Monday, September 30, 2019

Home at My Sewing Table Today

A New Jelly Roll Project! 

These fabrics are wonderfully neutral and have beautiful panels in three colors.

These fabrics are

More jelly roll fun coming to me blog soon ... :-) 

Sunday, September 29, 2019

I Love Tilda

Katniss and I enjoyed opening this lovely surprise package this week!

It is a new monthly club subscription and we were one of the first subscribers.

This is a monthly box for Tilda fabric devotees
and includes many free patterns and perks.

This is organized by

Julie @ The Intrepid Thread

If you are interested in subscribing to this monthly box subscription

Sign Up Here For More Info

New memberships will be accepted soon for a short time only.

The newest Tilda fabric collection
Old Rose @ The Intrepid Thread
is available now.

I am not affiliated in any way with this shop.
I am only a long time customer and new Tilda Club member.

The newest collection of Tilda Fabrics is Old Rose

Here is the Old Rose Catalogue on Issuu

I was not going to purchase the new collection
as I decided to spend my Tilda fabric budget on the club this year.

I am sew blessed!

I received these Fat Quarter bundle of Old Rose and Tilda Soft Solids
and a yard of the gray large rose print as a belated birthday gift!

These fabrics are so soft and lovely.

<3 <3 <3

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Quilty Musing and Swooning

Here are my Essex Linen fabrics for the quilt

These are all wovens, except the plastic wrapped end of bolt I bought for the backing,
which is the grey print from Amanda Herrings "Hello Lovely" collection. 
The white on the left is sashing.

The grey under the fat quarters is Essex Linen Silver, 
which is the chosen background fabric.
The rest of the fabrics and the design is up to me.
I have though about this all summer.
It is time to decide and cut and sew.

This is a quilt for a family members and only the silver grey was chosen by the recipient,
who would like to receive a bed quilt
that looks peaceful and calm ... 

I think I have the fabrics just right ... 

This is the photo of their most recent sea adventure that greeted me this morning. 

Now I need to make my final choice of pattern ...

I have decided on a Swoon Quilt. 
 a pattern that I have never sewn but have been swooning over for some time.

I am trying to decide between the ...

or the original ... 

or maybe a medallion quilt with the ... 

I thought I had decided on the Swoon Sixteen
until today when the Patchwork Swoon caught my attention.

A friend recently told me that the newer Swoon Sixteen pattern was
a little easier to cut and sew.
I appreciate her help.

It is Decision Time

If any of your have sewn any of these patterns,
 I would very much like to hear 
about your swoon sewing adventures. 

Thanks for any input, quilty friends ... :-) 

Friday, September 27, 2019

Quiz Time ~ Which Sewing Notion Are You?

It's another silly sewing quiz.
Don't you love these?
<3 <3 <3 

I am "Pins

You get MVP every time: you’re the team player we all want on our side! Sometimes the unsung hero, we can always trust you to be there, getting everyone over the finish line every time (with a high-five!)."

Quiz from Broadcloth Studio

I am on pins and needle waiting to hear what you get ... ;)

Thursday, September 26, 2019

I Like Thursday # 29 ~ Falling Leaves and Giving Thanks

A new leaf on my 

which is a very old UFO that I am determined to finish this season.

I found using a small embroidery hoop keeps my work smoother and less wrinkly.

This embroidery stitching is free form.
I could not find the original threads that I used
so I am using anything on hand in the right colors.
The ones in the first post are variegated.
These are not.  It all blends in.

I love fall and fall quilts.

I cannot resist planning a new one when I see one I like.

I saw this quilt on  Lella Boutique on Instagram 
 IG feed that really caught my eye. 

There is an interesting story about this quilt which may be read 

Like many others I wanted to find the pattern.
By request it has been written ...

The prints are a jelly roll.  
They are also perfect with the gray and white setting.
The fabric line is an old, out of print, out of stock
line called "Persimmon"  by 

I have some odd size yardage cuts of this fabric line in my stash and I bought the pattern.
I will have to look for some blues and grays that work with this.
I may have a fat quarter bundle of the PB&J line of Basic Grey
in my stash that would work well.
I shall have to do more stash spelunking soon.

This week I have been 
doing straight line quilting with my heavy duty walking foot on my Janome, 
so my Amara has had an empty frame since my large batik quilt.

While spelunking through my big quilty closet I dug out another old UFO from 2015
that needs quilting  ... and pressing! 

I always wanted to do some feather quilting on this one
and was not sure how I would manage it on my regular machine.
Now that I have a long arm, I can quilt it! 

This is also on my fall "get 'er done" list.

The roll of batting on the bottom bar of my long arm table 
is a constant gym machine for my indoor cats.
I put a piece of folded cut batting which has lots of cat scratches in it on top.
I went in the room yesterday and found it on the floor and batting unrolled ... again.
My foot touched the bunched up batting on the floor and met a solid object 
and a little kitty nose poked out at me.

Nutmeg was curled up inside the loose batting roll
and I  rudely interrupted here catnap.

Maestro immediately decided to investigate.
Next photo would have been these two wrestling and romping away
but they ran over my feet and I did not click fast enough.
LOL ... I love my playful kitties.

I am thankful for people everywhere who look for the good things in life,
like a family friend on facebook who reposts images such as these every day
and fills my newsfeed with happy thoughts.
This one she reposted today from ... 

I am linking up today with the

where every week we pause to think about all the good things in life,
big and small. 

Happy Thursday! 

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Quilting, Quilting, Quilting ... Again

I am back in the home machine saddle 
on the trail of straight line quilting on my 

I love this 

I have plenty of strip[s and scraps left for another project that I hope to be starting soon.

Have a Fab-Boo-Lous Quilty Day!  

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Saving and Stashing and Sewing

All Treats and Sewing Tricks

"Free Pattern" is one of my favorite things.

This new one is a Tuesday Sew Along and will run for five weeks.

@ Moda Bake Shop

"22 Fat Quarters OR 2 Layer Cakes
4 ½ yards background
1 yard border
5/8 yard binding
4 ½ yards backing"

This is a fall remake of the
 Camp Oda May Summer Sew-along HERE

The path choices are listed Spooky Sew-Along HERE

one of my favorite fall fabric lines. 

 I just happen to have stocked up on this now hard to find fabric ... 

I have plenty of fabric but am still deciding if I want to try to sew along
or if I want to use different fall fabrics from my stash.
I love fall fabrics!

The Moda Cutting Table has so many free patterns

Here is another free block series currently in progress ...

I Can MakeThat @ Moda Schoolhouse

15 Fabulous 18" blocks

I save all these patterns when I see them.
So many wonderful patterns.
Sew little time.

Happy Saving and Stashing and Sewing! 

Monday, September 23, 2019

A Happy Jelly Sewing Day

Jelly Roll Sewing ~ Part 2

Today it was very hot and summery for the first day of fall.
It is also very dry here and I spend several hours outside watering and tending the gardens.

When I was inside, I was sewing the second part of my

Tomorrow I hope to be quilting this one.

These are only sneak peeks, really.

You shall have to come back in October for the finished project.

It shall be "Fab-Boo-Lous"


Sunday, September 22, 2019

Autumn Leaves Are Falling

Today was very warm and summery.
As evening fell it found me outside looking for some cool air 
and a quiet place to sit and stitch.

The little red maple leaf fell near me as I stitched.

It is the last day of summer and night is already starting to arrive early in my quilty corner.
By 7:00pm, it was too dark to see and stitch and I had left my portable light inside.
So I have packed up and moved to the living room.

I am working on a very old UFO project ... 

At some point I decided to hand embroider free form autumn leaves on the white squares.

I am a seasonal stitcher so this has been packed away for another year more than once.

Today I chose to pick up this project again.

I hope to have this one done this year before the snow flies.

Autumn is fleeting.

Time will tell.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Sew A Jelly Roll Today!

Just look at these colorful jelly roll strips ... :-)

This fabric is 

 I bought this pretty spooky jelly roll Here @ Fat Quarter Shop ,
my favorite online shop with a local quilt shop feel. 

 Today is

National Sew A Jelly Roll Day @ Moda Fabrics

and as a bonus ...

Jelly Roll Braid Free Tutorial from Lori Holt

Are you sewing a Jelly Roll Today?

I am sewing a jelly roll today!

This is my 265th blog post this year.
I have challenged myself to post each day in 2019.
100 More Posts to Go!

Happy National Sew A Jelly Roll Day!