Sunday, January 12, 2020

Slow Sunday Sashiko Stitching

I have been away from my machine and doing some slow stitching this weekend.
This is progress on my ...

This is very easy to carry along with me in these pretty sunflowers project bags.
I did not make these bags,
I have a similar pattern, but I do not enjoy sewing bags so I bought them from
someone who does  a very nice job of sewing them ... 

These pretty bags were made by

I am not affiliated in any way with this shop.
I am just a happy customer.

This is the back of my work. 
This new stitching project is Sashiko,
which is a traditional sewing method of Japan.

I saw a demonstration of this more than once and was
intrigued but not sure my stiff and achy hands could manage it.
My small success with getting back to cross stitching has give me the courage to try.

I am pleased with my efforts and am even managing several stitches at a time.

I actually find this easier than cross stitch and very soothing.

I hope to get my fingers nimble and strong enough to do some of the
lovely large stitch hand quilting that I have been seeing in the
modern quilty world.

Hope to have  my January OMG goal completed on time.

Linking up today with all the lovely 

Happy stitching!


Dorian said...

Your stitching is looking good my Friend. I, too, enjoy the hand stitching/sewing, although my hands don't so much. I just take it a little at a time, set it down when my hands are sore. I'm glad you were able to enjoy some hand sewing time.

Kim said...

Your sashiko stitching is very neat. Love the white thread on the blue fabric.

Denise :) said...

I really like the look of the sashiko stitching ... it's very clean and pretty!! :)

Farm Quilter said...

Sashiko is about the only handwork I enjoy doing!! Looking great!!!