Friday, February 12, 2016

Playing 365 Catch-Up

My quilting goal for the moment is to catch up on the 

These are January blocks and they are some of the easier ones.

While I was quilting my snowman quilt and had the walking foot on my machine 
I got behind again on the February blocks this week
and now I really have a challenge to catch up on my hands.

I am determined.  I can do this.

Sewing every day is a challenge in and of itself for me.

I feel best when I do sew.

Today I am feeling quilty ... :)


Carol said...

You can do it, Pat! Hope you can sew all weekend long, since it will be waaaay too cold to go outside!

Carla said...

I just now caught up. If I can- you can. January seemed a lot easier to keep up than this month. Today's block was super sweet though. Your blocks are looking good!!!

Carol S. said...

Great looking blocks! You are amazing to take on this challenge. I couldn't do it, but I'll cheer you on! :O)

margaret said...

seeing the quilt you will end up with this is a big challenge!! I paid to do a block a day with the Gourmet quilter but it is applique and have given up already. Still printing the blocks off asd they are released in case one day I want to have a go but highly unlikely