Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Merrily I Design Along

This is a "Design As I Sew" Quilt

My quilty muse knows where we are going.
I am just following along...
and doing all the cutting and sewing.

I am thinking that the unfinished block size for this quilt may be 9 inches.

This is for the

Block A 

My first block measures 9.5", unfinished, right now.
The plan is to cut it down to 9" to accommodate other stack and cut pieces
to make a few different blocks that measure 8.5" 
when sewn into the quilt.

Here is the cutting measurements for Block A

This is a layout for a baby size quilt with the 9.5" unfinished blocks.
The blocks are turned randomly to make a scrappy looking quilt.
With a 3.5" border this 4 rows by 5 columns quilt 
would measure 44" by 53" with binding.

It would actually make a nice quilt for a baby using a nursery print
layer cake, 1 yard of fabric for the outer border
and 3/4 yard for the binding. 
It could also make a cute I spy quilt with fussy cut prints in the 6.5" squares. 

To make my block I chose three of the hub's chosen batik squares.

I aligned and pressed the stack with a dry iron.

 Because these are hand cut swap squares, 
they are not all a perfect 10" square,
I used my Perfect 10 Ruler to trim then all to the same size.
Any ruler will work, the idea is to stack, press, trim and square
to uniform 10" squares.

From the the trimmed 10" stack  I cut
One 3.5" by 10" rectangle on one side

Then I cut the large rectangle on the right into:
One 3.5" by 6.5" rectangle
One 6.5" square

Then I swapped the pieces to choose the three pieces for my block.

I set my machine to sew a scant 1/4" seam and sewed.

Then I pressed all my seams open.

Using a 9.5" square ruler, I trimmed my block to 9.5" for now
and saved the other cut pieces from the stack
to mix and match for future blocks. 

I will be posting Block B and a layout for that block soon.

I also sewed my Kinship Sampler Block of the Day this morning.

Here is Block 30 for my 

Time to venture out and water the thirsty trees and bushes and flowers.

Have a happy evening wherever you are! 


Rosa said...

Busy girl, so gorgeous project and love your colorful fabric combo and for your Christmas project any bundle is perfect and my best fav is the last one.
Have fun playing along

KaHolly said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing!

claudia said...

I love the batiks! The colors always get me. I have a layer cake that I bought so many years ago. (I have no clue why I bought it) Maybe I will borrow your design and make a quilt with it.
I can't wait to see how your Kinship Fusion Quilt Sampler looks when it's done. I just love all the blocks you are sharing!