Sunday, June 29, 2014

Mail Call ~ Part Two!

This gorgeous fat quarter bundle also arrive yesterday in my mailbox!

I am sew blessed!

When ...

... posted this fun post about ...

I just had to join in the fun.

I've lost a few Wednesdays myself and never have found them.

However, my Saturdays and Sundays lately have been lovely
 and filled with fabric!

I have found that I can download these fabric swatches, too, 
into my EQ and am playing with the layout now ...

... or maybe ...

... or maybe ...

I am thinking maybe a snowball layout to showcase these pretty fabrics.
This would be a mini quilt using just these fat quarters.
Two of the fabrics in this layout are not a perfect match as they did not have 
the violets on the blue tonal background 
or the light blue splatter print for download.
It will make a pretty little quilt for my table or wall.


I think I got it ...

... this one!

This measures about 22" square,
uses all 8 fat quarters
and does not require more than 1/4 yard of any fabric.
The narrow outer border is actually a flange.

Hope to be sewing with these beauties soon!

Thanks, Ellen!

I am thinking that I have spent so much time petting and playing
with these fabrics that they qualify as another ...

... sew I am linking this up today.

For my other June NewFo starts ...

I started cutting this one ... 

and this one ... 

I have projects all neatly stacked and waiting by my machine for
"the pick of the day"
when I sit down to sew.

and just for kitty and new fabric fun for a future NewFo ...

My Quilty Kitties like boxes of fabric!

We have not started this one yet.

This one will be a NewFO soon, too.

 My quilty kitties and I love the NewFO Challenge.

Thanks, Barbara, for being s lovely NewFO hostess!

... just keep sewing ...

I will get 'em done ... someday ... ;)

<3 <3 <3 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Mail Call! ~ Part Uno!

For the

I was the lucky winner of this fun deck of UNO cards and 

I was also the recipient of other lovely squishy packages and boxes this week!
More posts coming soon!
For now ... 

When I got this box big-footed, klutsy Katniss tried to climb in ... 
she could not even  figure out how to turn around or get back out of the box without knocking it sideways and ending up on the floor.

Like a cat, she was okay.
I did not get photos of her.

The  along came The Butterfly ...

 Although Butterfly is not small, she is an elegant cat with dainty little white feet
 and she had no trouble fitting herself in ...

 and settling down for a nap.

Along comes Katniss to check out the new arrivals.

 In this picture she realizes that "There is a cat in that box!"

 The Katniss woke The Cat.

 Butterfly was not pleased.

 Katniss backed right diwn.
Neither of these cats are really fighters and they actually like each other.

 But the Butterfly wants the Katniss to know who is Top Cat.

Katniss is trying to figure out she ended up with the flat box.

So, like a good quilty kitty, she curled up with the new fabric and purred.

My quilty kitties and I are sew happy and lucky to have out new goodies.

Thanks, Lisa 
for this generous giveaway!

Linking up today with all the pretty kitties at

Feline Friday @ Sarah Did It!

Coming soon ...

Mail Call ~ Part 2!!


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Trifle, Anyone?

This Cherry Vanilla Trifle I made for my hubby for Father's Day.

It was yummy.

It was not low-cal.

(My family likes trifle ... I'd rather have pie ... ;)

Except for this one ...

Trifle Dish Quilt Layers


Moda Bake Shop

I found it this lovely free pattern this morning and I cannot resist.

It is no-cal.

It looks yummy.

It shall be very stash diet friendly.

So I am starting a



2014 NewFO Challenge

hosted by

Barbara @ Cat Patches

This shall be a summer project.

Anyone else wish to sew along?


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Stitchin' Sisters RR ~ TC and the Medallion

"TC and the Medallion"

Debbieann has named her quilt!

I love the way these little stars make this medallion shine.

Annette added the 3rd border to Debbieann's Round Robin 
and before she settled on these wonderfully twinkly little staggered stars, 
she auditioned this block and she is sending it along home so Debbieann can piece it into the back of her quilt ...

Tuxedo Cat Block

from the book 

This is a great block!

I especially love the little white feet.

The Butterfly wants me to make on just like her.  I shall have to put a white nose with a black butterfly spot on the nose when I make her block.

But first I must think, think, think ...

because Debbieann's beautiful round robin is on the way to me next!

I think I have an idea!

Finding the right fabrics in my stash may be a challenge.

Might have to do a little shopping for this one.

What fun!

To see all our Stitchin' Sisters RRs in progress

Stitchin' Sisters RR 2014
Click Here


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My June ALYOF Goal is Finished!

Baby Boy Quilt Top Done!

For my June Goal for

was to complete this pretty baby quilt top and send it along to the quilter.

This is a group quilt made by the 

for the first grandson of one of these lovely quilty aunties.

Butterfly helped me sew and checked my work. 

Here is a close up of the top.  

Can you spy the whimsical propeller blade?

The baby mommy is planning a patriotic airplane nursery theme 
for this July baby. 

One of the pinwheel blocks "turned the other way" so it makes a fun design twist in the quilt.
The beauty of these group baby quilts is that they are scrappy and one of a kind.
It is the love sewn with every stitch that is the most important part 
of these adorable quilts. 

The quilty aunties sent extra blocks  and our volunteer quilter is making a pieced backing to include all the blocks.
I will post pictures of the finished quilt when it is ready to send to its new home.

Katniss helped me pack up this up and send it along.

This pattern has sweet 3-D prairie points sewn into the outer border.

This is a larger version of this wonderful 


I have seen a lot of pretty baby quilts in blogland and on Pinterest 
made from the great pattern.  

This crisp red, white and blue one may be my personal favorite.

This pattern makes a very good group quilt. 
The quilty aunties have two more baby quilts in the works 
based on this pretty one.

Thanks, Jodi, for the lovely free pattern! 

This pretty pattern and quilt is quilty kitty approved!

May the baby boy be blessed!

Joining in the quilty fun

Always some lovely inspiration in the links.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

See You In September!

I will be right here sewing and blogging all summer long!

I just want to let you know that

Sign Ups Are Open for the
"See you in September" Blog Hop


Sew We Quilt

Click Here For More Info

Now even though the summer fun is just beginning, 

it is not to soon to start sewing and 

Living With Purpose

Hope to see you joining in the fun!


Stitchin' Sisters Round Robin Update

My border on this gorgeous Round Robin is done!

I think every round robin I work on becomes my favorite, 
but this one really is my favorite!

I love fall color and fabrics!

This one was a bit of a challenge.

Not the piecing ... that actually went quite smoothly once I found the right fabrics.

The toughest part was finding the right blue fabric.

My quilty muse and I decided that this quilt really needed a nice calming blue sky 
to give the eye some rest for all the beautiful jewel tone fall colors. 
I think I tried every piece of  blue yardage fabric in my stash.

 I finally found the "right" blue is a stack of fabrics that I have had for years
and have been saving for a special project.

This beautiful soft light denim blue is ...

Joanna Figueroa designed this line is 2007.  

I bought some ... wish I had bought more.

I have been saving these fabrics and have finally decided that they should become a 
Swoon Quilt ... just for me, because these are my favorite fabrics.

If anyone ever sees any of this blue or the darker denim blue fabirc anywhere, 
please think of me and let me know where to get more!

Okay ... enough of my fabric swooning ...

more about the RR border.

Here are all the details ...

The birdfeeder, birdhouse and bird blocks and idea for the birdbath cane from this book ...

I fussy cut around some of the scraps from the focus fabric enclosed with the top.

All the other fabrics are from my stash.

 Here are more of the scraped together birds and the detailsof the border stripe fabric 
that I used to frame the top and bottom.

left side

right side

a pair of birds flying into the birdbath

 detail of the center with the top and bottom border

This top is now rectangular.
It is the first time I have ever sent a RR along that was not square.
I asked the experienced quilter who will have this one next if that would be okay
 before I sewed on the top and bottom.
I am sure Cherie is up for the challenge.

Looking forward to seeing the last two borders on this beauty. 

Tricia will be getting this one home just in time for the fall season.

 I hope you like your quilt, my friend, Tricia!


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Stop the Pressing ...

... for a Very Pressing Matter!

 Did you hear?

Riley Blake Designs is thinking of retiring their beautiful Ginghams!

Say it's not sew! 

Riley Blake Ginghams are the best!

Even my small table top ironing board is covered with RB Gingham.

My personal favorites are their yellow and aqua and orange gingham checks.

I would like to see more colors!

How about kelly green?



And why is there no royal blue?


Madame Samm @ Sew We Quilt

is calling all Riley Blake Gingham lovers 
to rally round the gingham banner!

Read More Here

Hope to see you "checking in" 

and sewing some gingham love!

Riley Blake Designs has this Free Gingham Pattern Here

to start getting your gingham on!

Sew sweet!

<3 <3 <3