Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy New Year

May you and yours have a happy, healthy, prosperous and blessed New Year!


:-) Pat

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Merry Christmas

May you and yours have a blessed season

:) Pat


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Happy Blocks Are Falling

... Into My Mailbox!!!

I was a Happy Blocks winner in the September drawing for The Scrappy and Happy Group!  I am "sew happy" !!

The theme for this month was Fall Foliage. I love fall fabrics. <3

Here are my blocks, half of which I am sending to the other lucky winner ...

Since I was the first name out of the hat, I get to chose the theme for next months blocks.  I picked " creamy neutrals."  As I am not eligible to win again for a couple of months, I shall just have to make some extras for myself.  

These blocks are sew easy and fun to make and share.

I am Scrappy and Happy ...

;-) Pat

Sunday, September 11, 2011

In my email box that morning I found one of those keep the chain going messages from a dear friend, an emergency room nurse, reminding me to "Never miss the chance to tell someone you love that you love them."

As is my habit, I did not forward. I read and replied. I also typed an email to my hubby and my kiddoes to let them know how much I love them.

After I pressed send, I clicked on the news site ... just in time to see the second plane hit ...

remember ...

love ...


Saturday, September 3, 2011

My Quilty Kitties Say Thanks

My Quilty Kitties and I just want to say "Thanks!" to all who visited my site for the Pets On Quilts Show and left so many nice comments.   Ghost wanted to get into the act and show his happy face.  Here he looks like a short hair cat, but in the winter his fur is long and wooly and so thick.  In the spring he sheds it all at once and is sleek for summer.  You can see how clean he keeps himself; he is a happy cat. Also, as you can see, he looooooooves Ms Butterfly ... who is neutered and not interested when he plays Romeo.  Sometimes he sings under her window. ;)

I have been doing lots of sewing. :)  Mina has been helping ...

More quilty photos coming soon.  ;)

I have also been enjoying the end of summer.  Today we filled the back of my son's truck with huge Fall Mums for the yard.  For now I shall share a photo of my zinnias and petunias in my windowboxes ...


Have a safe and happy Labor Day Weekend ... :-) Pat

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My "Pets On Quilts Show" Entry

A Stray Cat Finds Quilty Comfort

This cat is called Ghost.  He appeared one gray day in a snow storm. I found him sitting on the rail on my back porch at dusk, looking at me with his big luminous eyes, the only part of him visible in the gloom.  Eyes that have seen too many hard times but are still filled with love and trust.  Yes, I fed him.  He does not want to move in.  He is a happy wanderer and his favorite time of day is what I call "Happy Hour" when he comes for catnip.  Here he is on my bed with an old throw quilt and a catnip bag.  Shortly after I took this photo he rubbed on my leg and asked to go back out and resume his travels.  Sometimes we do not see him for a couple of weeks.  One time he showed up bleeding from a deep gash on the neck. We do what we can for him, but he does not want to belong to anyone.  So we care and let him be free. He is a kind and gentle soul and both of our other cats let him visit without any fur flying.  I have chosen this photo to be my "Poster Kitty" for the Pets of Quilts Show.  SewCalGal is putting together a calendar as a fundraiser for her local animal shelter.  Ghost asks you to please remember kindly all the needy animals on our planet that need a little human TLC.

This post is for those of you who love your pets and quilts together. SewCalGal is running here Pets On Quilts online show and my quilty kitties are joining in the sew fine feline fun. :-)

Click here and follow the link or the button on the side of my blog to enjoy the show ...

Those of you who have been reading my blog know there are many cats on quilts photos and stories here. 

 A Gift of Mina and The Watermelon Quilty

For today's blog I have selected a few that you have not seen before, like the one above of Mina, my ever-present quilty helper.   In this photo she is "helping" me to quilt a table topper swap gift for my friend Cherie.
Here is one I took recently of Butterfly during Quilty Playtime in my summery blue and yellow quilted bedroom ...

For those of you who may be visiting my blog for the first time and want to see and read more about my sew fine quilty felines, please stop and stay awhile and read some of my older posts. Here is one about my quilty helpers Cats On Quilts.

The Butterfly Cat 'n' Quilt

Thanks to all who have visited with me and my quilty kitties in our "Life in the Scrapatch."

May you have a happy, quilty day ... :) Pat

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summertime in the Scrapatch

This is a half-yard of fabric, a panel, that called to me last year at a quilt show vendor table.  The last one of its kind.  It has been waiting in my stash for me to find the right project for it to shine. 

I have found that project ... but for now, it shall remain a mystery ... ;) Pat

PS ... if you need to find some of this summer gorgeousness for yourself, it is from the Coastal Living fabric line by Michael Miller.  ;)

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wantobe Quilters Campaign

Me and My Girl have joined the

This photo was taken by a friend at a quilt show in NH last summer when Marissa joined me for a  fun day trip with a busload of quilters. Everything in life is better when shared with a daughter. <3

I like to call myself an "experienced beginner" because there is sew much more to learn.  In this campaign I will be placing myself with the other experienced quilters.

My Little Sweetie, Marissa, is yet to finish her first quilt.  I am hoping the fun and quilty camaraderie of this campaign will give her the impetus she needs to set up her sewing machine next to mine and sew with me this summer before life takes her off to grad school and such. Marissa will be joining the fun as a "Wantobe."

We will be commenting on giveaway threads on the on the schedule of days that are appropriate for each of us and hoping for a nifty gifty or two.  

We learned of this fun adventure though my friend Dorian at Ridge Top Quilts and have signed up through her.  

The quilts posted on the Stash Manicure blog have already gotten me excited about what is to come.  Orange!  One of my favorite colors.

Some of you may remember that I picked "orange" for the "stick swap" with the Scrappy and Happy group.  Time to get out my bag of "orange sticks" and think about making my own "creamsicle" quilt!

Here is a photo of some of my yummy orange dream fabrics ...

mmmmmmmmmm .... creamsicles .... ;) Pat

Friday, July 29, 2011

Waffling Again

No ... not making waffles ... lol ... (although I do make the most delicious Belgium Waffles I have ever tasted... that is for another post sometime ;)

... but ... but ... but ...

I am getting ready to cut my mystery quilt fabric

... and ... and ... and ...

I think I may change my mind and make this my large scale print fabric for a quilt that really says "SUMMER!"

Mina is trying to help me decide ... hmmmmmmm

What do y'all think ????

Go for it ???? ... or use the Capri as planned ????

I think deciding on fabric is the toughest thing for me ... once I finally decide and start cutting I am fine and do not look back ...  ;) Pat

Lonestar Quiltalong Part 1

I have my center finished for the Lonestar Quiltalong at Ridge Top Quilts. 

I am pretty pleased with my first attempt at this 8-point diamond star pattern.  I did have to use my seam ripper to fix a few of the points in the diamonds along the way, but by the last diamond they were fitting together much more easily.  This is one of those patterns that "practice makes perfect"  ... well, at least, "better" ... lol.

I did have my usual helpers hanging out on the quilts and fabric.  Mina is actually being helpful here by taking her nap on top of the extra fabric. 

Butterfly is in her favorite perch on top of a stack of quilts on the shelf above my desk where she can better supervise. As I have said, she likes to be "Top Cat." 

Jess has sent the cutting instructions for her "Bella Cosa" Summer Mystery Quilt Pattern so I am off to cut fabrics.

Tomorrow my hubby and I are going to the Maine Quilts Show so I will not be sewing the mystery until late Sunday or early Monday.  I may not be able to resist peeking in the threads and seeing the pictures of everyone's progress so this may not be a mystery when I actually start sewing, but that is okay.   I enjoy the "sewing together" community aspect of these mystery weekends so much.   As soon as the thread is up where everyone starts posting pictures of their fabric choices, I will be ooohing and ahhing over all the pretties. 

Dorian, who is one of the pattern testers, has already posted a picture of her pretty fabrics here on the Quilt and Needle BlogCan't wait to see her quilt!

Have a happy quilty weekend, my friends ...

:) Pat

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Quilting Along!

Just when you thought you had seen the last of the blue/yellow/green fabric pictures on my blog.  ;)

While I am waiting for the cutting instructions for the Q&N Summer Mystery Quilt to be ready, I decided to make the best use of my quilty time and join in the Lonestar Quilt-a-long on the Ridge Top Quilts blog.   
Dorian posted a wonderful tutorial for this beautiful pattern and her first ever quitalong.  To find this and join in the fun, click on the image link at the top right of my page.

This is really what I needed to jumpstart me again on the stalled progress I have made on my Matty's Lonestar Quilt.  I do have all the sets sewn together for his bed size quilt but need to get back to the pressing and cutting set strips and sewing the diamonds to make the star.

This small challenge quilt will give me the practice and confidence I need to move on to the larger quilt.

Sew far ... sew good ...

This should make a nice wallhanging in my bedroom.

Thanks, Dorian ... ;-) Pat

Monday, July 25, 2011

My Q&N Summer Mystery Fabric Arrived!

Oh, my!!!!!!  I just love this fabric! 

It is Capri, designed by Pati Fried for Northcott.  This is the fabric Jess at the Quilt & Needle picked for her upcoming Summer Mystery Weekend.  I am so distracted from my other projects today.  I just cannot stop fondling this yummy fabric. 

I saw this fabric line in Fabric Trends Winter 2011 magazine and drooled and dreamed of warm sunny places.  I had no idea that Jess was considering it for her summer mystery kits.  When she posted these last Thursday, I jumped. I was lucky I did. Not surprisingly, her kits sold out in a few hours.

The mystery pattern is, of course, available so if you wish to join in the sewing click on this link to purchase your pattern ...

Q&N 2011 Summer Mystery Quilt

... and Jess will email you the fabric requirements so you can find some fabric.

Hope you will be joining us ... :) Pat

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cats On Quilts

I just could not resist taking and posting this title and photo.  My hubby actually brought home these quilt books after visiting his favorite used book store,  Mina, of course, saw this as a photo opportunity.

I take so many photos of cats on quilts .. because, really, they are always there and I can't do a thing without them ... or sometimes I can't get anything done with them.  Mina was batting my hand away all the time I was trying to sew the binding on the D9P quilt. 

Then Butterfly had to come and chase her off and roll up in it. 

Despite their best efforts otherwise, I did get the D9P bound and finished.  Here is the promised photo ...

You can see the last of my pansies tucked into the pot on the left.  They are still blooming there since it is a shadier, cool spot in the yard.

I had three leftover D9P blocks, so I covered another small pillow with one and made a runner for my dresser or night stand with the other two and some more scraps.  Here is the photo ... 

Mina is saying ... "Thanks.  Just my size. You made this for me, right?" 

Poor Mina ...  it is going into the bedroom tomorrow ... where Butterfly will not let her get near it.  Sorry, kitty.

My cats really are not good about sharing the quilts ... or their people ... or just about anything.  Butterfly is "large and in charge" and Mina is very much "you are not the boss of me."  The fur flys over the quilts sometimes.  Mina tries to stake her claim on every quilt while it is being made in my sewing/dining/living room area, but Butterfly does not let her in my or my daughter's bedrooms. I should explain. When my daughter rescued Mina from certain death and brought her home, Mina took one look at the other cats we had ... and at the time we also had the sweetest, friendliest elderly cat that was pattering right over to bump noses and say "hello!  how nice! a new kitty come to live with us!" Mina took one look, hissed and growled and disappeared into the boys bedroom and under Jon's bed and we did not see her for days.  We heard her though. The most sinister growl came out from under the bed anytime one of us walked by that room.  Matt was away at college at the time so Mina looked to Jon as her "savior"  I always joked that I was packing the cat when he moved out, but he moved to an apartment that did not allow pets. For years she has run to the door meowing when she hears his vehicle in the driveway and scampers after him all the time he is here. She was such an abused and miserable little animal when we adopted her that I always told him he must have done something right in life to earn the love of that scared, scarred little cat.  He just laughs. Just so you do not think poor little Mina has been left quiltless and comfortless, here she is curled up in her very own basket near my sewing machine on a quilt made from the leftover blocks from Jon's batik quilt ...

What would I do without my "cats on quilts" ?

 ... lol ...  ;) Pat

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Reading My Quilty Pal's Blogs

Last weekend, I did some bargain plant shopping and then I did some planting in my windowboxes and small gardens.  Most of the annuals I found were picked over but I found some green ones that  I could nip back and hopefully I should have lots of blooms in a week or two.  Above is one of my boxes that is already starting to show more color. It has been so hot here that I have had to water them at least twice a day. 

I have been staying in where it is cool and have been trying to catch up with my quilty pals.  Here is a couple of fun blog posts from my friends that you should all check out ...

Ms. Margo is giving back to her blog readers by hosting her first ever giveaway!

I am hoping to be lucky and win this pretty charm pack, but I am always willing to share the fabric with my quilty pals so go comment and good luck! 

All of you should also go visit Ms. Dorian at Ridge Top Quilts as she is thinking of doing her first ever Quilt-along!

She has a poll up for the possible quilt-a-long or a full tutorial for the Lonestar pattern.  Check out the lovely gallery and read back to find the link to her recent guest blog post on these singular beauties. The vote ... vote ... vote!

During our heat wave, I have also doing lots of sewing. I finished my blue and yellow scrap quilt ... will try to get my hubby to hold it so I can get a good picture tomorrow. Made and mailed a bunch of swap and baby and charity blocks.  Worked some on my Matty's Lonestar quilt.  Right now I have the fabric and pattern ideas out for my "Too Pretty to Cut It Challenge" project for the Q&N.  My biggest challenge at this point will be getting it sewn in time since, as usual, I have waited to the last minute to start it.

Best get sewing ... ;) Pat

Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Patchwork

I have my scrap blue and yellow and green D9P together and am deciding how to finish it. I have a lot of nice thick, warm quilts. What I need is a thin "warm weather" quilt or two. It has been triple digits here off and on for the last few days. Much too hot for handling heavy batting and lots of quilting.

So I have decided to just use a thin piece of white flannel for the "filling" and I found a sunny yellow fabric in my stash for the backing. This will not be a true quilt as there will be no actual quilting. Even tying is not necessary with the flanneI for batting as it will not shift or bunch when washed since it is cloth. I will sew the binding on as usual and that will be the only place the three layers are stitched together. I have done this once before for a tablecloth and it resulted in a nice drape.  Since the tablecloth is now several years old, I know this one will wash and wear well, too.

The important thing to remember when doing this is make sure that all the layers are very flat.  I press each separately and then, after it is sandwiched, I press both sides completely before I sew on the binding strip.  The finished project will be a patchwork throw for my new bed quilt.

The kitties will like it and it will protect my favorite spring mystery quilt. When it is too hot for that quilt, I can fold it down to the foot of the bed and just snuggle under my new patchwork blankie for a summer night.

As you can see ... Mina approves of my choices ... now if only I can get her to go nap somewhere else so I can press and sew ... ;)

Have a happy, quilty day ... :-) Pat

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lazy Days of Summer Sewing

My Quilty Kitty, Mina, and I have been working on using up the rest of the blue and yellow and green fabric. We made valances, two king pillow shams and even covered an old lampshade.

After that we still had a pile of fabric.
So I decided to see how many 3.5 inch squares I could cut to make a lap size Disappearing 9-Patch Quilt. I also pulled a few fat quarters in similar colors left from another project out of a drawer to add to this stash.

After cutting and sewing,
I have made 52 Nine Patch Blocks, all with a yellow center block. Then I cut then into quarters.

Now I am re-assembling them into D9P Blocks. This pattern lends easily uses up scrap squares to make very scrappy quilts. This is also an easy way to use up extra pre-cut charm squares, too. Sometimes a neutral background fabric to the squares. I have also seen planned D9P quilts using only three fabrics that have resulted in a very different look.

There are several good tutorials out there for this easy pattern and many variations. Here is a how-to site with some interesting links that I have had bookmarked and have used before.

D9P Tutorial

More piccies of my quilty stuff coming soon.

Mina is still snoozing but my sewing machine is calling to me!

:) Pat

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Today we celebrate independence.
May we also give thanks and honor all by which we live free.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stash Busting

I am continuing to use up the extra fabric from my blue/yellow/green Mystery Quilt.

When I finally decided to make reverse color blocks for the corners of my extra wide borders, the cutting instructions in the original pattern were for five blocks; so I just made up the extra block. Then I dug out a pillow form that has been in my closet in its sealed plastic bag for at least two years. When I sorted through my scraps, I found some 3.5 inch squares that were a cutting error and decided to make prairie points for an edging.

I made up the prairie points and the sewed on the backing last night during the break between the periods while my Big Bad Bruins were winning the Stanley Cup.
Woo-hoo!!! WTG, Bruins!!

Here is a picture of the back showing the wide, fold-over backing I like to make so that is easily removable to for washing.

I have had to add some other fabrics from my stash to fill in where the original fabric has been used up. This pillow includes a green tone-on-tone that is the same line as the lighter blue in the quilt. I also made four blocks that I did not use for the cornerstones in my custom borders. Today's project will be using those extra blocks to make pillow shams for my two king-size bed pillows.

As you can see, Butterfly is loving the new quilty comforts ...

Jess at the Quilt & Needle has a new Mystery Weekend coming soon. It is being scheduled soon for a weekend in July. I am really looking forward to her next pattern! Hope we have the fabric requirement soon so I can do some more stash busting!

Have a happy, quilty day ... :) Pat

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More to the Mystery

In March, the mystery began with this ...

New Mystery Quilt

... and now it is a quilt!

Plus much more ;)

Here are the scraps and extra fabric ...

This quilt is for me and it is in my favorite colors ... yellow/blue/green. I quilted this pretty top on the long arm at the LQS last Friday. I used a blue and yellow variegated thread and did a free-motion meander. This machine is a Handi-Quilter Avante with a frame large enough for a king-size quilt. I use the precision setting with regulated 9-inch stitch and the needle down position. I took lessons from the shop owner and now rent the machine by job. Although she is always on hand to help set the initial tension and provide technical assistance if need be, I am now pretty much on my own loading and starting and running the machine. This time it only took me about three hours to load it on the frame, thread it up and do the quilting. I have spent the last few days sewing on the binding and getting it onto the bed, with a little help from my furry friends. I made some pillowcases using that easy tube pattern that is so easy to makeThen I had a lot of pretty fabric left so I decided to make some more pretty quilty things to go with my new bed quilt. Here are the first pretties ...

I made new tube covers for my old neck-roll pillows. These are tied at the ends ... with selvage strips for the main fabric ... so they can easily be removed and washed. I did not follow a pattern for these. Just figured it out as I went along. The main "scrap" pieces I used for these were the sections I cut from the long pieced strips I made for the custom borders on the sides of the quilt.

If anyone is interested in how I made the covers, I could do a tutorial ... so just ask. ;)

I have plans to make a bed skirt and valances and make the bedroom sunny and bright for summer while my hubby is home of vacation next weekend can help me with some of the heavy and deep cleaning stuff I need to do to. So more photos coming soon.

On to my next "use up those scraps" project ... have a happy quilty day!

:) Pat