Monday, March 10, 2014

A Ruffled Feather!

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Here is my newest Jelly Roll House Project!

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 A Ruffled Feather Pillow!
When Madame Samm said "Think Ruffles!"

My first thought was ruffling a feather or two!
My idea was to make a modern ruffled pillow.
Bold print modern fabrics.
Low-volume background.
Negative space.
Textural quilting.
Touched by a ruffle.
So Katniss and I found some feathering fabric.

I have had this jelly roll and charm pack of

 Botanique from Joel Dewberry for Free Spirit Fabrics
 in my stash for awhile waiting for the right project.

The background fabric is a gray crackle piece that has been in my stash a long time and I have used bits and pieces of it in several projects.
It is from the Morning Serenade collection by Grace Pullen from South Seas Fabrics.

The black for the shafts of the feather is a charcoal black from Shadowland by Kona Bay.

I used my favorite Aurifil  50/2 off white #2021 for piecing.

The quilting thread is a "Canaan" a variegated grey #403 from King Tut by Superior Threads.

I have also been wanting to make this ...

since the first time I saw it.
So I used this Free Pattern from Anna Maria Horner

So I made one feather according to the pattern, but left off the background pieces.
I sewed strip sets using the 2.5" jelly roll pieces,
some of which I cut is half lengthwise to make narrow strips to vary my feathers.

To make the ruffle on the feather,
I cut 2" strips from the scraps of the strip sets
and pieced as long strip,
folded it in half
and ...

I ruffled my feather!

Then I appliqued the ruffled feather on to the background
for the top of my pillow.

This is the background.
This is an improv block that I blogged about making HERE.

Deciding where to the place the feather actually took a lot of thought.
I took several photos of different placements and studied them while I quilted.

Then I quilted the pillow top.
I love this type of straight line quilting.

Katniss Helped.

In this picture she looks like she is saying, "You quilt this one.
I am busy guarding us from these pesky birds outside.
I'd like to ruffle their feathers."

Details of Quilting.

Then I added the ruffled feather by sewing it down along the long shaft and
around the inside edge of the ruffle.

This is a view of the back of the quilted pillow top.

The I added a ruffle on either end!
My idea for the edging on this ruffle came from
and THIS prairie point border in the Hugs n Kisses XO Blog Hop .
I used Marcy's Tutorial only instead of folding and cutting prairie points, I made ruffles.
Thanks, Marcy for the inspiration!

For my ruffles I used some extra jelly roll strips and ...

cut the long charm sections strip that I pieced  HERE
into two long 2.5" strips.

Katniss helped.
Looks like one of those birds is getting too close.

I pressed in half.

Then I ruffled as I sewed.

Katniss helped.
Katniss' favorite thing about our new sewing space is the view from the window,
as she can see many birds flying
into the bushes outside while she helps me sew.

This was made to size to recover an old plain tan micro- suede sofa pillow.
I like everything about my pillow makeover.

:) this pillow makes me happy :)

:) this pillow makes me smile :)

I have a few pieces to make more feathers and I want to make a lap quilt
following the original pattern.
That is a project for another day, though.
I have a lot of quilts and blocks that I need to catch up on,
but you may see feathers in progress floating through my blog from time to time.
Please ruffle over to visit all my blog hop friends today ...

March 10th

Life in the Scrapatch (you are here!)

Thanks to
  Madame Samm

and our cheery cheerleader,

for this ruffly good hop!

Thanks for visiting my scrapatch.
I hope you are smiling, too.
Have a happy quilty day!


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