Wednesday, August 8, 2018

How I am Spending My Summer Vacation ~ Part 3

Getting ready to get Back-to-Sew!

Moving back into my sewing room is going well.
I am still organizing, although I have done some sewing.
Had to make sure my machine was up and running after she moved back in! 

While sorting my  huge stash of fabrics and old magazines and patterns,
I found this gem ...

American Patchwork and Quilting, April 2008, Issue 91
This was a great issue.

I love the cover quilt, which is called "Two of A Kind"
and in featured in the 30's prints l
and also in soft summer batiks.

The pattern is a interesting variation of the Card Trick block.
The cutting and layout makes this an easy sew.

I really want to make this quilt!

I pulled the fabrics in the photo from my 30's stash.
Th fabrics for the blocks and background is the bottom row. 

The top row in the photo shows two possible options for the border and binding,
one red and one blue.

I have not decided which I will use.

Suggestions and opinions always welcome.  

Here is a photo taken about a week ago before I moved my sewing machine back in.

As you can see, my quilty kitties are already enjoying the new digs. 

A lot has been done since then.

Grand Re-Opening of My Sewing Room post coming soon! 

Saturday, August 4, 2018

It's a Rainy Scrappy Summer Saturday ...

... a good day to sew! 

I am sewing along today with the lovely people at


Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2018

where it is orange month.

I love orange!

I once used the orange Ninja Turtle as a reason to paint my sons walls a neon orange.
The boys loved Ninja Turtles at the time and orange was the  best match
for the curtains with their comic heroes
when we they got their big boys bunk beds and painted over the colorful cars and trucks that drove across the walls of their toddler years.
I think about those fun years sometimes while I sew.

I made three 6.5" blocks today

including this "transition" block which has other colors.

I have been sewing these 1.5" squares together as leaders and enders
for about a year and a half.

I started this scrap quilt Here for the RSC 2016.

I do have a stack of blocks now ... still not enough for a quilt ...

... someday ... :-)

Friday, July 27, 2018

Christmas In July Blog Hop

Merry Christmas in July Blog Hop! 

I have been having a very wonderful month of July.
It feels like Christmas ... except maybe for the hot summer sun.

I have been swapping gifts:

I made this clowder of kitties for a
Christmas Kitty in July Swap
with a group of online quilty friends.

Here are the kitty swap blocks I  recently received in return.

This cat block pattern is from

The Cat's Meow by Janet Kime

These blocks were hand delivered to me by my friends,
Cherie, Debbieann and Vanessa,
at the Quilt Odyssey show in Pennsylvania
where I went during our vacation.

I have been online friends for many years with these
quilty and kitty loving friends.
It was the first time we all met.
It was a wonderful time.
We exchanged gifts and dined and had a great time together.

I bought the kit for the wool stocking ornament at Quilt Odyssey

My Christmas in July gift to me!

This adorable wool mitten ornament kit with complete pattern and instructions
and an extra scrap bag of wool felt to customize my ornaments.

The  instructions called for using regular sewing thread to stitch
around the decorations on the mittens.
I started to hand stitch these and my hands got tired very easily.

I did also use Heat n Bond Light to attach the cutouts to the mitten.

So I decided to do a machine blanket stitch for this part of the process.

I did manage to hand blanket stitch the mitten pieces together
to form the pocket
and to add the decorative stitches on the cuff.

I am pretty happy with the results!

These can be found online at
Rachel of Greenfields
in Lancaster, PA.

The Lancaster area is a wonderful place for quilters.
So many beautiful shops and quilts to see.

I also did some quilt shop hopping in Lancaster County.

Here at Zooks/Sauders Fabric  I found a ...

... pretty Kitty Christmas fabric for my swap kitties quilt.

My Christmas in July has been wonderful!

I am home from my travels and moving my stuff back into my
Sewing Room Makeover 
but I have not been doing much actual sewing, though.

So this is all I have to show right now.

My you enjoy all the merry

Carol @ Just Let Me Quilt

Please be sure to make all the stops today

July 27th

Christmas in my house just would not be Christmas 
without a tree ... 

So ...

Here is my Christmas Tree in July ... ;) 

A Meowy Christmas Tree! 

Maestro, Nutmeg and Katniss say, 

"Have a Meowy Christmas in July Blog Hop!"

Thursday, July 26, 2018

How I Am Spending My Summer Vacation ~ Part 2

Here I am at the 

show in Pennsylvania
where I met up with my longtime, online quilty friends and 

Cherie from NJ and Debbieann and her daughter, Vanessa, from Ontario, Canada.

Cherie and I met many, many years ago at the old defunct, Block Central Forum.
Then we met Debbieann on the Quilt and Needle Forum.
Vanessa started quilting a few years later and joined our stitchin' sisters group.
It was wonderful to finally meet them!

After the quilt show, hubby and I went on to visit Lancaster County,

Where I quilt shop hopped and found some fabric at 

and tried

Shoofly Pie at Dutch Haven
and brought home a pie to enjoy. 

Then we went on to see the historical sites at

There were heavy rains off and on but we were able to tour the battlefield
during a break in the clouds. 

Hubby explored this misshaped and broken canon 
which must have overheated 
when firing during the battle.

It seems so peaceful there,
but it is an eerie, unsettling peace.
A place to honor and remember

How I Am Spending my Summer Vacation ~ Part 3  
~ Coming Soon! ~