Friday, January 31, 2020

Sashiko Hand Quilting

I am trying my hands on something new  ... 

Sashiko Hand Quilting 

I am stitching large stitch hand quilting on this quilty project.

I have always wanted to do this type of hand quilting,
but could not make it work with my achy hands.

Finding the right tools and materials and method has made all the difference. 

I am very pleased with how this is working up.

For my thimble, I am using a

which is now in stock after my customer request.
I have never found a more comfortable and useful thimble
and it is so inexpensive I can buy several so I can always find one
when I need it.

The long needle I am using is from a tube of

I like the long needle because I can take multiple stitches and also align needle 
on the line of my previous stitches to keep them straight.

My choice of Sashiko Thread for this project is

I am adding other colors to this project from my box of threads.

I hope to have this finished project ready to show you on my blog in February.

Happy Stitching! 

Thursday, January 30, 2020

I Like Thursday Post # 42 ~ In the Midst of Winter

This is a rosebud.

It is on the mini tea rose bush that one of my sons gave me last fall.

It sits on my south facing kitchen windowsill
which is sunny, but also very cold,
and bitterly cold at night.

When I saw this pretty little rosebush, my first thought was that it beautiful
and my son was thoughtful because he knows how much I love my rosebushes.

My second thought was, "How am I going to keep it alive this winter?"

I have not had much luck with this type of mini tea rose gift in the past,
I have even tried to plant them in sheltered sunny places in the garden
and winterize them.  None still live and bloom.

There is more to this story.
The son who gave it to me was going though a difficult health crisis at the time.
Somehow keeping his gift alive took on more meaning that just enjoying a pretty plant.
I decided that I would do my best to help it flourish,
even though my nourishing skills feel inadequate sometimes.

This rosebud is a sign of hope.

And my son is doing well. 

“In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.
And that makes me happy. 
For it says that no matter how hard the world pushes against me, 
within me, there’s something stronger – something better, 
pushing right back.”  ― Albert Camus

This has been a favorite quote
since I was in college. 
It is a personal anthem. 

Linking up today with the 
and enjoying life's kindnesses and blessings.

Happy Thursday! 

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Sweet Tea and Quiting

I am quilting.

I love doing straight line quilting with my walking foot.

It is sew soothing.

Looking forward to showing you this sample quilt in February.

The fabric is Sweet Tea by Sweetwater for Moda Fabrics. 

It is is a sweet as a glass of sweet tea on a summer day.

I am dreaming of summer and sipping hot tea
on this cold New England night.

Sweet Quilty Dreams 

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Sewing the Red, White and Blue

I pulled these fabrics today sew I would be ready for the 

Block Drive for 2020

The QOV National Sew Day is February 1st.

Since I am a "Stay at Home Quilter" 
I will be sewing blocks in my own quilty corner
on Saturday.

I registered via the 

The block drive is for easy 9 Patch Blocks this year

The block has very specific fabric, placement and pressing needs
 so that they will work well with all the other blocks ...

Will you be sewing blocks this year?

Hope to see you joining this wonderful sewing project.

Monday, January 27, 2020

A Pawsome Quilty Idea

I have this fabric.

I need to make a quilt with this awesome pawsome fabric.

In a Quilty Kitty FB group I belong to,
there is going to be a 

Me and My Kitty Row Robin this year.

Sew me and my quilty kitties and my pawsome fabric are joining in the fun

My Row Robin is going to be pawsome.

I just need to figure out a design and sew my row.

I have fabric,  but I have no clue what to sew.

Any ideas????

Blocks may be pieced or applique but must be no larger than 8.5' unfinished.

I know I can do this, I just need to figure it out. 

I have until April 1st to get my own row done and in the mail.
 Then I will be waiting for the other pretty kitty rows to arrive
and then I will be sewing rows for my friends
to add to their quilt.

Sew you will be seeing lots of kitty fabrics and blocks and rows
on my blog in the next few months.

There are two free patterns for this fabric ... 

These pretty kitties all in rows ... 

... and this starry kitty quilt

Looking forward to sewing up the kitties row by row. 

It shall be a purrrrry adventure ... :-)

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Last Slow Sunday Stitching of January 2020

Onto Row 3 for my ... 

My sewing and stitching have all been slow this weekend 
and my naps have been long.
On Friday I decided it was time to take my fatigue and congestion to the doctor
and I was put on antibiotics for a sinus infection.
Infections of this type are not all that unusual for me in winter
when my indoor allergies fester with the house closed up. 

I am starting to feel better 
and hope to catch up on my quilty commitments 
this week. 

Linking up with the lovely slow stitching in progress at

Happy Stitching! 

Saturday, January 25, 2020

One Monthly Goal for January ~ Completed

My January OMG is completed!

This goal oriented event is hosted monthly by

I started this project with this blank cloth and new thread spool
and posted this as 

These were my first Sashiko Stitches. 

I combined this goal with my Winter Blues Blog Hop project
which was to learn something new for this first month of the New Year.

I enjoyed this new journey very much and decided
to honor my first Sashiko stitches
by framing it in fabric and a simple white frame.
The small vase was a refrigerator magnet gift from one of my sons
and it seemed the perfect touch.

I am happy to have completed this simple goal and am linking up with
all the bloggers at the

Sew many wonderful goals completed in the links!

I hope to join this party again next month. 

Friday, January 24, 2020

It's a Sew Down ~ Aurifil 2020Challenge

My new cone of Aurifil has arrived !

I am getting ready for the big Sew Down!

To help supply the thread you may need

It is good on all colors and all sizes for one week.

I am a blogger affiliate of Fat Quarter Shop
and if you shop in the product links on my blog 
or the button on my sidebar 
I receive a small percentage of the sale at no additional cost to you. 

For piecing, I use Aurifil 50/2 
on the 6452 yard cone.
I like 2021 Natural White

I need a new one for this challenge 
but my color on the large cone is out of stock at FQS.

 so I ordered a new one

which is a regional Aurifil distributor near me.
Usually I purchase my thread where they vend at shows.
This time I ordered online, with free shipping,
to have it in time to start on February 1st.

I ordered it on yesterday and received it today!

I am not affiliated in any way with Follow That Thread.
I am just a happy customer.

I do not expect to use a large cone of thread in two months,
as usually one lasts me at least six months,
but it shall be fun to sew down.

If you need to know what Aurifil Thread may be right for you

I do not know how to actually measure how much I use in two months
so I drew this circle of the circumference of the bottom of my new cone 
on this graph paper.

I will draw another circle at the end of February and one at the end of March.

I do not expect to use more than about a third of this cone in that time.

I will keep sewing with this scone until it runs out and see how long it lasts.

Happy Sew-Down, Y'all! 

Thursday, January 23, 2020

I Like Thursday # 41 ~ Winter's Gifts

Life has been kind. 
It has been snowy and then a very sunny week here.
It has been cold all week.
The snow has stayed and crunches underfoot.

On Sunday when it snowed, our heat went out three times 
before the repair guy got everything up and running  smoothly again. 
Thankfully it has been warm inside since then.

Last week I missed I Like Thursday 
as I was under the influence of a wintery malaise.
has gone a long way toward lifting my winter blues.

I have mostly spent my time indoors under my daylight lamp
stitching and sewing.

When I am snuggling under the quilts on the cold,
I spend some time enjoying the big online quilt show.
My Free Quilt Pattern Find of the Week ... 

Free Pattern for this new

As you may know I love all things from

I do not sew dolls so I asked a shop to order me one
 of these long legged cat friends.
I am hoping my granddarling will like it. 

This is Maestro meeting the new "cat" in the house.

Maestro gave it "the sniff" ...

... and "the look"  ... 

... and when the new arrival did not hiss or scratch or bite ...

Maestro gave Tilda the " bump nose kitty kiss."

My kitties always make me smile.

I made dresses for the new kitty in the house from this

It was a week of warm winter soups on the stove 
and homemade bread baking in the oven.

This is my new favorite, loaded with mushrooms, onions, garlic, orange bell peppers

and lots of broth and homemade meatballs and Banza Pasta.

This one is chicken and rice, our all time favorite,
made with fresh chicken breasts, homemade chicken broth,
onions, celery, garlic, carrots and herbs.

I am the soup maker in the house.

My hubby and I both make bread.

Mr Scrapatch also made this wonderful homemade deep dish
 Cast Iron Skillet Pizza 

 Very yummy!  

I am hoping he makes this again this weekend 
and puts lots of veggies on it.

I love the scents of winter with soups simmering and homemade bread in the oven.

Linking up with  the  
and enjoying life's kindnesses and blessings.

Happy Thursday! 

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Quilt ~ Love ~ Stitch

More Stitching Happiness :) 

I am making progress on my 

I cannot stitch without my 

Yes, I know it is expensive, but I need this portable bright light
and magnifier to see to stitch.

The photo above shows how close I need to get to my work.

I carry this lamp with me wherever I sit and stitch.

As seems to happen every winter, my eyesight is declining more rapidly again. 

I see my eye doctor every six months and will be seeing him again soon.
There is another surgery that might help prolong my sight,
 but the recovery is longer and I will not be able to do all my daily tasks 
for an extended period and the risks are greater.
I am delaying this surgery in my "bad eye" until such time
as it may be necessary for me to function.
I may never have my "good eye" done 
as I am dependent on this eye for most of my vision.
I use prescription eye drops several times a day,
which are a help.

I take every day one stitch at a time. 

Just keep stitching ... <3 

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Winter Blues Blog Hop ~ Stitching Joy

My 1st Sashiko Stitches

In my little corner of the world "winter blues" is a malady,
a blah feeling that comes each winter and can take root
 indoors during long cold winter nights.
Occasionally it is tempered by days such as these 
when the sun shines bright on new fallen snow. 

My favorite way to meet and beat the blue days of winter,
when it is so cold even the air feels tinted icy blue,
is to learn something new.
Sew I did ... :-)

This simple stitching project is my choice  for the

This form of stitching is very soothing to me.
Maybe it is the colors.
Maybe it is the large stitches
Maybe it is the gentle waves of this pattern.

I stitched this first piece in one session on a cold, quiet winter evening.

This simple design was on a pre-printed panel.

As is my way when I am learning something new, I find good books
and look for the new tools I need.

Many of these supplies I found at  Here @ Fat Quarter Shop
My first project is one of the small pre-printed panels on this

My favorite new tools, the snips from Japan and the Clover Ring Plate Thimble
 I found on Amazon.

This the most comfortable thimble I have ever used.
It is an inexpensive version of a Japanese one.
It is adjustable and fits my hand!
I have tried many different kinds of thimbles over the years
but this is the only one I have been able to keep on and use.
I am actually able to take multiple stitches.
I also found I can use it for large stitch hand quilting.
It is a wonder! 

I found the following video very helpful ... 

This video is from Sashi.Co

They do not have it in stock at Fat Quarter Shop but I put in a new product suggestion
and they emailed me back that they will be stocking them soon.
I plan to buy a few more of these inexpensive thimbles 
so I can always find one when I need it. 

I wanted to frame and save my first Sashiko stitches.

Sew I found some fabric in my stash and turned this small square of sashiko 
into a simple quilt block.

To do this, I cut 2.5" strips and framed my stitches into what 
I have always called a "Happy Block".

Then I used scrap batting and a sticky board and set it into an 8" white frame.
No glue was used in this setting.
I could easily remove the block.

I am now thinking to make more of these 
"Sashiko" Happy Blocks and make a quilt. 
I like the idea of combining my stitching and quilting. 

I will be happy in my home this winter, 
continuing my Sashiko journey 
by stitching along with the 

I am learning more of this hand art with

May you be interested in stitching along, too. 

This beautiful blue blog hop is hosted by

Carla @ Creatin' in the Sticks

This lovely and simple project really brightens my home.

Thank you for visiting me today
 and brightening my winter day!