Friday, September 29, 2017

Sundrops Jolly Bar Jazz Quilt

Sundrops and Shadow and All That Jazz!

Here is my new favorite quilt!

The pattern is a new

Free Jolly Bar Jazz Pattern


Fat Quarter Shop

This is Sundrops by Corey Yoder

The background script print is from

Olive's Flower Market

and the green is a perfect match.

I love these fabrics and colors!

Two Jolly Bars and 5.25 yards of background fabric
are all that is needed to make this quilt
which measures a nice queen size,
of 65" by 84"  finished.

This big, beautiful block is 17"
and very quickly pieced.

This shows the piecing and cutting method for one of the block units.
Any 6.5" ruler is needed to cut this unit.

To align the ruler in the center, I finger folded
the squares in half twice.

Then I aligned the points of my ruler on the fold lines.

This method generated a pile of intriguing corner scraps.

My scrap basket overfloweth with scrappy goodness!

So I have started sewing them into quarter square triangles.

These are squaring up to pretty 3.25" QST units.
(and a pile of background triangles for a future scrap project)
I will be sewing these as leaders and enders or 15 minutes of play for awhile
until I have used them up and have enough
to make a pillow top or other small quilt project.

I love scraps!

Since I also love the visual feast of secondary patterns in my quilts,
I opted to make a small design change from the original
and I added six red posts the sashing
in the center of my quilt
to create this interesting effect.

I am calling this my "blue note" ... ;)

I made a pieced backing using some of the extra jolly bars and scrap strips.

I quilted this on my home machine with my heavy duty walking foot
in my favorite straight line quilting
and added a two color machine binding.
I love this effect!

I am ready for a jazz on the lawn concert.

To make your own pretty Jolly Bar Jazz Quilt follow the

 Free FQS Pattern Here

Kimberly has a wonderful video tutorial

Video Tutorial Here

There is a also a kit available

Creekside Jolly Bar Jazz Quilt Kit

A big Thank You to the Fat Quarter Shop
for the opportunity and supplies to make this quilt.
I love it!

I had a few Jolly Bar cuts left and some scrap strips
so I decided to make a pillow to go with my new quilt.
I had fun playing with the pieces and it resulted in this ...

Churn Dash Variation Block
which can be made simply by turning the units
on the corners of the original block.
This block would make an interesting quilt.

I love exploring the design opportunities of a new pattern.

Be sure to visit today's post on  

The Jolly Jabber

to see all the beautiful quilts that have been made
with this lovely pattern.

Feeling inspired?

Hope to see you sewing along soon!

Thank you for visiting my scrapatch today!
Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Bound to Be Ready

Bound and Done!

The two-color binding method I used is the same one I followed for
This Quilt

Ready to show my lovely new quiltyness on Friday!!!


Monday, September 25, 2017

Monday Making

 More  Sundrops 

This photo was taken with bright early morning sun shining into my quilty corner.
For the beginning of autumn, we have had a return 
to sunny, dry and very hot summery weather.

I pieced the back of my quilt ...

with a little help from my quilty kitty helpers ...

Katniss  helped with
measure twice, cut once.

Maestro helped with ... hmmm ... everything?

We are quilting.

My quilty kitties and I are sew looking forward to
showing you our new quilt.
The reveal is at the end of this week.

Until then,

Maestro says "No Peeking!"

Linking up with all the lovely quiltiness

Monday Making

Have a happy quilty day!


Friday, September 22, 2017

Spider Web Quilt ~ Show and Tell

This big beautiful web was made by Kat
inspired by my free

Kat wanted to make a bigger quilt so she started with 4.5" squares.

When it came time to cut the curves, Kat got really creative
and used a hula hoop for the first cut 
and then used the scrap from that as a template for the next cuts.

What a great idea!

Here are Kat's helpful hints with making a larger web:

"A couple of things I learned:
1. When the quilt gets this big, if you cut your 45 degree wedges -before- adding the curved webbing, you wind up with something less than 45 degrees.
2. If you make an extra section to make up for the smaller-than-45-degree wedges, you have to fuse fabric in the middle like you would for a Dresden plate quilt."

Kat says her quilt is a small lap quilt.

Hearing from Kat and seeing the photo of her quilt makes my quilty day!

If you have made a Spider Web Quilt from my tutorial,
I would love to see a photo.

You may email me at

or add a photo to my

Thanks, Kat, for sharing your quilt.


Thursday, September 21, 2017

Charming Halloween

Hocus Pocus Spooky Delight!

Soon it will be Halloween Night.

Time to weave a web wicked.

And share the candy box of dread!

heeeheheehee !


# minicharmchocolatequilt


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Going Pokemon

is seriously hosting this Sew-Along


This is sew cute.


I have never sewn this type of pixel block.

Seriously ... I sew have to see if I am up to the challenge.

These are the only Pokemon I am ever going to catch.

Making plans ... seriously ... ;)

Sunday, September 17, 2017

My Quilt is featured on Quilt Inspiration!

My free tutorial for my

is featured with all the fabulous


I have always been awed and inspired by 
the many free quilt patterns on this site
and am feeling honored to be included in the updated post.

In 2015 I made a larger version of this quilt and added

These quilts are my favorite Halloween decorations.

Maybe this year I should hold another quilt-along.

What do you think?

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Quilting is My Happy Place

Loving these colorful summery fabrics

and making these big beautiful blocks.

Looking forward to showing more soon!


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Sundrops and Apples

These pretty


I am working on finishing another surprise project.

More soon!

It was also a good day for apple picking at

Mmmmm ... apple cider  <3

Cortlands are my favorite baking apples.

Mmmmmm ... apple pie ... <3

Hope your day is happy and bright ... :-)

Friday, September 8, 2017

Quilting Along with the FQS!

Here is Block 1 for my

with the

Fat Quarter Shop

To make this quilt ...

FQS Video Tutorial Here


Free Block Pattern Here

There is a beautiful

Lady of the Lake Quilt Kit

made with

 "The Good Life" fabrics by Bonnie and Camille

that includes the triangle papers.

I am sew excited to be a part of this wonderful quiltalong!

I hope you will soon be sewing along with us soon!

I love this pattern!

As my readers know, I love learning new tips and techniques
and sharing them with all my online quilty friends.

My favorite thing about sewing this FQS version of the traditional
Lady of the Lake Quilt Block
is a wonderful new-to-me method for making HSTs.

Triangles on a Roll

These are the 3" finished size.

For this you cut two squares,
sandwich them right sides together,
(or not pin ... like I did in the photo above),

set your stitch length to 1.6 as recommended, 

and sew as shown by the arrows along the broken stitch lines.

Trim the edges, if need be, and cut in squares along the solid lines.

Cut into triangles on the solid cutting lines.

Fold and peel off the papers.

The small stitch length helps to make the paper removal easier
and will not disrupt your stitches.

Press ... and then ... my favorite part ...

Snip the dog ears off and you are done!

You will have eight perfectly square and sized HST units
ready to sew into blocks.

I love it!

With my achy hands and challenging vision,
these are a sew helpful and time saving, too.

Also, I have never been a fan of drawing lines on the backs on my blocks.
I am always looking for good alternative methods
and this is my new HST method of choice.

I started this journey Here with this glorious bundle of fat quarters
and some yardage that was in my stash.
This is
"On the Wing" by Abi Hall for

To make the best use of my fabric and give my quilt a scrappy look,

I cut one large square and two small squares from each fat quarter 
and then cut my large squares on the diagonal.
saving the piece on the left for future use.

Then I paired these with two different prints.

Sewed and pressed and snipped

and sewed some more ...

... and made two different blocks for each print.

I assembly lined units next to my sewing machine.

Very quickly I had a nice stack of blocks ready to sew into my quilt top.

More  Lady of the Lake Quiltalong posts coming soon!

Thanks to everyone at the

Fat Quarter Shop

for this fun new quiltalong!

Be sure to visit

The Jolly Jabber

today for all you need to know about the
Lady of the Lake Quiltalong
and to see all the other quilts in progress.

Thank you for stopping by today.

Looking forward to showing you my beautiful new quilt.

Hope to see you all sewing along!