Monday, June 9, 2014

Stitchin" Sisters Round Robin Update

My Stitchin' Sisters have been stitchin'!

This is the gorgeous border that Cherie 
added to Gina's gorgeous Round Robin.

Hers is the third border on this round robin.
I think this is the perfect frame. I made the previous border and it took me well over a month to even get my act together.   When I sent it on to Cherie, she added this border in less than a week.  Now how does she do that?  I do not know where Cherie found her inspiration or learned how to make this border.  She probably took one look at the very complicated quilt in the making and took out her fabric and started sewing. She is a very experienced quilter and whips up these beautiful borders faster than I can unpack the next round robin when it arrives.

Here is a place where I found the method of making a similar Cross Overs Border:

I have never sewn this border but I really like it so I am tucking this idea away for future reference.

Here is Gina's wonderful border on Debbieann's Round Robin!

Gina's is the second border on Debbieann's RR.
Debbieann designed her medallion herself and surrounded her center star with those sweet 
hearts all around.  
Gina did her own take on the "hearts all around idea" and alternated small and large hearts 
and added those strips on the larger hearts.  
Sew creative and so right!

As always, I am learning a lot in this round robin about design and color.
This is the third round robin that I have participated in and 
each one has been a real learning experience.   
I think I have grown more as a quilter in these round robins than in any other quilty endeavor.

Right now I am working on my border on a striking fall colored round robin.
I had to dig deep in my fabric closets to find where I had tucked away my fall fabrics. I am very much a seasonal quilter.   I sew for fall when I feel the first nip is in the air.  I cannot do Christmas in July easily.  I do a as much Christmas sewing between November and the end of the year and then I pack those fabrics and unfinished projects away for next year.
Fall is my favorite season and I love fall colored fabrics but sewing with them in late spring is a new experience for me.  Hope I do this beautiful round robin justice.

Time to sew!

May you have a happy quilty day ... :) 

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  1. Your RR's are looking great Pat! as you know, I love doing them, they are so fun and inspirational. Great job ladies!


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