Saturday, June 28, 2014

Mail Call! ~ Part Uno!

For the

I was the lucky winner of this fun deck of UNO cards and 

I was also the recipient of other lovely squishy packages and boxes this week!
More posts coming soon!
For now ... 

When I got this box big-footed, klutsy Katniss tried to climb in ... 
she could not even  figure out how to turn around or get back out of the box without knocking it sideways and ending up on the floor.

Like a cat, she was okay.
I did not get photos of her.

The  along came The Butterfly ...

 Although Butterfly is not small, she is an elegant cat with dainty little white feet
 and she had no trouble fitting herself in ...

 and settling down for a nap.

Along comes Katniss to check out the new arrivals.

 In this picture she realizes that "There is a cat in that box!"

 The Katniss woke The Cat.

 Butterfly was not pleased.

 Katniss backed right diwn.
Neither of these cats are really fighters and they actually like each other.

 But the Butterfly wants the Katniss to know who is Top Cat.

Katniss is trying to figure out she ended up with the flat box.

So, like a good quilty kitty, she curled up with the new fabric and purred.

My quilty kitties and I are sew happy and lucky to have out new goodies.

Thanks, Lisa 
for this generous giveaway!

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Coming soon ...

Mail Call ~ Part 2!!



  1. Oh you found some lovely fabrics. Poor Katniss thought for sure that size box would fit and was probably so put out when The Butterfly could. Oh the shame....

  2. Such sweet kitties!!! I love to see kitties interact with each other. They have such a sense of order and respect for each other. And there's nothing they like better than a box!!! Which is good because it looks like you got some wonderful goodies out of the box that you like pretty well too :)

  3. Love your pictures with cats in boxes !!!

  4. What a great box for kitties to play in!

  5. Lovely story and pictures! I like the fabrics you chose.

  6. Best part of giving things away is the happiness it brings another and in this case a few kitties too!

  7. Pat - exactly what a cat and a child will do with a box! BTW - when you visited Lisa's site, did you notice the Cartwright's Creations - or did you see when she had the seam ripper giveaway around Mother's Day??? - That's my brother! I introduced them because I meet her through Mdme Samm's hops and she lives close to where his wife is a pastor - small world.

  8. I would rather curl up with the new fabric than inside of the box :)


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