...  :(

Hmmmm ... I love those fabrics.
I have to do something about this.


The Scraps, Ma'am, Nothing But The Scraps

This is a 6.5" Postage Stamp Block
made with Thirty-Six 1.5" squares
... 'nuff said 

42 blocks done.
Many pairs sewn as leaders and enders,
waiting to be sewn into blocks.
Good ... but a long way to go for a quilt. 

Every Year I seam to start a Rainbow Scrap Challenge Quilt
an every year I start another UFO.
My scraps still overfloweth  ... with love  <3 

I also want to show my craziest finished quilt.

It has covered an entire wall in my sewing room since I set it up in 2012.
Before that, it was on my bed for 2 years.

My Sisterhood of Quilters Quilt

This is an oversized queen quilt that I started as a mystery quilt
at Quilt Retreat in Texas in 2009,
where I went to meet a group of online quilty friends.
Going to this retreat was my first airport adventure and I went with
a friend from CT who drove to NH to fly out of the smaller
Manchester Airport because I did not feel ready to brave the
International airports in Boston and CT.
We flew home in a snow storm on one of the last planes to land
at that airport that night.

Crazy?  Yes!
Quilt Crazy Fun!

Here is the story of the making of this quilt.

The panel sections in the custom border are signed by my friends at the retreat.

It took a year to finish this quilt for a
Challenge in March 2010

I used up leftover fabrics cut into small squares and HSTs and such
to set the panel pieces and create the custom borders. 
It was my bed quilt for over two years before I moved it to my sewing room.

Without a doubt this quilt and it's making is my craziest
Quilt Quazy Queen adventure.

It warms my walls and warms my heart every time I see it.

Visit all my quilt quazy friends today ...

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Marian @ Seams To Be Sew

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Thank you for sharing my quilt quaziness today.