Sunday, July 28, 2019

A Quilt For My Guy

A new quilt beginning!

These 10 inch squares have been in my stash since 2011 when I ran a

Here is the sort for the quilt.

Those are my hubby's hands sorting and selecting these squares.

He piled, sorted, grouped colors and picked his favorites.

They are on the top of the stack in the first photo.

The other squares that did not make the final cut are stacked beneath,
in case I need more squares.

I am making this quilt for my hubby to replace his favorite cuddle quilt ...

... which is about 13 years old 
and the fabrics are getting worn out.
I did simple straight line quilting in the sashing
with my walking foot on my old Brother machine
which had a very small throat space.
The batting is cotton with scrim.
This was a quilt made easy.

This has actually been a "utility quilt" made from leftover blocks and fabrics ...

... from this larger, queen size quilt I made for our oldest son for his first apartment.

Jon's quilt is still in good condition after I quilted it on a rented long arm.
This is one of my first free motion quilting works.

The quilt I make for my hubby will be a similar block,
although the last one was made without a pattern.

The next one will be made without a pattern, too,
and it will be a queen sized quilt and quilted on my long arm. 

I am planning a stack and slice layer cake quilt.
Not all the blocks will be the same.
This is one of the things my hubby likes about the old quilt.

The one he loves now has a long history as a "utility" quilt.
I made it and took it with me on a cross country
 Drum Corps tour when I was a chaperone.
Then it lived in our car and went camping
and to the beach,
and mountains with us.
In the photo above it is a "comfort quilt" for our old
Mina kitty in her final days.

So even though it has holes in the fabrics
it will still be loved and used somewhere in our lives.

But my hubby deserves a new quilt with fabrics and a design he picks himself.
All I have to do is sew it. 

Here is today's block
Day 28 ~ Block 28 ~ Kinship Quilt

Ready to start a new quilty week!  


KaHolly said...

That quilt must have been put through the paces! I’m imagining that batik fabric would outlive just regular quilting cotton. His new quilt will be just as beautiful. 'Utility quilt' is how I describe/label all of my scrap quilts. They are meant to be used, loved, hauled around, dragged through life, spilled on, washed over and over, etc! They are my favorite quilts to gift!

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Pat! I think DH deserves a new quilt, too. And it is very cool that he is selecting his own fabrics. That top fabric piece - LOVE it - looks quite dashing with your cutting mat. I can't wait to see this come together. How sweet that picture is of Mina being comforted by his quilt. Happy quilting! ~smile~ Roseanne