Monday, June 24, 2019

Counting Down to 100 Days

I am taking a break from quilting and getting ready to piece
Block 1 
for the 

This officially starts July 1st but I need to make sure I have everything ready 
and my fabrics will work so I am sewing one block ahead of time.
I like to sew the blocks one a day a intended by the sew along.

If I miss a day, I am okay with it.

I sew for fun and to make a quilt and share with the other quilters. 
Not for prizes
... although prizes are fun , too.

I learned about this sew along on Instagram
from Kimberly @ the Fat Quarter Shop
who are one of the sponsors of this world-wide quilty event.

 I Joined the Party Here in This Post

My fabrics are 


for the background.

I am also pulling fabrics from my stash as needed to make the blocks.

I am really excited about sewing these fabrics and participating in this quilt along.

Hope to see you sewing along! 


Sunday, June 23, 2019

My Art Gallery Fabric Garden

My Fabric Garden in Blooming!

This is 

There is an inspiration and pattern filled

I bought this fabric 

This is an affiliate link.
I am a blogger affiliate of 

and if you buy through the link here or at the top right toolbar of my blog
I receive a very small percentage of the sale.
This is my only affiliation.
I am a long time fan of FQS and I feel they know me and appreciate me as a customer.
I believe they strive to make every customer feel that way. 

Here is the background fabric  and some other 
that I bought to make a summer quilt.

The peacock print is from Petal and Plume by Bari J for AGF

This background fabric is "Gossamer"  by

I found this fabric at 

I am not an affiliate of Needle & Foot.
I am just a very happy customer.

As you can see, 
writes me notes.

When I bought all she had left in stock of this fabric 
and mentioned how it is my favorite new background fabric,
Bernie enclosed a skinny quarter yard of the Gossamer fabric
 for me to sample for free.

Here is another note that Bernie enclosed when I ordered more of the 
Gossamer fabric along with the other AGF that were on sale in her shop.
Bernie always sends little gifts in her orders,
a pen, a small bag of jelly beans or mini chocolate bars.
Receiving an order from Bernie is always a treat. 

Here is some more Art Gallery fabrics that I found at Needle & Foot

These fabrics are Virtuosa by Bari J for AGF

I love all these beautiful floral and colorful fabrics.

I worked in my real garden outside today
and then I came inside to enjoy my indoor fabric garden.

No piecing today, but I have done some quilting on my long arm.

Time for sleep and dream of the beautiful flowers that will bloom outside my windows
and the beautiful quilts that will bloom indoors.

May you have happy quilty dreams. 

Saturday, June 22, 2019

The Mystery Is Building

Clue 3 Sewing Is Done

Clue 4 is cut. 

I am sewing along with the quilters at the

Here are all the pieces of this puzzle so far.

Sewing for Clue 4 will be released on Monday 
and that is the last clue.

Almost time for the mystery quilt reveal!

I am really enjoying the slow and easy pace of this quiltalong.

It has been a busy day outside working in the yard and I am tired.

In the middle of the day it suddenly started thundering 
and there was a downpour and even some hail.
It was all over very quickly and then the winds blew the clouds away.

Tomorrow is forecast to be another sunny day.

I will be outside cutting back bushes and planting some summer flowers 
in the rest of my windowboxes.

I hope to get some quilting done before sleep time. 

I am also trying to decide if the scale of this 

are too large scale for my quilt for the 

The pattern info says the blocks are 8.5 square and 8.5 by 4.5.

The largest curio jar is smaller than my 8.5"
so I think they will work.


There are some interesting motifs in this fabric line that would be fun to fussy cut into the blocks.

I think I will find some solids and tonal fabrics in my stash to use with these fabrics.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Pineapples On Point ~ My Method

This is my Pineapple Block On Point.

This 6.5" Pineapple Block, trimmed and squared, now measures 9.5" square.

I stared my 

I am sewing along with

I am using these easy "sew by number" ...

Pineapple Papers @ Fat Quarter Shop

I love them because I can make precise blocks by sewing on the pre-printed lines,
a big help to me with my vision issues.

Here is one of my 6.5" unfinished blocks. 

Here is the back of my block reday to set on point. 
To set on point I first removed the papers.
Then I sprayed with Best Press and pressed my block. 

I also sprayed with Best Press and pressed my background fabric.
This is an important step as there are a lot of bias seam in this setting
and starching and pressing helps to keep the block from being distoted.

I cut my pressed fabric into 8.5" strips.

Then I cut in 8.5" squares.

I use a 3lb. weight to hold my long cutting ruler to keep it from slipping.

Then I sprayed with Best Press and pressed my squares,
being careful not to stretch or distort the squares. 

This I cut my 8.5" squares on the diagonal twice to get my setting triangles.

This is the layout of my on point block.
The long outer edge of the triangles aligns with the edged of the block.
This is the straight of the grain of the cut triangles.
The bias edges are the points on the outside.

Then I sewed opposite sides and pressed outward.

Then I sewed on the last two sides.
It is important not to stretch the fabric in the triangles as you sew 
so that the bias edges do not become distorted.

Here is my block sewn into my top!

I am sew happy with this quilt top and cannot wait to show it to you next week on June 27th.
I hope to have my top quilted by then.


This fabric line is 

I found my

Have a happy quilty weekend.