Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hello ... Fabric Calling

This fabric called me.

It is from

Alison Glass

The print on the right is out of print.
It said, "You must answer my call before I am gone forever.
Call me home."

This is the fabric on the left unfolded.

It is called "Plume" and it is handcrafted.

I very rarely impulse buy.

This was clearly an impulse purchase and I know it was a good one.

Nonetheless ...

I have no idea what this fabric is for!


I have this fabric where I can see it and hear it speak.

So far it has been sitting is beautiful silence.

~ ~ ~

On a more mundane note,
the frozen scrapatch thawed in a huge torrent of rain yesterday.

There was also so snow, ice and fog ... and wind ...

the temperature rose over 50 degrees in a few hours ...

and the bedroom ceiling got a big wet spot directly over the bed just before bed ...

not my idea of a good way to end a long and otherwise draining day.

An excursion into the attic found no flood.

The wet spot is a mystery,
although it may have been water blown in up under the eaves.
It was very windy.
The wet spot was in the middle of the room though.

Anyway, now it is dry.

And colder.

Weather that will not make up it's mind.

Much like mine

I can go back to sewing ...

and contemplating this beautiful and mysterious fabric.

Do you hear this fabric speaking?

If so, please give me a clue what it is saying ... :)


Dorian said...

New fabric is always fun. I'm sure quilting inspiration will hit you :) So sorry about the mystery wet spot, I'm glad it's dry now. ((HUGS))

Linda said...

I adore Alison Glass fabric and have used them in a few projects. Yours is awesome and I would definitely fussy cut that and use it as the centre of a block.

Renee said...

I love the fabrics - particularly the text print and the one on the right. I look forward to seeing how you use the Plume fabric. Hopefully, the wet spot on your ceiling does not reappear. How frustrating for you!

Carla said...

I'm still waiting for my fabric to talk to me. LOL I see fabric and I have to buy it but don't always have an intended project. I just know it's pretty and I like it. I know I'm bad.