Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Daily Block Revisted

Attic Window

3" block finished

I am still catching up the blocks I missed.

I realized today that every time I sew one or more that I missed 
instead of the day's block
that I miss another one.

So from now on I am sewing the daily block first 
and then I will see how many of the ones I missed I can do 
until I am actually caught up.

I think this makes sense. 


Ellen said...

I love the idea of a daily block but I don't think it would work for me right now. I am downloading each of the block patterns though and maybe I will make a quilt from them in the future.

Carla said...

No better than I am about even reading my blogs I know trying to make a block every day just won't happen. LOL
Good luck

Carol said...

I think that's a smart idea, Pat. Good luck catching up on the ones you missed. I hope you can find some days where you finish the daily block and have time to work on one you missed.