Saturday, July 23, 2011

Reading My Quilty Pal's Blogs

Last weekend, I did some bargain plant shopping and then I did some planting in my windowboxes and small gardens.  Most of the annuals I found were picked over but I found some green ones that  I could nip back and hopefully I should have lots of blooms in a week or two.  Above is one of my boxes that is already starting to show more color. It has been so hot here that I have had to water them at least twice a day. 

I have been staying in where it is cool and have been trying to catch up with my quilty pals.  Here is a couple of fun blog posts from my friends that you should all check out ...

Ms. Margo is giving back to her blog readers by hosting her first ever giveaway!

I am hoping to be lucky and win this pretty charm pack, but I am always willing to share the fabric with my quilty pals so go comment and good luck! 

All of you should also go visit Ms. Dorian at Ridge Top Quilts as she is thinking of doing her first ever Quilt-along!

She has a poll up for the possible quilt-a-long or a full tutorial for the Lonestar pattern.  Check out the lovely gallery and read back to find the link to her recent guest blog post on these singular beauties. The vote ... vote ... vote!

During our heat wave, I have also doing lots of sewing. I finished my blue and yellow scrap quilt ... will try to get my hubby to hold it so I can get a good picture tomorrow. Made and mailed a bunch of swap and baby and charity blocks.  Worked some on my Matty's Lonestar quilt.  Right now I have the fabric and pattern ideas out for my "Too Pretty to Cut It Challenge" project for the Q&N.  My biggest challenge at this point will be getting it sewn in time since, as usual, I have waited to the last minute to start it.

Best get sewing ... ;) Pat


  1. Ooh, lovely flowers, Pat! Are they zinnias? This summer has been beastly for ALL growing things!

    I'm glad you are getting a lot of sewing in and good luck with getting the Q&N quilt done.

    Carol (NJ)

  2. :) Thanks Sweetie.

    Your flowers are looking lovely. I'm glad you've been getting some sewing done too.

  3. Pretty flowers! I can't wait to see the pics of the blue and yellow quilt. :) Stay cool.

  4. Carol ... yes, they are zinnias. Not my usual pick for windowboxes since they can get quite tall, but at this point in the season they are flowering and a good size for the boxers and I will just keep nipping them back if they get gangly. Thera are also oetunieas and some marifolds in some of the boxes.

    Dorian ... thanks. I also got a nice hanging pot and planted impatians in the small shady gardens near our deck.

    Delia ... quilty photo coming ... :)


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