Tuesday, August 27, 2013

More Hexie Fun!

Hand Stitched Folded Hexie Flowers
These are made from folded circles, no papers, no templates.
I learned this technique from my friend Cindy at the The Quilt & Needle 

This project is kept in a take-along bag that I carry around for those times when I will be sitting and looking for something to keep my hands busy.  I have been working on these for a long time and do not yet have a big enough pile for a quilt. 

These hexes are not as precise as the perfect EPP ones that I so admire, but they are much easier on my hands in which I have some arthritis.  I thought others who are looking for an alternative to the EPP ones, might be interested.
On the Quilt & Needle Forum we had a wonderful Hexagon Quilt-a-long.
There are other posts on the Q&N Blog showing these and other hexies like this post here from Dorian  ... Summer Quilts

 Someday I hope to have enough of these for a quilt!
Every time I lay these out on a table, Butterfly finds them. 
Butterfly wants this quilt for herself.

If you are stopping by via the blog hop,
this is not my Hexie Queen Blog Hop Post.

For my Zig Zag Hex Quilts
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Happy Hexing!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Zig Zag Hexed Twice!

Zig Zag Hex!
Side One 
My Original Pattern
Quilt Size: 60" by 65"
 Zig Zag Hexed Again!
Side Two
This is my first "Thoroughly Modern Quilty."
I am feeling pretty chuffed as these actually worked up
to look just like the images in the quilty place in my head.
My inner Quilty Muse is pleased.
This is where it started,
with a sketch, a stack of possible fabrics and two rulers ...
my 6.5" x 24" standard ruler and a large 60 degree angle ruler,
both from Creative Grids ...
and with the help of my inner Quilty Muse.
Thanks to all who tried to help me decide whether I should
"Orange or Not"
As you can see, in the end the orange jumped in for the pieced back.
It does make a bold statement and I am happy that I went
with the lower volume palette on the front.
I do also like the orange zing on the back.
My hubby liked the back and thinks this should be called the front.
I think I shall just call it a "Two Sided Quilt."
The easy hexagons were pieced from 2.5" strips.

I made two identical 2.5" strip sets with three strips each and used my 60 degree angle ruler to cut the triangles to form the hexagons.
I made three blocks from these strip sets,
on "in" and one "out"
and one with the extra triangles.
I pressed one strip set in and the other strip set out and nested the seams as I sewed the triangles together to form the hexes.
I sewed in halves and then sewed the halves together.
I placed the hexagons up on my design wall
where I wanted them to be in my quilt.

Then I added the strips for the zig zag.
The zig zag was also pieced with 2.5" strips.
These strips measure 6.5" unfinished.
Figuring how to piece the setting with no "y" seams took a little time,
but I was able to sew everything into rows and then sew
the rows together as for an on-point setting.
My quilty kitties, Katniss and Butterfly were also very helpful.
So was my grand-kitty, Pepper, who stayed with us
while The Happy Couple were honeymooning.
Once I worked this out, the top went together easily ...
around frequent stops to visit a couple of doctors and
to go get my eyes "mapped" and other pre-op preparations ...
and to just rest my eyes now and again.
I really like this pattern and hope to be taking
what I have learned in the design process, making a few small changes
and adjustments to make the construction easier,
and that I will be making it again soon in solids.
I have some very labor intensive quilting in the works
and it will take me sometime to post the finished quilt.
I am looking forward to taking my time quilting this one.
>>> "just keep sewing" <<<
I hope you have enjoyed my hexie happening
for this hex of a blog hop!

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Friday, August 23

Sew Peace to Peace
Life in the Scrapatch ( you are here! )
Thanks to

Madame Samm @ Sew We Quilt


Debby @ Debby Kratovil Quilts

This blog hop is "sew hexilerating" !

I want to make one of everything I see!

... just keep sewing ... just keep sewing ...

... and hexing!

~ <3 ~


Monday, August 19, 2013

Quilty Aquisitions

 Holiday Sparkle
by Nina Seven
for Wilmington Prints
These are lovely color-rich and non-metallic fabrics.
These fabrics are for a fun quilt-a-long happening with an online
quilty friend that we are planning later this month.

Last Wednesday I found a coupon code for
 30% off feature at Quilting Gallery for one week
for all  Wilmington Prints fabrics at Fat Quarter Shop . 
This offer is still good until Wednesday
Have fun fabric shopping!
Yesterday my hubby and I enjoyed the World Quilt Show New England
where I acquired this ...
and Lil Twister Ruler from CS Designs.

Although I have thought about it, I have never felt really inspired to make a twister quilt. The patterns in this book have finally made me decide to add this to The List.
Today I am going for my annual mammogram screening so I will not be back in my sewing room until this evening. 

I am still working on my hexie project for the

   This hop starts tomorrow!

Looking forward to all the hexie happenings!

I am posting on Friday!
... just keep sewing ...

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Random 5 / Feline Friday ~ Good Things

(1) Fall is in the wind and touching the tops of the trees
in my little corner of the world.
Fall is my favorite of all the beautiful seasons.
Fall is a good thing.
(2)  I love banana bread. 
The cooler weather means more baking. 
This is a good thing, too.
Just ask my family. This banana bread is already gone.
I need more over-ripe bananas.
 Over-ripe bananas are a good thing.
(3) In my bloglovin' feed this morning, I  found this new
monthly linky party starting up at the end of August. 
It is all about tidying up the blog on a regular basis.  
This is a good thing to do so I am thinking of joining in. 
(4) My grand kitty, Pepper, has been visiting
and is a big help in my sewing room. 
I am working on a new quilt for a new blog hop.
I will be posting my quilt next Friday.

A little Pepper in life is a good thing :)
(5) The first of the surgeries to prolong and improve my vision
has been scheduled for October 10th.
I admit that "surgery" is a scary word for me.
I am looking forward to seeing better after the surgery and recovery.
The ability to see all the beauty that life has to offer is a good thing.

Yes, life is good ... :)

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Feline Friday

Thanks for stopping by The Scrapatch today.

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sneak Peek at my Hexies Happenings!

Hexie happenings!
I am very pleased with how this pattern idea is working up.
At this point I am 99.9% certain that there will be no orange in this quilt.
Thanks to all who offered their thoughts on the orange question here.
I am really looking forward to the

Hexie Blog Hop!
More soon .... ;)
... just keep sewing ...

Summer's End

It always begins with a whisper in the wind ...
with messenger leaves that turn quickly and drift slowly
onto fields still summer green ... 
with a touch like a cool hand on my arm. 
I embrace the fall.
I gather light and color to carry me through the changing of the seasons.
~ <3 ~

Sunday, August 11, 2013

A New Quilt Beginning ~ Orange or Not?

These are the main fabrics for my new project!
It is a new pattern I am designing and I am very excited about this one!
The zig zag is the fabric that has determined the palette.
The cream texture and the gray solids share the background.
This project is for the upcoming

So I am sure to be ready for the next hop, I have had to set aside my improv star quilt for a time.  I hope to be sewing again on that one soon! 
Although I have started cutting and piecing ...
I am still deciding as to whether or not I will add this
 ? orange to the mix ?
? no orange ? 
I am vexing when I should be hexing!
Anyone care to help me decide?
Opinions always appreciated and carefully considered.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Twinkle - A Modern Christmas Quilt

An Improv Christmas Star Block

Ho! Ho! Ho! 
Today is my day!

Thanks to Madame Santa Samm for getting us all in the holiday spirit by sponsoring this festive blog hop!
To find all the elves who have been busy, busy, busy
getting ready for Christmas,
visit our
Thanks, Carol!

For this blog hop I wanted to try something new. 
I saw a improv modern star block somewhere on a blog awhile back
and have been wanting to try it ever since. 

So my Twinkle Star Quilt is born!
Here are the gorgeous shimmery fabrics I am using for my new
Modern Christmas Star quilt!
I cut the silvery background fabric in sets of rectangles in three sizes:
3" x 5" ,  4" x 6" and 5" x 7"
I cut the corresponding strips for the stars in three widths,
1", 1.25" and 1.5"
I used my Easy Recs Tool to cut the corners.
I did not make any effort to cut these even sizes.
The idea is that the stars points will be uneven.
I laid out each improv star.

I sewed on the strips for the star shape.
 I sewed the rectangles together, pressed
and trimmed into rectangular blocks. 
The blocks are not all the same size. 
I squared the block by laying a straight line across the middle seam.

Here are some of my blocks in an improv layout.
The idea is that there will be a lot of "negative space" in this quilt
with the shimmery gray background fabric.
Butterfly is being very helpful and playful in my sewing room
by keeping me company, pressing my fabric
and helping me arrange ... and rearrange ... the pieces.

I am having fun playing with the pieces to this puzzle, too.
I have an idea of how I want my quilt to look, but I have not drawn it out on paper or computer like I usually do. 
For this quilt, I want to keep is easy and let it fall together as it will.
I do wish I had a little more at this time to show you.

Over two weeks ago I made this "test block."

For more "how-to's" on making this block, click Here.
This quilt should have gone together quickly and easily.
Unfortunately, this week I have had to take time away from my sewing room for an unexpected visit to an opthamologist. 
As many of my friends and regular readers may know, I have had vision problems all my life and for the past few years my eyes have taken a downward turn.  Recently my vision has become much worse, much faster than anticipated.  For the last month or two, I have tried to ignore the signs while I was focused on my daughter's wedding preparations, but the time has come to face facts. 
My regular eye doctor has been telling me the last few years that I would someday need surgery "sooner or later."
"Sooner" has arrived. The first of several eye surgeries is being scheduled three months from now, the earliest that can be accommodated by the surgeons.  Afterwards during recovery, I have been forewarned that it may be slower than is usual for this procedure, due to the other problems in my eyes.  Then I will initiate the process to repeat the procedure to have the second eye operated on.  Somewhere further down the road there will be more surgeries.  These surgeries are all efforts to prolong my vision.
I will be taking things each day as it comes.
I have faith that will keep me strong and going forward.
Sewing is my the best therapy for me right now and I will be in my sewing room as much as possible and hope to have more to show for my efforts soon.
  ... just keep sewing ... just keep sewing ...
Thank you for visiting my scrapatch.
I hope you have enjoyed my post and all of the
You will not want to miss a stop on this merry sleigh ride
so please visit all my quilting friends of the day
in the links below ...
August 9th
Life in the Scrapatch (you are here!)
Sew We Quilt

Have a merry time counting down the days until Christmas!
Christmas countdown banner
Christmas will be joyous!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Trying Something New

An Improv Christmas Star Block

I started with this idea and some scrap fabric.
I cut 4" by 6" rectangles of the background fabric and then cut the corners for the star shape.
I cut 1.25" strips and sewed.
I used my seam roller to press open the seams.
I trimmed the rectangles back to a 4" by 6"
I nested seams
and sewed some more

I laid the plan for another star
I had enough background fabric for two stars.
At this point I decided that the green star looked more like a spool.
Hmmmm ...

So ... I picked out a couple of seams and "resewed."

I think the green star looks much better!
Maybe better than the red but I am not going to rework that one. 
These are meant to be slightly different and fun.
I laid out the rest of my background scraps
to make a block setting for the stars and

I pieced the block
I am liking this fun way and easy way to make simple modern stars!
Sew now I am working on a quilt!
... just keep sewing ...