Sunday, February 21, 2016

365 Challenge ~ Daily Quilty Lessons


3" blocks finished.

I like making flying geese so the Dutchman's Puzzle block went together easily.
I have never made a Dutchman's Puzzle block before, though.
I think it was because it looked complicated to me.
Now I have learned it is not that hard at all.

Interestingly enough, it was the easy Broken Dishes block that I had to use my seam ripper on.
I discovered that if you sew the seam on the opposite sides when putting the two halves 
of the block together that you get a pinwheel block. 

I learn something new about quilting everyday ... :)


Carol S. said...

They look perfect and beautiful! I love when I learn something new and discover it wasn't so hard after all.

Sally said...

Hi Pat,
Your 365 blocks are looking good. Can't believe your first Dutchman Puzzel was this wee 3" block! You'll catch up soon (me too as I didn't sew any while I was cruisin'!) Aren't they fun to make (and soo cute!!)
PS LOVE your Farm Girl in the Garden block.