Monday, February 1, 2016

365 Challenge ~ Feb 1st ~ Block 32

Hovering Hawks Quilt Block

3" Finished

My block is looking more like tropical birds
than hovering hawks. 

I have been thinking that these small blocks has been like making small units for larger blocks ...

... but now the units are having sub-units.

It is like babies having babies and the babies are preemies!

These are getting really, really complicated for me.

I am visually impaired and I do a lot of seam matching by touch.

I do not usually use pins or other methods of matching corners.

I tried pinning the last seam and then I had to use my seam ripper.

That last seam required three corner matches involving HSTs,
which can be tricky for me as the extra layers of fabric making feeling the match more difficult.

It came out much better without the pins. 

I am very happy with this block ... :)


ES said...

It's looking great, it's actually quite inspiring to read of your visual impairment. It's interesting that we should never limit ourselves:) I try and tell myself 'I think I can' instead of 'I don't think I can'.

Dorian said...

Wow Ms Pat! thats' so tiny, great job doing them!!

tealeafquilts said...

I am trying to catch up on january blocks as I got a late start. But these are so addictive! I even scrounged in my scrap bag of bits I was throwing away and pulled out all the blue. REally, this is too much.

Carol said...

Awesome work, Pat! You are definitely an inspiration even to me (a non-quilter)! I can't wait to see the finished product in a year. Keep it up!