Sunday, August 11, 2013

A New Quilt Beginning ~ Orange or Not?

These are the main fabrics for my new project!
It is a new pattern I am designing and I am very excited about this one!
The zig zag is the fabric that has determined the palette.
The cream texture and the gray solids share the background.
This project is for the upcoming

So I am sure to be ready for the next hop, I have had to set aside my improv star quilt for a time.  I hope to be sewing again on that one soon! 
Although I have started cutting and piecing ...
I am still deciding as to whether or not I will add this
 ? orange to the mix ?
? no orange ? 
I am vexing when I should be hexing!
Anyone care to help me decide?
Opinions always appreciated and carefully considered.


  1. I choose no orange. But maybe it is looking great to your project. Good luck Have a great quilting day Frederika

  2. I quite the orange but I think if you use it it will probably make itself the main event and push the other fabrics into the background. I think with or without would be equally nice but very different :)

  3. It all depends on where you will want to use the orange and how much you use. Orange, yellow and red can add a bit of "pop" to the quilt, but it you use too much it can be overwhelming too. If you were to use it in the center of say a grandmothers flower garden block, it would be fine as it would be a small amount yet it would add enough punch to the block. If you were to add more orange in a larger amount in a couple of places on the quilt, it might be way too much orange as your eyes would be zeroing in on the orange areas. Play with your arrangements before stitching them together. Take photos and look at all the arrangements to see what looks good and what doesn't. Just remember a little orange goes a long way.
    Looking forward to the hop and what you make.

  4. I agree with Patchouli moon studio Pat. It just depends on how much you are wanting to add.

    Can't wait to see what you are making!!

  5. I love the orange! I think it makes it a little happier. But i also like the softness without the orange. :). Decisions decisions.. :)

  6. My vote is no orange. The fabrics are beautiful. Are the all from the same line?


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