Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Little Bird Told Me to Make a Wish ...

 ... and I caught these beautiful fabrics!

These are from the "Make a Wish" and "A Little Bird Told Me" collections from

I found them at

Catch some if you can, as they are going fast!

I have a new quilt pattern in the works for another tutorial on the

I will be sewing soon!

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Monday, April 20, 2015

On My Cutting Table Today

Aren't these fabrics sew pretty?

 Bloom by Amy Weeks @ Quilting Treasures

They are really brightening a very gray and rainy day here.

I found them in stock at

There are TWO FREE PATTERNS  patterns for these fabrics on the the Quilting Treasures
 site for these pretty fabrics: 

These free projects were designed by Shannon at Fabrics N Quilts.

Which one do you think I am sewing?


Are you going to Quilt Week?

Are you going to 

I sure wish that I was.

One of the places I would be sure to stop by is to say hello to my friend

If you are going, please stop by her booth 

Booth # 4503 in the Pavilion 

and tell her

"Pat Sent Me!"

You just might find a little surprise waiting for you if you do ... ;)

Have a wonderful time at the show!

If you are not going to the show, you still can do some fun shopping at

Fabrics N Quilts

and do not miss a chance to enter one of Shannon's great giveaways.

Click Here to for the Fabrics N Quilts Giveaway Week 2 Details

This week there will be giveaways on the these blogs:

and  be sure to come back her to my blog next Monday, April 27th

for my turn to giveaway a $35 Gift Certificate and goodie bag from

Fabrics N Quilts!

Best of luck winning one of these wonderful giveawways!

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

An Airmail Envelope Pillow!

I am guest blogging again today!

For more Airmail Envelope Quilt Block fun I have made this

Airmail Envelope Pillow

to match my quilt!

I made this pillow with leftovers from my

This pillow measures 14.5" by 17.5" finished including the piping.

Materials needed to make this pillow:

TWO 6.5" unfinished  Airmail Envelope Quilt Blocks

Also needed to make this pillow cover:

SIX 7.25" right angle triangles

Cut THREE 7.25" squares
Cut each square on the diagonal once to make SIX half square triangles (HST)

I used extras from my quilt.

Layout pillow top as shown in the photo above.

Sew one HST on either side of envelope block.

Sew block strips together.

Then sew one HST to each remaining corner

Trim the ends of the triangles off to 
make a 9" by 18" rectangle

Cut TWO 3" by 18" strips for the top and bottom borders.

Sew one strip lengthwise to each 18" side of the double envelope block.

The top now measures 14" by 18"

To add piping to the edge of the pillow you will need:

TWO 1.5" by width of fabric strips

2 yards cotton piping filler cord size 2

You may find this cord HERE

Sew the two WOF strips together to make one long strip and fold in half lengthwise ...

and fold over the cotton piping cord and pin or clip around the outer edges of the pillow top.

Use your ZIPPER FOOT to stitch the piping to the top making a 1/8" seam from the cut edges.

Start your stitch line about two inches from the end of the cording on one side of the pillow
so that you leave an end to close your seam.

These stitches will be hidden by the final seam.

Ease around the corners by rounding the corners by about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch.

Continue around all four sides and corners.

To close your seam,  stop your stitching line about three inches from
where you started sewing the piping.

Cut the cords flush and wrap ends together with a small piece of tape.

Cut the fabric leaving a one inch end to close seam.

Fold one end over by 1/4 inch to hem and fold this end over the other end of the piping.

Stitch the seam closed.

Make the back of the pillow.

One of my favorite pillow backs is an easy fold over backing that leaves an opening in the center
of the back to remove the pillow for easy washing of the pillow cover.

To make this back of the pillow:

Cut ONE 5.5" by 14" center strip

Cut TWO 11" by 14" sides

Fold one 14" edge of the side back piece over by 1/4 inch and the fold 1/4 inch again
and stitch  1/4" hem.

Sew the 5.5" strip to the other side back piece
and the fold and sew a 1/4" hem on the outside edge of the center strip.

Topstitch the other side of the center strip 1/4 inch from the side.

Here are the top and back of the pillow.


and pin or clip front to back

Using the ZIPPER FOOT sew the top to the back.

Tuck the cord snugly against the fold in the piping tube.

Lay the open side of the zipper foot as close to the cord as it will go.

Allowing a 1/4" seam to cover the stay stitching of the piping to the top,
sew all around all four sides closing the seam.

Use your fingers to keep the piping snug and ease around the rounded corners as you go.

Here is the inside of my pillow.

Turn right side out through the opening in the back.

Here is the front of my completed pillow cover.

Tuck a 12" by 16" pillow form into the opening in the back.

You may find this pillow form HERE

Here is my soft and squishy new pillow!

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.

As always, if you have any questions, please email me and I will do my best to clarify.

Please come back next Sunday for the

Airmail Envelope Quilt ~ Part 3 


I will have some more envelope block fun for you here on my blog next week, too!


~ <3 ~