Tuesday, July 2, 2019

My Fabric Clock Needs a Reset

When it is the first of July
 and it is hot, hot, hot ...
or the thunder is rolling and skies flashing ...
and all I want is a cool drink of water ...
and a cozy spot in the shade

... But ...

I see a fabric collection for
that I just have to sew 
and it is disappearing off the shelves of all the shops on the internet
 ... what do I do?

Buy Fall Fabric! 

... before
it goes poof like 
the 4th of July fireworks. 

This pumpkin colored woodblock print is so vintage and sweet!

This is from 

Find some soon or you will feel haunted by ghosts of
fabrics lost this Halloween.

I have more of this fabric on the way.

You will be seeing a lot of this fabric on my blog.

I am haunting the mailman for the 4th of July.

Best if I offer him some nice cold water when it is 90 degrees in the shade to

keep the fabric coming! 


Karen said...

I just purchased a "Witches Night Out" kit with this fabric line in it. So, I am right there with you.

Jeanne said...

I'm just starting to think about autumn/Halloween projects also. Love that Halloween sampler pattern!

Scrapatches said...

I love this sampler pattern, too, Jeanne. Like the fabric line, it does not scream Halloween. The fabrics and pattern in such that it would look nice year round as an accent quilt in a modern, cottage or primitive style decor that is white, gray and black ... :-) Pat

Scrapatches said...

Me, too, Karen! I pre-ordered the Witches Night Out quilt kit and it is on its way home ... :) Pat

Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

Great I saw this and thought what a great quilt without looking too Halloween, and love the florals in it. Guess who just bought the fabric and pattern....I have no willpower. Shaking my head.