Monday, September 1, 2014

Around the World Blog Hop

   Welcome to my  Quilty Corner of the World!

This block is one I made several years ago when I hosted a 

 where we were to create a block to represent "our quilty corner."  
The idea was that my block would represent 
the four seasons of New England.  
If I were making one today the piecing would be different but the idea would be the same. 
Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall ... 
I love the changing seasons <3

When my friend

invited me to participate in this fun Around the World Blog Hop, I said yes right away.  

I love sharing with other bloggers everywhere.  I have learned so much about quilting online. I enjoy all the quilty inspiration and sharing of creativity.  I makes the world a little smaller ... cozier ... friendlier ... quiltier.

I love Marcy's blog.  Marcy is sew talented.  Marcy does beautiful applique work that I so admire but feel all thumbs about attempting myself. Marcy is also sew creative.

Marcy did a tutorial on her Two -Tone Prairie Points 
that I loved and adapted the idea for my

I have learned sew much from other quilt bloggers!
Thanks, all!

1. What am I working on?

My quilty kitties and I are getting ready for our
on September 4th.

Katniss is helping 

Butterfly says, "Remember we cannot show this one yet!
I will keep it 'under-cats" for you."

This is only the back of the quilt.

Please come back to see the front!

:) My quilty kitties and I are really happy about this one :)

I am actually working on ... several projects.  

I always have more than one project going and think about the next as I sew.

Here are a few of last years projects.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Here are some of my quilty accomlishments for this year.

I really think there is nothing truly "new" under the quilty sun.  
We are all learning from the past and handing down to the future.  
I like this thought.  

 Most of my creations are my own patterns,  I seldom follow a pattern and when I do I am inclined to put my own twist on it by listening to my own muse.    One example is the idea that 

which I did  here ... 

... to create this Easy Lattice Quilt

I do like to find my own way of doing things and to listen to my own quilty muse, but I know the single thing that makes my quilt unique is the same thing that makes every other quilt unique ... it was handmade with love.

3. Why do I create what I do?

I often say that my quilty efforts are my own small attempts to make the world a warmer and cozier place, one quilt at a time ... like these Big and Baby Sister Quilts

I make quilts to be used and used up and, hopefully, loved.  
I stitch love with needle and thread. 
I think that is the goal of most quilters. 

I also love to share my ideas with other quilters.

I have learned so much about quilting on the internet it is nice to give back a little, too.

made her own version of this easy lattice quilt!

It makes me happy to see Dawn's pretty baby quilt.
It makes me sew happy to share this one.
This is my favorite quilt in this post!
Thanks, Dawn

4. How does my writing/creating process work?

I dream quilts in color.  Sometimes I wake and have to reach for a paper and a pencil and get a sketch down before it fades from memory. The gingham quilt that I have been working on is an example of this. 

It started with an image of a colorful gingham quilt and some beautiful

The design included a block I had sewn before but this quilt required me to figure out how to adapt it for this new quilty idea.

This one worked and I am excited to be showing this new design idea on September 4th for the See You In September Hop!

Please come back then to see my quilt and my other summer creations!

For now please visit some of the other
Around the World Blog Hoppers today.

One of these is 

please stop by and visit her blog, too, today!

I found Jen awhile back through a kind comment she left on my blog and have enjoyed reading her blog and know you will, too.
I asked Jen if I could tag her but she was already tagged to post today.

I have tagged the following quilt bloggers who will be posting next Monday, September 8th ...

I found Lana's lovely blog via a king word she left on my blog and I followed the thread trail back to find her wonderful blog and am a faithful follower.
Lana's post are always filled with great photos and creative ideas and I really enjoy the way she writes. Thanks, Lana.


Dorian is my bestest online quilty friend.
I have learned so much about quilting from Dorian.
Whenever I get one of these "pass it along" type blog chains, 
the first person I know I want to share is Dorian.
Thanks, Dorian.

{{{{{quilty hugs to my blogging friends}}}}}

I always enjoy reading these blogs and know you will, too!

I hope you have enjoyed your visit to my little corner in the big beautiful
Around The World Blog Hop!

{{{{{{{{{ quilty hugs to all my readers }}}}}}}}}
and thanks for reading!


Sunday, August 31, 2014

My August Quilty Laundry List

Katniss is checking my
August Quilty List

My quilty kitties and I have found this fun linky party ...

hosted by

and have joined in the fun!

I have kept a month quilty to-do list for years so this one is sew easy 
to participate in that I am jumping in!

My August List reads ...

1) add my border to Cherie's RR
I received this in August and it went to the top of the list.
I have a plan ... no sewing yet.

2) finish gingham project ... DONE!

3) finish hand-pieced block ... almost done ...

4) 3rd See You in September Blog Hop project ... DONE!

5) Finish and schedule the above blog hop post ... almost done ...

6) Quilt Here Kitty, Kitty Quilt ... not done.

7) piece scrap quilt top .. block done ... 
top not done ... not even started to piece the top yet.

8) Rush Hour Blog Hop project ... I have had to drop out of this hop.
The long story is for another post ... someday soon.
Thanks, Madame Samm and Carol
for being so understanding ... <3

9)  Write and schedule my Around the World Blog Hop Post ...
this one will be up at Midnight tonight! 

10) Start Black Cat Crossing Blog Hop project ... 
this one is in the cutting stages and I will be hopping along!

Thanks, Kathi, for hosting this fun linky party.

Hope to see many more joining in this fun!


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Quilting and Blog Hopping

... quilting ...

... quilting ...

I <3 Riley Blake Gingham

It is almost September!

I love everything about fall.

Time for fall quilt shows and blog hops.

Have you seen the

"Around the World" Blog Hop?

My friend

Marcy @ Made By Me In Red

posted yesterday and has a sneak peek at a

Spider Web Quilt she made from my Tutorial!

I can't wait to see more!

Also, she  tagged me!

I am posting next Monday, September, 1st!

Thank you,  Marcy!

I love sharing and finding lovely new blogs to read.

I need one more "tag-ee" and I have sent a few emails to a few of my blog friends, many of whom have already been tagged and I feel at this point like I am bothering my friends with these emails, so I have decided to ask here:

Would YOU like to be tagged to post in the
Around the World Blog Hop
on September 8th?

If so, please comment below or send me an email.

I would love to share this blog hop with you!


Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Quilt Block Quiz

Here is one of my earliest quilts.

It appeared in

Flying geese have always been a favorite block of mine.

Here is another of my early quilts from one if my earliest posts.

This was my first attempt at a flying geese border.
I learned a lot about fabric in this one.
The flying geese were made with assorted fat quarters.
Some of them, even though purchased from a local quilt shop,
were very thin fabrics that stretched and misshaped.
It is quite visible in the lower right corner.
I still love this quilt, though, and hang it every year in the fall.
It is not fall yet, so it is still tucked into my quilt closet.

Why am I posting this today?

According to the quiz on the

I am

"Flying Geese"
"If something's worth doing, it's worth doing right! You might seem shy at first, but once people get to know you they can't help but love you."

I found this posted by

and thought it was interesting so I am passing it along.

Have fun!