Thursday, June 26, 2014

Trifle, Anyone?

This Cherry Vanilla Trifle I made for my hubby for Father's Day.

It was yummy.

It was not low-cal.

(My family likes trifle ... I'd rather have pie ... ;)

Except for this one ...

Trifle Dish Quilt Layers


Moda Bake Shop

I found it this lovely free pattern this morning and I cannot resist.

It is no-cal.

It looks yummy.

It shall be very stash diet friendly.

So I am starting a



2014 NewFO Challenge

hosted by

Barbara @ Cat Patches

This shall be a summer project.

Anyone else wish to sew along?



  1. Yum! That trifle looks delicious!

  2. Oh yum!!! I am doing that that Trifle Dish QAL and have really enjoyed it. I can't wait to see tomorrow's instructions for finishing it up.

  3. I've collected all these trifle patterns on my computer but have no idea when I'll get to it. Too many partially started projects. But I do love the looks of your trifle dessert!

  4. Hi Pat -just headed over from my blog to check out yours. Your trifle looks amazing! I adore trifle and would eat the whole thing given a chance, which is why I don't make it often at all!

    I'm not doing the Trifle project - too many other things on the go but enjoy it!


  5. Yummy. Both make my mouth water. I'm stash busting, but have no direction yet. Just little projects with my wee little pieces.

  6. My daughter absolutely adores trifle and I have made ever year for Christmas except last year now that she is is on this strict diet for her diabetes. I haven't quilted for couple weeks just can't get motivated and it is so hot in sewing area .


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