Sunday, May 19, 2019

Slow Sunday ~ Stitching & Relaxing

Today I started a new cross stitch project!

I am sharing this today with the lovely hand stitchers at

Slow Sunday Stitching

I got it set up, brewed a cup of coffee
 and took it outside to sit and stitch on my yard swing 
and watch my hubby put up the canvas canopy over our deck gazebo.
This is as far as I got in my first stitching session before it started to rain
and I went back inside to make a Sunday Brunch of homemade 
Belgian Waffles and sausage, fruit and juice. 

The pattern is 

I bought my pattern in pdf form directly from the designer 

I also started this

At first I did not think I had any need of a journal for my cross stitch efforts,
but then I realized that I have four projects in the works,
all on different aida cloth and different floss
and although each is in a project bag,
I have taken at least one item out of one of the bags 
to use in another project and I am never going to remember
where it belongs.
So decided I needed to keep track of what I am using for each project
so I can find what I need when I need it.

Here is the entry I made for my new start.

For this one I am using 14 count aida,
a mottled blue sky from

and I am using two strands of

I picked, Bamboo for white, Wavy Navy for blue and Ribbon Red for red.

I have not used 14 count aida in over 40 years.

It is a bit small for my eyes but I think I can do this.

I also learned a new cross stitch technique ..."Railroading" 

I learned this watching Kimberly Jolly in this

which is also where I decided to join in the new 
Cross Stitch Along.

I am a self-taught stitcher and quilter.
No one in my family did this or taught me.
Much of what I have learned has been via the internet.

I am happy to have this big beautiful online resource world
full of caring and sharing people.

This is the vintage American Flag that was folded up in the other photos.
This was one of my other projects this weekend.

One of my sons purchased a home last year that has a flag pole 
and he asked me if we had a flag for it.

I was happy to look through our old scout stuff and find this old beauty.
We passed forward most of these to new troops, but no one wanted this one. 

It is a very old flag of linen and cotton with embroidered stars.
About 30" by 55"
The triple bands of stitches between the stripes are perfect.
The white has yellowed some with age
and there are two small stains and a little fading.
It was a parade flag on a tall wooden pole but it has been in storage for many years.

You can see a small patch of fading on the star field.
I consider this flag still very beautiful and serviceable
and my son is happy to have it.

I am happy to see that it will fly free again for the last years of its life.

Brunch was yummy.
The kitchen is cleaned up.
My blog is updated for today.

The rain is letting up and the canvas cover is over the deck.
I shall be outside sitting and stitching again.

Update:  Sunday's End

Midnight found me bleary eyed and still trying to count my stitches.
This is my progress for the day.
I am having a much more difficult time counting my stitches on the 14 count aida.
Oddly, I can stitch them better than I can count them.

My goal for the week is the blue frame so I am more than halfway there.

I am counting that good.

May you have a Happy Sunday ! 

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Inside ~ Outside

The morning started inside with Maestro and I still working on de-threading 

Outside the lure of sunshine, green grass, fresh air beckoned me.

The sight and scent of spring won out.

I took my second cup of coffee and my garden gloves out to the yard swing,
filled the feeders and the birdbath and watched the birds ...

... and the critters.

Despite Maestro's best effort to work on inside without me,

Evening found the cat asleep on my sewing chair and the top folded up
and placed on chair back.

I did get the relatively thread-free backing loaded onto the frame
as darkness fell outside my windows. 

I am too tired to finish the process of pressing the top and loading 
it onto the bar tonight.

Tomorrow is another day.

May you have a happy weekend inside and out.


Friday, May 17, 2019

My Un-Quilting Adventures ~ Part 2 ~ De-Threading

Unquilting a Quilt ~ Part 2 ~ De-Threading

What was I thinking ? 

The quilting  was

It is now 2:00pm 
and I have been working on removing all the loose threads 
since my first cup of coffee this morning.

I have tried a variety of things, including a spin in the dryer on no-heat for the backing.

The best tool is the seam ripper with the rubberized ends.
I will be buying another one of these. 

What am I thinking?

I am thinking it is time for another cup of coffee.

On to the next step ... de-threading by roller. 

It will all be worth it in the end ... :-) 

2:00am ~ Unravelled

This Quilt is finally back into

Three (Not Sew) Easy Pieces

Nutmeg is happy to have helped me "unravel my latest mistake."

Time to

In the (later) morning we can shed these pieces 
of the many loose threads and cat hairs,
press smooth
and load them into the frame of my long arm.

"There is a light at the end of this tunnel."

Kitties and I stayed up to finish the unraveling.

Now we can sleep and dream sweet quilty dreams.

May all your dreams be happy and quilty tonight.