Thursday, September 27, 2018

Bewitched by Half Rectangle Triangles

 The Bewitching hour is coming soon! 

This seasonal quilt was

Sewing the Half Rectangle Triangles have given me some trouble.
I have researched online and tried a few methods.

The one that has worked best for me is this ... 

using the 

(affiliate link) 

There is a video tutorial and a free pattern from the

(affiliate link) 

to help with learning how to use this ruler.

There is also a video on

Creative Grids is my preferred type of ruler.
The markings are easier to read than many quilting rulers.
With my bad eyesight I need all the help I can get.

I am sew happy I have found this method. 

It will soon be time o show you my Bewitching quilt!

Happy Sewing! 

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Another Feature on Quilting Digest!

My Freezer Paper Quilting Tutorial is 

I find this technique useful for adding interesting motifs 
to my quilting. 

I also used this technique to quilt ... 

... this oak leaf motif on my ...

I combined straight line quilting and freezer paper templates to quilt this quilt.

I find this method easy to do on my regular sewing machine 
with my heavy duty walking foot.

I am feeling sew happy to have my tutorials shared 
on this site where others may find and enjoy them.

Happy Quilting! 

Monday, September 24, 2018

Time for Quilty Tricks or Treats!

My Spider Web Tutorial has been featured on
Quilting Digest

Here on the Quilting Digest Facebook Page

You may find all my 

Spider Web Tutorials Here

This is not the only link to my tutorials this week.

My quilty friend 
Dorian @ Ridge Top Quilts

 Sewed this smaller mug rug version of the curved spider web.

This is inspiring to find time to make a small web this year.

It is always a treat for me to see a quilt project 
made from one of my tutorials.

It is all treats, really ... 

no tricks except quilting tricks of the trade.


Monday, September 17, 2018

Stop the Presser Foot!

This just arrived! 

This is 

This is my new favorite collection!

With colors like
"Kismet, Gossamer, Rainwater, Summer Punch,
Cucumber, Orchid ...
I am sew in love ... <3

I could not wait to unwrap the Fat Quarter Bundle!

I am keeping the jelly roll it its wrapper for awhile.
I am planning to make a jelly roll rug for these strips. 

As you can see the fat quarter bundle has already been petted and appreciated. 

This fabric line has shot straight to top as my
"all time favorite fabric collection!" 

This is arriving in shops in November.

I am sew lucky to have these early release goodies.

I have to finish my current project.

Then I have to sew something with this fabric.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 

Sunday, September 16, 2018

September is My Favorite Fabric Month!

September is my favorite month for fabric! 

There are a lot of reasons for this:

I love fall.

I love fall colors.

I love fall fabrics.

It is my birthday month and my family and friends
always gift me with fabric,
gift cards for fabric,
cash to go pick out some fabric I like, etc.

You see the trend here?

Sew I picked out this very fine fabric 
for one of those nifty quilty giftys ... :-) 

When I saw the 

I knew I wanted this one!

I always enjoy Bernie's Blog and love the fabric she selects for her shop 

I had $50 to spend so I bought the half-yard bundle and picked out 
3 extra "Half Yard Cut - Any Fabric Listed" 
to add to this beautiful collection

I am seeing a fall neighborhood quilt in the  future
for these fine fabrics.

It is always a pleasure to do business with  Needle & Foot
she ships quickly and also quickly refunds any over charge on shipping costs. 

The little bag of jelly beans that were an added gift in my package
just sweetened the deal ... ;) 
Thank you, Bernie

What is your favorite Fabric Month? 


Saturday, September 15, 2018

It is National Sew A Jelly Roll Day!

My Ruffed Feather Pillow Cover is featured today on

National Sew A Jelly Roll Day @ The Jolly Jabber

Are you sewing along?

Project Jelly Roll

I love Jelly Rolls!

Sew colorful!  Sew Scrappy!  Sew Easy to Use!

Jelly Roll Facts from Classic Sewing ... 
  • "The Jelly Roll was introduced at Fall Market in 2006; they shipped to stores in 2007.
  • There are Jelly Rolls with 40 strips — 2.5 x 42-inches WOF (width of fabric), and there are Junior Jelly Rolls with 20 strips—2.5 x 42-inches WOF. Junior Jelly Rolls (JJRs) are done with very small collections and many of the Bella Solids.
  • As for yardage, there are 2.75 yards of fabric in a single Jelly Roll.
  •  Laid end to end as strips, one Jelly Roll measures approximately 1.680 inches – 140 feet – 46.5 yards.
  • 38 Jelly Rolls laid end to end equal a little more than 1 mile, so 47,000 Jelly Rolls will stretch from Dallas to Spring Market in Salt Lake City.
  • Moda has sold enough Jelly Rolls, laid end to end, to encircle the Earth."
Quoted from ...
What Are Jelly Rolls @ Classic Sewing

I made this Ruffled Feather pillow cover 
a few years back for a blog hop ...

As you can see in the new photo I took at the top of this post,
it is still a very pretty pillow cover
even after having been removed and washed many times.

This is my favorite pillow.

It was inspired by this jelly roll and charm pack of

 Botanique from Joel Dewberry for Free Spirit Fabrics.

The background fabric is a gray crackle piece from 
the Morning Serenade collection by Grace Pullen from South Seas Fabrics.

The black for the shafts of the feather is a charcoal black from Shadowland by Kona Bay.

I used my favorite Aurifil  50/2 off white #2021 for piecing.

The quilting thread is a "Canaan" a variegated grey #403 from King Tut by Superior Threads.

I pieced the feather with the jelly roll strips, cutting some of them in half lengthwise

and sewed the basic feather according to this

I made the ruffle for the feather with scrap strips from the feather.

I made the two tone ruffle for the ends with the extra jelly roll strips and pieces.

This was very much an "improv" project from start to finish.

All inspired by a Jelly Roll!

For more jelly roll inspiration visit

today and visit all the other quilty blogs!

Hope you are inspired by a Jelly Roll today, too!

This pillow sits on my sofa most days, but occasionally 
I take it outside for a cushion on my outdoor swing. 
I love this pillow!

For more  strip sewing fun,
here is another easy and fun Jelly Roll Project
for Sew A Jelly Roll Day: 

This 12.5" Jelly Roll House Quilt Block is made 
with only  2.5" strips

Free Tutorial ~Jelly Roll House Block Here

This would also make a nice pillow cover,
but I think it is going to be added to my  Jelly Roll House Quilt in the making.

It is a great day to shop the sales for some of these yummy bakery treats

I buy most of my new fabric from

Fat Quarter Shop
(affiliate link)

where they are having a sale on many yummy jelly rolls.

Click Here to shop Jelly Rolls on Sale

(affliate link)

Have a Happy National Sew A Jelly Roll Day today!

Friday, September 14, 2018

Jelly Roll Houses ~ Block 1 Tutorial

Jelly Roll House Block 1

Fabric  Needed:

7 different 2.5 by Width of Fabric strips

Cutting Instructions:

Strips 1 ~ Sky 

Cut 2 squares - 2.5"
Cut 1 rectangle - 2.5" by 3.5"
Cut 1 rectangle - 2.5" by 8" 

Strip 2 ~ Roof

Cut  1 rectangle - 2.5" by 12.5" 

Strip 3 ~ Chimney

Cut 1 rectangle - 2.5" by 2" 

Strip 4 ~ Door

Cut 1 rectangle - 2.5" by 4.5" 

Strip 5 ~ House

Cut 4 rectangles 2.5" by 6.5"
Trim to 2" by 6.5" 

Cut 6 rectangles 2.5" by 1.5" 

Strip 6 ~ Lower House 

Cut 2 rectangles - 2.5" by 5.5" 

(Note:  if you have two of strip 5 you may cut all house pieces from 2 strips, if desired
I like the scrappier look for this house.)

Strip 7 ~ Windows

Cut 2 squares - 2.5" 

Save all your leftover strip pieces for other House Blocks

Sewing Steps:

Step 1 Sewing:

Sew 2.5" by 1.5" rectangles to top of 2.5"  windows and top of  2.5" by 4.5" door.

Sew  2.5 " by 1.5" chimney piece to 2.5" by 3.5" sky piece.

Sew one 2.5" square onto corner of 2.5" by 12.5" roof piece as shown


Press all seams open for a nice flat block.
There are no nested seams in this block. 

I like to chain piece each step.

I also like to cut the corner off the square,
allowing for the 1/4" seam,
before sewing onto the strip.
You may draw a line or use the method most comfortable for you.

I sew and save the HST for my scrap pieces basket.

Step 2 Sewing:

Sew window units together.

Sew center window to top of door unit.

Sew 2.5" by 8" sky piece to right of chimney.

Sew 2.5" sky square to left side of roof unit, as shown,
being careful to sew so to flip in the correct direction.

Step 3 Sewing:

Sew one 5.5" by 2" house rectangles to either side of window units.

Step 4 Sewing:

Sew 2.5" by 5.5" alternate house fabric to bottom of the window units.

Step 5 Sewing:

Sew Step 4 window units to either side of door unit.

Sew chimney unit to roof unit. 

This is my unfinished Block 1 House,
which measures 12.5 inches.

This block will measure 12" square finished when sewn into a quilt. 

I pressed all seams open as I went along.

Here is the back of my pressed block. 

This block measures 12.5" square, unfinished. 

This block was featured in my

The plan is to make a series of these blocks,
some the same, some different,
in different sizes to as far as this one

(affiliate link) 

will take me.

If necessary to complete the blocks and scrappy setting, 
I will add some strips from the
Crayola Solids Rolie Polie

So you will be seeing more jelly roll house blocks popping up on my blog from time to time.

If there is enough interest, I might make it into a quiltalong format.

Would you be interested in a Jelly Roll Houses Quiltalong?

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Welcome To My Home!

Welcome To My House! 

This is my newest quilt block design.

It is a 12.5" House Quilt Block
made entirely from jelly roll strips.
Only 1 strip of each fabric print is needed for this block.

I used this Autumn Love Jelly Roll 
by Lori Holt for Riley Blake.

I apologize for not having a completed project to show you.
I almost dropped out of the hop
but decided to post this instead
in an effort to meet my commitment.

I have been sewing,
but have a lot of other projects I need to get done, too,
and not enough time to sew.

It has been a busy time of doctor's appointments and tests
for me for the last month and more appointments are still coming.

To sew this block click on the link below for my

Free Tutorial for my Jelly Roll House Block

Since I do not have a  finished project I am also posting this fall house quilt 
which I made nine years ago.

This is my favorite fall house quilt.

This has been warming my walls in autumn every year
since I began blogging ... 

is one of my first blog posts.

The center is a house panel.

I added borders of my own design 

 I quilted it to show off the features,
like these pumpkins which has a little extra batting tucked in to make them rounder.
I always love when the weather turns cooler and I can hang this quilt again.

I apologize for not having any new finished projects to show you.
I almost dropped out of the hop
but after talking to our wonderful blog hop host, Carol,
 I decided to post this instead
in an effort to fulfill my commitment.

I have been sewing,
but have a lot of projects I need to get done, too,
and not enough time to sew.

It has been a busy time of doctor's appointments and tests
for me for the last month and more appointments are still coming.

I hope to have a new quilt for you soon.

Please visit all the other quilty homes today ... 

September 13

Life in the Scrapatch (you are here)

Thank you to 

for hosting this lovely  open house hop. 

Happy Fall!