Monday, February 19, 2024

Temperature Quilt 2024 Update


I am  happy to say that I am up to date on my 

Temperature Quilt  2024 Tree Blocks

It has been below freezing at night here

and in some cases not getting above the freezing point

 in the daytime the past week. 

Mostly it has been sunny but it has also been very windy

adding a wind chill factor to the cold.

Occasionally we have bits of snow flurries blowing around,

 but we have little new snow on the ground

except for piles along the streets and walks that are not melting.

All in all though, it has been a mild February so far here.

My blocks have been shades of blue and purple to reflect the cold.

The green tree shows it actually went a few degrees above freezing that day.

I added some Tilda Gardenlife 

to my Windy Days and Hibernation fabrics, 

though it is still very much winter in my garden.

I am staying snug and warm inside sewing

and dreaming of spring.

May you stay well and safe an warm in your own happy quilty place. 

Sunday, February 18, 2024

Slow Sunday Stitching ~ Hand Applique

This is my current slow stitching project.

I am learning how to do hand-applique my way,

which means after watching many videos and reading many how-to methods,

I am figuring out what actually works for my many thumbs

by trial and error.

I started

  My Vintage Flower Sampler Quilt in January

with my Atsuko Matsuyama fabric stash. 

After completing

 My 2nd Vintage Flower Pieced Block Here

I decided to try one of the applique blocks.

I can manage an adequate raw-edge machine applique block,

but for this quilt I decided to try my hand again at hand-applique.

I attempted to learn needle turn applique many years ago, 

but put it aside feeling all thumbs and not completing a block. 

I have always wanted to try again. 

I started 2024 deciding this would be my quilty challenge for the year.

This is the block lay-out and my threads.

This photo was taken when my pieces were cut and not yet prepped.

At that point I had planned a white tone-on-tone background 

before I decided a softer looking background was needed for these fabrics.

I bought the package of 30s colored applique threads at a quilt show

 many years ago and they have been waiting and waiting, still wrapped, in my stash.

Then recently I purchased the creamy white and a few more colors.

This is Aurifil 80 weight cotton thread which is new to me. 

This thread is so much nicer than any of the many others that I have tried before

I think I will never use any other thread again for invisible stitching again.

I had a surprise kitty helper today!

This is the first time Cassian, who was a stray we took in at the end of 2022,

has taken any interest in any of my sewing or stitching endeavors.

Katniss sits with me everyday on my sewing table

 so I put one of her favorite furry cat beds there for her.

Cassian very quickly started settled as my kitty supervisor and inspector. 

It was purrrfectly wonderful to have him sitting with me while I stitched.

My boys came over for a nice visit this afternoon and my needle was idle.

I only have a few more pieces to stitch though so

I hope to have a finished applique block very soon.

Linking up tonight with the lovely stitchers at

Slow Sunday Stitching @ Kathy's Quilts

Enjoy the links! 

Friday, February 16, 2024

Free Pattern Friday ~ Made & Found Sew Along

 I Made & Found Block One.

This was very much a spontaneous quilty happening.

I saw an announcement for this new free sew along on my IG feed 

during my morning coffee break and signed up,

 found some fabric, cut and sewed.

Usually I dither when I see a new sew along.

I tell myself I do not have time,

that I have too many projects in the works,

that I have too many UFOs in my closets.

Maybe I will think about fabric.

Then  I will dither over fabric.

Maybe start to pull out a few fabrics,

soon to be too many choices.

Then I will maybe take a photo or two of my possible choices.

Then I will dither some more.

Then I will talk myself out of it or put it aside to haunt me awhile

before it sinks to the back of my consciousness 

and to the bottom of my fabric piles around my sewing corner

and eventually gets put away when I clean up. 

Not today.

Today I pulled together this fabric plan in a matter of minutes.

It did help that I have started my spring cleaning and the basket 

with the Kona Solids precuts surfaced.

It did help that the Alison Glass Sunprints 2023 charm pack 

was near my pressing board for some unknown reason. 

It did help that when I thought ... hmmm ... background? ... 

that I walked directly to a fabric storage cube, opened it

and my hand landed on this good sized cut of

Thatched Blizzard,

which every time I see it I fall in love with the bright textural tones,

and every time touch it I am in love with the thick feel of the fabric again.

It is just my most favorite bright white background fabric, ever.

It felt like quilty magic happening.

My kitty quilty helpers did not agree

 because it was only a few minutes until their lunch time

 and my hungry kitties do not like to wait.

Maestro expressed her displeasure to my getting ready to cut and sew

by attacking the fabric.

I promised my kitties I would be quick.

I was 37 minutes from "thinking about fabric" to "finishing the block."

But, I was 9 minutes late to feeding the hungry horde of cats

meowling around my feet and jumping on my sewing space.

Maestro expressed her displeasure by attacking the block

 when I went to snap a photo.

I smoothed it out and snapped.

This is the tail ... er, tale ... of my block

and my new quilty start.

If you wish to sew along ... 

... here is the link to join in this free quilt along:

Made & Found @ Alison Glass

Blocks are sent directly to your email after you sign up.

I am looking forward to next week's block.

Back to regularly scheduled quilty plans for the day.

It is still cold and windy here.

Mr. Scrapatch had to clean snow off the car and steps and walk again today.

Not much, but it flurried  heavily overnight.

Mr. Scrapatch has a long weekend and Monday off. 

Hopefully, we will get some more spring cleaning done inside.

The yard is another matter, covered in leaves from last fall 

and fallen debris from winter storms.

Major yard clean up commencing soon, 

if it does not blizzard in March.

I shall be staying in this weekend and stitching 

Have a Happy Quilty Weekend! 

Thursday, February 15, 2024

I Like Thursday ~ United In Sewing



I saw this quilt and a block exchange on Instagram yesterday.

I have not done a block exchange in many years.

I still have many lovely blocks from many fun block swaps over the years

 that are waiting to become finished quilts, 

so I had thought I was retired from swapping.

Then I saw this ... 

For all the information to sign-up and participate click on the link below: 

United Block Exchange 2024  @ OlieandEvie

Contact Person: Rhonda @ OlieandEvie

I follow

OlieandEvie on Instagram

which is where I heard of this fun block exchange.

Participants must make 50 small flag blocks for the swap. 

Unity is something very near and dear to my heart,

so I knew I wanted to participate.

I downloaded the information sheets, emailed Rhonda

and found my flag block fabrics in her shop.

You do not have to purchase fabrics there, 

but you have to have sufficient yardage to use the same fabrics for all your blocks

 and would have to send photos of your fabrics for approval,

 so I just ordered mine there to speed the process

and as a way of saying thank you for hosting.

The pattern may be purchased here: 

United by Gigi's Thimble

I have plenty of fabric in my stash to sew the heart and star blocks

and I found this background fabric that is a lovely shade of light blue gray

that should work well for all the fabrics 

that will be in the swap flag blocks that I receive. 

I looked at the all the pretty blocks and quilts #unitedquilt on IG 

to decide what I might want to use for my background fabric.

I stashed many yards of this Free Spirit Dakari light blue grid fabric

when it went of deep clearance four years ago.

I like to buy my background and backing fabrics 

when I see something I like for the right price. 

After almost all our snow had melted, it returned to winter this week.

It has been very cold, even in the sun and nothing has melted.

This little guy, whom we have not seen at our door since January's big storm

returned yesterday in the cold and wind for a handout.

On warm days he sleeps on our porch in the sun and visits with my indoor kitties.

He is quite the fighting tomcat and chases all intruders out of our yard.

Yes, we fed him,

but we do not let him in as he fights though the door with our Nutmeg.

This is Luka who has been a stray cat on our street for many years.

I know he sleeps in our neighbor's heated garage and they feed him.

When we did not see him for a couple of weeks, 

Mr Scrapatch asked our neighbor 

if they had seen him.

Turns out he was bitten by a dog or something 

and they had to take him to the vet,

give him meds and keep him locked in.

Fortunately, he has healed well under their care.

You can see the fur growing back in on the patch on his side. 

Lucky Luka. 

The life of a stray cat is never easy, but Luka is loved.

Yesterday's temperature tree block shows it did not get above freezing.

Today is not much warmer, but the wind has calmed down.

It is clouding up now for snow flurries tonight.

I have 3 rows now complete for my 

Temperature Tree Quilt 2024

The rows have 15 units each and measure 71" across. 

Maestro has been very helpful cutting the fabrics. 

My kitties and I hope you are happy and well today,

For more Thursday fun, visit my friends 

I Like Thursday @ Not Afraid of Color

Happy Thursday!