Saturday, February 13, 2016

A Good Day to Stay In and Sew

Saturday Sampler Block 8

This is the block I sewed this morning.

Here it is with Block 1 of the series

I do have most of the blocks made now.

I missed two months when I went to visit my DD and family last year.

Catching up these blocks is one of my quilty goals.

I should have taken Block 8 to a monthly meeting where I would have received the next block kit.

It was just too cold for me to venture out.

The temperature felt like single digits at noon. 

Now at midnight it is -6 degrees F outside with a windchill of - 29 degrees F

(For my friends whose temperatures are in Celsius, that is -21 degrees C  with a wind chill to -33C)


And it is getting colder.

Good thing I got my quilts to keep me warm ... :) 

Friday, February 12, 2016

Playing 365 Catch-Up

My quilting goal for the moment is to catch up on the 

These are January blocks and they are some of the easier ones.

While I was quilting my snowman quilt and had the walking foot on my machine 
I got behind again on the February blocks this week
and now I really have a challenge to catch up on my hands.

I am determined.  I can do this.

Sewing every day is a challenge in and of itself for me.

I feel best when I do sew.

Today I am feeling quilty ... :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Playing in New Snow with my Snowman Quilt!

It snowed again here yesterday and last night.

I ventured out when the sun attempted to break through the winter gray
to  play in the snow  with my

and to see if I could get a better photo of my quilt.

This photo may be better but it does not really show the crisp whiteness on black.

I love this quilt! 

I had a question from a reader about the quilting on this quilt.

So here is what I did: 

First I  trimmed the quilt square and sandwiched it.

I smooth the top and backing fabric to the batting from the center to the all the edges.

I press it lightly being careful to not touch iron to the batting.

I do not use pins.

I never pin, even for large quilts.

 I stitched in the ditch along the long seams where the blocks meet
then around the inner border,
then around the outer edge 1/8" of an inch from the edge of the top.
Then I went back to fill in the rest of the quilting ...

I quilted with my walking foot around the logs in the blocks from the outer strips inward.

It would have been hard to quilt the center square with the buttons on without this heavy duty  foot that I could lift over the buttons.

In retrospect, it might have been easier to sew the buttons on after the quilting was completed,
but I enjoyed seeing the happy snowmen faces while I worked and stitching buttons on though the batting may have been difficult for my hands.

I added the "snowflakes" with my walking foot.

I stitched forward and back through a center point in three lines to make six points.

Here is the quilting on the blocks.

For the border,  I added some snowflakes to the wheel design in the print.

Then with my walking foot I added long wavy lines around the snowflakes to suggest swirling snow.

So this was quilted entirely by my walking foot.

The backing fabric is a bold black and white zig zag  from  Caleb Gray

The binding is the same solid black as the night sky in the snowmen block centers.

This quilt measures 41" square finished.

The perfect size for a WOF backing.

Did I tell you how much I love this quilt?

For all the step by steps of how I make this quilt.

If you sew, please share you quilt with me!

Linking up today with all the beautiful quiltiness

Fresh Poppy Design


Monday, February 8, 2016

Yes, I am "Nuts About" ...

 ... these little toesies  ...

... this beautiful, adorable grand-darling! 

Isn't she cute in her stylish new glasses?

Grammy is completely "nuts about"  Everly!

stbs-Nuts About

Everly and I are joining all our sweet, salty and nutty friends in the

How best to tell Little Miss Everly that Grammy is nuts about her?

With a soft and snuggly new quilt, of course!

The fabric that says "soft and snuggly" the most to me is flannel and
the pattern that says "cuddle" to me is "rag quilt."

So I made a snuggly, soft, cuddly, huggable rag quilt!

I have not made a flannel rag quilt in years and I am not sure why.
Rag quilts are sew easy to make.
Sometimes simple and easy is best.
No need for a fancy pattern and expensive new release fabrics.
Well-worn and loved is what matters most in a quilty hug.

So I drew up a basic squares quilt layout on my EQ.

I decided to applique in a few rag edged hearts to say "I love you"  to my grand-darling.

I found some soft flannels in my stash.

Then I remembered that Everly is "nuts about" Minnie Mouse so I dashed out
with coupon in hand to my nearby JoAnn fabrics and found her some Minnie fabric.
"Minnie" is one of her favorite words and she says it so cute.
She has three "Minnies" and all were gifts,
one beanie sized stuffed one from Grampy,
one Little People one from Grammy and
one from a hostess in a local Chinese food restaurant who thought she was so darling.
Minnie goes everywhere with Everly
so Minnie needed to be on this quilt.

Here is my finished quilt.

Here is a closeup of the ruffly heart.

I added a folded strip of flannel around the edge of the front of the quilt as a "binding" and to add some fluff to the outside edge.

Here is the back of the quilt.

Here is Everly and her new quilt ...

She loves  getting her fingers and toes into the ruffly raggedy edges.

A quilt good for rolling and tumbling.

I think my grand puppy is saying,
"I need a quilt, Grammy."

For now these two buddies are sharing.

Bear and I hope Everly and Sierra enjoy her quilt as much
as we enjoyed making it and showing it to you.

Click HERE for a Free Tutorial
for my
Raggedy Heart Quilt

Be sure to go nuts with all the nutty quilters today 
February 8, 2016

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Time to say "Bye-Bye" to our visitors ...

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Thank you for playing peekaboo with us today!

Enjoy the rest of the hop!