Thursday, August 8, 2013

Trying Something New

An Improv Christmas Star Block

I started with this idea and some scrap fabric.
I cut 4" by 6" rectangles of the background fabric and then cut the corners for the star shape.
I cut 1.25" strips and sewed.
I used my seam roller to press open the seams.
I trimmed the rectangles back to a 4" by 6"
I nested seams
and sewed some more

I laid the plan for another star
I had enough background fabric for two stars.
At this point I decided that the green star looked more like a spool.
Hmmmm ...

So ... I picked out a couple of seams and "resewed."

I think the green star looks much better!
Maybe better than the red but I am not going to rework that one. 
These are meant to be slightly different and fun.
I laid out the rest of my background scraps
to make a block setting for the stars and

I pieced the block
I am liking this fun way and easy way to make simple modern stars!
Sew now I am working on a quilt!
... just keep sewing ...


  1. I love it! What a great idea :) and the name is perfect!

  2. Nice Christmas creation, thank you for showing :-)


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