Monday, February 29, 2016

Katniss Announces the Winner

Katniss says, 
"The winner is ... 

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Comment #60

"What a cool gift to share. Fingers crossed!"

Congratulations, Sally!

I will be sending you and email to get your mailing address 
to send you the ...

 5" stacker from 

Thanks to all who entered our

Farm Girl Charm Giveaway

 and left Katniss and I so many lovely comments.


Katniss and I will be sharing more goodies as we sew along.

Just keep reading ... :) 

Happy Leap Year!

Saturday, February 27, 2016

365 Challenge ~ Feb 27

Fair and Square 

3" Block Finished

Tomorrow I make the center medallion for this quilt!

RSC ~ Transition Saturday

My first "transition" block of the day.

It is supposed to still be brown with pink month over at the


... but I had to cut more 1.5" pink and brown scraps ...

... so I started cutting other colors, too.

The thought is that since I am making a Postage Stamp Quilt
and I want the colors to blend well throughout the quilt
that I need some "transition blocks"
that have other colors in them.

Here is Transition Block #2

It seems that mostly green and purple scraps found their way into
my pink and brown blocks.

Then I picked up a couple of left over blue scraps from January 
and sewed them in with the greens and pinks and purples ...

... into Transition Block # 3

I have no idea what the March colors will be.

I may make transition blocks on the first and last Saturdays of the month.

I got started late on this challenge and only got one blue block made for January.

I need to go back and make more.

I really like using up my small scraps in these blocks.

Here are all my Rainbow Scrap Challenge Blocks 
sew far = sew good

Linking up today with all the scrappy goodness at

RSC Brown Wrap Up

Looking forward to making the March blocks.

I am going to be travelling next month and need a small project to pack and bring with me.

I will be visiting my daughter abd will have access to her small sewing machine.

I think I am going to cut a couple of baggies of 1.5" squares and
make this my sewing project
when I need a little fabric play time.

Mostly I will be playing with my grand-darling.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

The 365 Shuffle

Economy Block

3" block finished.

The size of the square cuts were in the 16ths.

I have always liked the Economy Block.

Here is yesterday's block ...

and ....

2 catch-up blocks from January.

That and I designed a new summery quilt for someone special.

It was a productive day.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

It was a dark and gloomy day in the scrapatch ...

Katniss was helping me sew on this dark and gloomy day.

Katniss says, " We need a pick me up. Time for a giveaway!"

I say to Katniss, "What are we giving away and why?"

Katniss says, "Who needs a reason?
Well, if you need to call it something call it a
Leap Year Giveaway."

I say ... "It's Leap Year?"

Katniss says, "Did you look at the calendar behind me?
It says there are 29 days in February this year.
That is called Leap Year."

I say, "How do you know about Leap Year?
You're a cat ... and cats can't talk."

Katniss says, " I'm a talking to you.  It think I was born on Leap Year."

I say, "Katniss, you are six years old.
Now you are just making this up.
We did rescue you from that shelter on a Leap Year,
so you are a Lucky Leap Year cat. 

Katniss says, "I might have been born on a Leap Year.
Remember that they did not know much about my life as a stray
before they grabbed me and stuck me in that cage.
I am lucky.  Life in the scrapatch is warm and quilty.
  So how about we give this away.
Didn't you say this was for a giveaway?"

I say, "I did, but I was thinking September."

Katniss says, " You are just hoarding fabric.
Give it away now and make someone else's day brighter, too."

I say, "Okay."

So ...

Katniss says, 
"It is Giveaway Time!!!" 

[This giveaway is now closed.
Winner announced here:
Katniss Announced the Winner]

A Farm Girl Giveaway!

This is a 5" stacker from 

It includes one 5" square of each of the 21 prints in the line.

To be eligible to win his giveaway:

please leave one lovely comment!

I will mail anywhere in the world.

You do not need to be a follower to win.

You do need to leave an email address where I can contact you to let you know if you are the lucky winner and to get your mailing address.

My blog does not allow anonymous comments to keep away the robots.
If you do not have an ID to leave a comment, you may email me
at the address under "Contact Me" at the the top of my blog 
and I will enter your comment for you.

As a extra thank you to my followers, 

you may leave a second comment 

telling me how you follow

and why you like to visit my scrapatch
or tell me a favorite of my projects or tutorials.

This giveaway closes on

Sunday, February 28th at Midnight EST

Katniss and I will use a random number generator 

to choose the winner and we will 

announce the winner on

Monday, February 29th!

Katniss say, "Good Luck!" 

A Day in the Life of a Quilter

Some blocks are easy ... this "Broken Sash" block.

Some blocks are ...


Like this "Capital T" block

3" Finished Blocks.

I hope never to make this second block again ...
at least not that small.

This was my "catch-up block" of the day since yesterday was taken over by 

After that last block I may decide I like applique better than piecing.


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

In Our Garden ~ February Blocks

is hosting a

Have you sewn these blocks?

Then link them up!

There is a fabulous fabric prize for this month for one lucky quilter who sew the blocks.

You can find the block patterns here.

By linking up your blocks
you have a chance to win
this beautiful bundle of fabrics ...

Provided by our fabulous sponsor

One link per person. 
If you do not have a blog,
we have Facebook Group
and a Flickr Group 
that you can load your photos in
and then link up.
A winner will be drawn on the first of March.

You have six days to complete and link up your blocks.

The clock is ticking!

Time to sew!

It's Toady Time!

Applique Block 1 Done
for the

I had sew many beautiful fabrics from

to choose from!

I took my time playing with these and decided on fabrics, colors and placements.

I also made a small design change and decided to make a butterfly instead of a fly.

I decided it had to be purple, a colors that does not appear in the pretty
 Farm Girl fabrics.
No problem, though.
I have a lovely collection of Riley Blake brights 
to add to the quilt ... :)

Then it was time to applique ...

My applique skills are improving, I think.

I admit I still feel all thumbs.

This block took all day yesterday and it was after midnight before I gave up and went to bed
 and then all morning today just to finish up the butterfly and the smallest pieces on toady's eye.

I got another day behind in my 365 Block Challenge.

I am very happy with my cheery 

Thanks, Amy!

It may only be free for another week though, so get it now.

Next week we will have two more free blocks to add to our garden from:

Carol – Just Let Me Quilt
Ready and waiting and looking forward to the March blocks!

Must go play 365 catch-up ... Happy Quilting!

Linking up with the lovely quilty inspiration 

Fresh Poppy Design

Monday, February 22, 2016

Daily Block + 1 Plan

X-Quisite Block

3" Finished


the catch-up block ...

So far the Daily Block Plus 1 Plan is working well.


Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Scraps, Ma'am, nothing but the Scraps ~ Part Two

These are teeny tiny HSTs cut from
 "the other side of the seam" 
when I sewed 

I trimmed them to 1.5" HSTs and made ...

... a little row of Broken Dishes Blocks

I also made another Postage Stamp Block

for the


So this is my scrappy happiness for the weekend.

I have no idea what I am making with the row.

It is 2.5" by 11.5"

Maybe I will make some more rows from my cut-off, cast-off HSTs
and make a mini quilt.

Do you have drawers and boxes full of those HST cut-aways?

Or do you just toss them away?

What do you do with these bits of blocks?

For now I have put this little row next to the block it came from.

Maybe they will end up in the quilt together somehow.

I like this thought ... :) Pat

365 Challenge ~ Daily Quilty Lessons


3" blocks finished.

I like making flying geese so the Dutchman's Puzzle block went together easily.
I have never made a Dutchman's Puzzle block before, though.
I think it was because it looked complicated to me.
Now I have learned it is not that hard at all.

Interestingly enough, it was the easy Broken Dishes block that I had to use my seam ripper on.
I discovered that if you sew the seam on the opposite sides when putting the two halves 
of the block together that you get a pinwheel block. 

I learn something new about quilting everyday ... :)

Saturday, February 20, 2016

First "Farm Girl In Our Garden" Block

This is my 

I had fun playing with my fabrics and the pattern and
fussy cut the little Farm Girl and her lamb.

At this point I am calling the little farm girl "Mary."

 I added a third fabric because I just could not wait to use 
this pretty yellow cherry fabric. 

It is made with these lovely Farm Girl fabrics from


Red  Riley Blake Designs Gingham

This is the February Pieced block for the 



Block #2 ~ Applique Block 

coming soon !

Linking up today with all the pretty quiltiness 

The Daily Blocks

Sawtooth Star Variation

3" block finished

My 365 for the day.  

I did the block for today and one from the past.  
The current plan is that if I make the daily block and one of the ones I missed,
I will eventually catch up ... hope this works!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Have Fat Quarters ~ Need 12 Pack

I have Fat Quarters

... in bundles, 
like these lovely ones from Moda.

I also have them in stacks, drawers, bins ... 

closets ...

... and even under the bed.
I will not show you the photos of the quilt monster under the bed ... ;)

Why am I showing you (some of) my lovely stash of fat quarters?

Because I have found a good solution to cutting and using 
(some of)
these fat quarters ...

Moda 12 Pack FQ Pattern Per Week


Bear Creek Quilting Company

Bear Creek Quilting Company

I feel like I would like to grab a bundle of these fat quarters
 and some background fabric and start sewing.

This week's free pattern is up!

Click Here to find the pdf

I love this easy pattern.

I have other projects to sew before I can even think about this one.

I am saving these patterns for the future.

In the meantime, I shall be in my quilty corner.

Have a happy quilty day!